Reefer a Friend
Reefer a Friend

How and Why You Should 'Reefer a Friend' in 2021!

What does 'Reefer a Friend' mean these days in the weed industry?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday May 13, 2021

How and Why You Should "Reefer a Friend" in 2021!

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I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of the world is currently in a state of elevated anxiety. Whether due to the threat of the pandemic or the threat of authoritarianism as a result there of, the world has never been as ‘tense’ as it has been today.


This is precisely why you should Reefer a Friend in 2021.


It’s only the kindest act of generosity a stoner can bestow on a fellow reeferite.


But what does it mean to “reefer a friend”? In essence, to “reefer someone” is to smoke them out. This is what we used to call it back in the day when we were dry and called up a bud.


“Hey bro – I need a smoke out!”


And like that, your homie would come over to your house [or you to theirs] and they would smoke you out.


However, back in the day we didn’t have the choices we have today. You had “weed”, not a particular strain or anything – just weed and that was more than okay.


These days, we have choices. We can order things online. We can buy our friends edibles, tinctures, flower, oils – you name it, you can buy it.


And so, to “Reefer someone” in 2021 is a bit different than “smoking someone out” back in the day. In the following article we’ll be covering some of the basics of “Reefering” someone.


Where did the idea of “Reefer a friend” come from?


I was working on creating some marketing material for a cannabis client in Canada called “The Caviar Collection”. As I was studying their website I noticed that they had an offer that read, “Refer a friend and both of you get $15” or something along those lines.


I thought to myself, this is a brilliant new development in the world of cannabis – Reefering friends.


And so, with a simple play on words I started thinking about the depth of what “reefering” someone could entail.


The Non-Selfish reason Why you should Reefer a Friend?


Well – firstly, because you’re an awesome human being that has empathy and would like to gift some fine reefer to a friend.



Secondly, because when you do acts of kindness, you are making the world a better place. Of course, some would think of this as “gifting drugs” but in reality, all gifts are merely the act of removing the “pain of paying”.


What is the “pain of paying” you ask?


Well, whenever someone buys anything, there is an exchange happening. While you are getting a product, you are also giving the person your money.


Money represents time that you spent doing X, Y or Z – or in other terms, it’s effort over time quantified and represented by a paper.


The $100 bill is not just $100, but it also represents your condensed time and experience in the process of accumulating the money.


And so, when you are “buying” you are giving away more than just money – at least on a very unconscious level. This loss of revenue translates into “pain”. The more a transaction “hurts” or the perceived value of the product is less than the perceived effort of making the money in the first place – buying becomes increasingly more difficult.


Thus, when you Reefer a friend, the biggest gift you’re giving them is assuming the “pain of paying” and waving their responsibility within the transaction.


What a good friend you are!


Interestingly, if you understand the pain of paying, gift buying becomes an art because you know that the greater the reduction of the pain of paying, the greater the appreciation of the item.


So next time you’re thinking of buying something for someone else, think about what they would consider a “great pain to pay” and buy that for them – you’ll see the appreciation on their face.


The Selfish Reason Why You Should Reefer a Friend


If being selfless isn’t your thing, then that’s okay. As I mentioned, this was inspired by the Caviar Collection’s “Refer a friend” notice where they had the brilliant marketing strategy of giving both the “friend” and the “reeferer” $15 store credit.


This means, by the mere act of Reefering someone, you can also make personal gains and get discounts on weed.


But there is also a more altruistic reason why you should Reefer a friend and once again, it relates to happiness.


Behavioral Economists have found that “giving”, especially when you have a choice in the matter, shows an increased level of happiness in the giver.


It turns out, that making other people happy will make you happy too!


And what is cannabis but happiness condensed and materialized in plant matter? So by reefering someone, you are not only gaining in discounts, but also gaining in happiness.


One day you may not have – The Reeferer Philosophy


When you’re camping in the wilderness, people tend to be amiable to strangers. You could be hiking and then see a total stranger coming the opposite way and instead of ignoring each other like people tend to do in the city – folks wave at each other and say “hi”.




Because there is an unwritten rule of trekking around in the wilderness which is – “Be nice to those you find because they may be the ones pulling you out of the ditch!”


That’s right, unlike in the city where there is a concentration of other humans, when you’re in the wild – you have to be kind because these are most likely the people who will save you if something goes wrong.


In the same spirit of wilderness walking – Reefering a friend is your contingency plan for a rainy day. You build up “homie-points” with your friends and one day, when you are running dry on cannabis, a friend may return the favor and “Reefer you!”


The Sticky Bottom line


These past few years have been quite a shitshow and while people are still focused in on the pandemic, they have forgotten that pre-pandemic the world was in a state of uprising. There were mass protests happening in virtually every “corner” of earth.


And while some may think that those issues have subsided – just take a look at how Colombia responded to a tax hike by the government. Just take a look at what happened when Trump lost. Just take a look at the rumors of wars between super powers.


The fuse might have been removed from the bomb due to COVID, but the bomb is still prepped and ready to blow. Just add the fuse!


So in the spirit of preserving humanity – Reefering a friend might be one of the most proactive things you can do for world peace.


I jest, but seriously – buy someone weed via the internet today and start a “reefer a friend” chain to get the world stoned before we blow ourselves up.









What did you think?

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