marijuana jiu-jitsu
marijuana jiu-jitsu

High Rollerz - Weed Meets Jiu-Jitsu

The mixed martial arts tournament that makes cannabis a main event!

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Apr 24, 2020

 When Sports embrace the Reefer – High Rollerz

marijuana jiu-jitsu

What happens when you take martial arts and mix it with weed? While headline organizations like the UFC plays politics with their athletes, there are other organizers that are taking a pro-cannabis approach to sports. In fact, in these competitions – smoking weed is mandatory.


If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about – I’m talking about High Rollerz cofounded by Matt Staudt and Big Lonn Howard.   It was a tournament that took place sometime during 2019 where three different divisions of Jiu-Jitsu competed against one another for a first place prize, which included a pound of weed. Additionally – a custom-made belt was crafted specifically for the event.


What are the rules you ask? It’s quite simple – it’s a normal Jiu-Jitsu tournament EXCEPT for the fact that you and your opponent are required to smoke each other out prior to stepping onto the mat. When both participants are nice and baked – they begin to “roll” and roll they do.


The short documentary on Vice’s Youtube channel gives you a glimpse into a world of “what if’s” and while perhaps it would be a pipedream to think that cannabis would be embraced with such a degree within mainstream sports – it is quite refreshing to see a completely different way of doing things.


From Hardcore to Hugs


Don’t get me wrong – it is still a fierce competition. While I did do some martial arts when I was younger – I would not dare go against any of the dudes within the competition. They would totally obliterate me within Jiu-Jitsu. But then again – I’m not a fighter.


While the event was definitely not as raw as UFC fights – there was still a high level of competition. You could see that participants weren’t holding back. However, when all was said and done – the combatants would embrace and continue smoking as if nothing had changed.


The competition only lasted from the beginning of the round till the end – and then, it was back to good times and good vibes.


With Eddie Bravo refereeing the first ever High Rollerz – three victors walked away with a pound of weed. All in all – it was a good time for both the participants and the crowd – who were also smoking during the entire ordeal.


A political statement?


The organizers specifically stated that this was a giant “Fuck You” to the establishment and their rules. Cannabis is a far better alternative to morphine and other painkillers. Many athletes –especially in high-impact sports – like to smoke cannabis because not only does it help them with inflammation and pain – it actually helps protect their brains from traumatic brain injury.


However – because cannabis is a “political issue” as well – every twat with a microphone wants to chip in on “how the athletes should and should not behave”.


These political issues might affect big names like NFL, UFC and the likes – smaller events like the ones of High Rollerz can provide us with a fresh perspective into how a cannabis-infused sports world could look like.


The Start of Something?


Some of the participants did find the event very inspirational and are already thinking of taking the concept to their respective fighting styles. Perhaps we’ll see a similar Kick Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts event like this in the near future.


Who knows – I bet nobody expected 2020 to play out like it has up till now? Me either!


I do hope that we see more of these kinds of events. We have to come to a point in history where we say “enough is enough!” The government and politicians had close to eighty years trying to “figure out” the whole weed-shtick and it’s simply time to remove all of the ‘penalties’ associated with consumption and personal growing. We are clinging to policies that were invented by criminals in the 1970s which resulted in horrendous institutionalized crimes against humanity – all in the sake of keeping drugs off the streets?


Perhaps it’s time we shed the entire “tough on drugs” approach to life and understand that some people will always do drugs – whether it’s legal or not. Why punish people – like Nick Diaz – for choosing cannabis as their main means of relief? Why stop athletes from making beneficial decisions about their own bodies?


What Now?


Obviously, nothing is happening now. Currently everybody is on house arrest for something nobody is guilty of and there’s nothing we can do about it.


Hopefully – once the dust settles on this pandemic we can get back to invoking a world according to our wills. I personally believe that even having a special “cannabis-division” in sports would be victory enough. Nonetheless – check out High Rollerz and see what I’m talking about.







What did you think?

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