shady law enforcement deals
shady law enforcement deals

How a Failed Sting Operation Exposes the Shady Tactics of Law Enforcement

A failed sting operation shows how shady law enforcement can be around cannabis!

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Nov 2, 2021

This Story of a Failed Sting Operation Exposes the Shady Tactics of Law Enforcement

shady law enforcement


It’s hard to trust the government when there are plenty of examples out there that make you doubt whether or not they are really here to “serve and protect”. Today I bring you a “Shitshow” of a sting operation that went south and now has prompted the target of the investigation to sue the state of Florida for conspiring and falsifying federal documents.


The story was reported on the Miami division of CBS, and details the actions of two undercover investigators who falsely asked for cannabis from a physician who have been practicing medicine for 30 years.


The story is of Doctor Joseph Dorn, who is currently at the risk of losing his license for prescribing cannabis to two patients who were actually investigators. Patient “OG” (Ben Lanier) and Patient “BD” both asked for cannabis under false pretenses.


Lanier, said that he was suffering from PTSD – a condition that is acceptable for receiving medicinal cannabis. Lanier claimed that he began suffering PTSD episodes after serving in Afghanistan – the same place where the Doctor’s son had served.


While Lanier only provided a handwritten medical record showing he had been diagnosed with PTSD by the Military. Lanier also had a fake driver’s license that verified his false identity. This was the complaint issued by the state against Dorn.


However, Dorn’s lawyers are reversing the charges claiming that the state investigators broke the law by;

  1. They lacked law enforcement authority to conduct such investigations

  2. Broke Federal Law by forging military records

  3. Broke State Law by having the undercover agent pretend to have a problem that qualifies them as a medical marijuana patient.


His Lawyers had the following to say;


“The fact that they are so brazen to just make up and lie about employees serving in the military, it’s just even more distasteful given that the governor served overseas for the country as well. … It’s just another layer of shame,” Andrews said, adding health officials preyed on Dr. Dorn, “whose son is in the military. It’s disrespectful to the governor, who served overseas and put his life at risk, too.”


Additionally, Dorn’s lawyers are implicating Courtney Coppola, a former director of the state Office of Medical Marijuana Use who now serves as a deputy chief of staff for Gov. Ron DeSantis – of having “participated in a conspiracy to defraud” Dorn by forging and falsifying federal documents.


However, the state doubled down on their position and used this as the very evidence to file the complaint against Dorn as was reported on CBS;


“We know that the document was fake. It was not a real medical record. That is the point we were trying to prove. Can we bring in insufficient evidence and wave a piece of paper around and say, ‘Dr. Dorn, can we have medical marijuana?’ and whether Dr. Dorn would accept that fraudulent piece of paper that was not real or not based on a real patient and give that person medical marijuana or not,” – Chief Legal Council for the Department of Health Kirsten Summers.


Dorn’s lawyers pressed the Department of Health about whether they have specific jurisdiction to conduct these kinds of investigations of which Summers Responded;


“It’s our responsibility to ensure public safety,” she told a Judge. “We have pretty wide statutory guidance to be able to conduct investigations the way we see fit. There aren’t a lot of delineations, other than the fact that we’re allowed to investigate. That’s what the Legislature said, we shall be able to investigate.”


What’s happening now?

The case is still on going and it would be interesting to see how it concludes. I personally think that the government should not be able to use shady tactics like preying on the goodwill of people and emotionally manipulating physicians to break the law.

What are they trying to prove? Are they trying to say, “this doctor is recommending cannabis to people who are “claiming to be ill” by using legitimately approved conditions as their means of manipulation. The fact that they used the Afghanistan backstory indicates that this was done with nefarious purposes.


Especially when Dorn’s lawyers pointed out that another physician recommended cannabis to 14,000 patients during the same time that Dorn had – and was not subjected to the same harassment from the Department of Health.


We’ll find out next week how this case concludes;


This is why we can’t “trust” the government


I know that some of you might say, “Reginald – this is only happening in Florida bro!” but the truth of the matter is that government corruption is a thing and it isn’t “new” by any stretch of the imagination. You simply have to review the history of cannabis prohibition in the US to know that the government does shady shit.


I personally hope that Dorn’s lawyer’s win this one – to keep the government at bay from implementing these kinds of shady tactics. These kinds of violations happen all the time.


I’m not saying we should be paranoid and constantly fear the government, but I do hope that these kinds of stories serve as a means of waking up some of the people who may not be aware that there are nefarious purposes within government.


After all – government is made up of people and according to government “people can’t be trusted”. This is the fallacy of government, that “people cannot rule themselves so OTHER people need to rule them!”


And if you don’t like it, they might dress up and pretend to be someone else so they can legally incriminate you and try to ruin your life. Or they could just straight up Epstein you in jail like they probably did to Mcafee.


Let this be an eye opener to those who blindly follow authority. Always remember, “government is people too and if people can be corrupt – then so can government”.






What did you think?

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