How did cbd get so popular
How did cbd get so popular

How Did CBD Get So Popular So Fast?

CBD got popular so fast it would make Oprah proud

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Sep 25, 2019

How did CBD get so popular so fast?

how did cbd get so popular

The popularity of CBD is something that so many people find hard to understand, it just caught on like wildfire and it has maintained a consistent upward trajectory ever since. Though not all who know of CBD are users of the product, its pretty difficult to find someone who hasn't heard of it at least once. Over the past couple of years, information about CBD has been all over, blogs, websites, social media, forums and so on, and this has been a very strong factor in the rapid popularity the product has enjoyed these past few years. The main reason for this article is to answer the question everyone's been asking 'how did CBD get so popular so fast?' But before I focus on this squarely, I'll briefly summarize the major points on what CBD is all about and how it interacts with the body system.


A closer look at CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is an important component extracted from either hemp or marijuana plant. The compound is a true embodiment of nature's wonders, with natural anti-inflammatory abilities that combat a wide range of symptoms associated with different ailments. The real feature of CBD that makes it stand out amongst other compounds found in cannabis is its non-psychotropic nature. This feature of it is arguably the most important attribute of CBD that makes it such a valuable resource therapeutically. The therapeutic importance of CBD goes on and on, and how it performs these therapeutic functions can be boiled down to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (a complex network of receptors.) This network of receptors regulates cell activity in various systems in the body and by interacting with this network CBD helps maintain the balance and general health of the body.

Now that we're all caught up on what CBD is, I'll dive right into the main point of the day, why is CBD getting so popular?

The widespread awareness CBD enjoys now wasn't always the case. Prior to these past few years, only those in holistic communities knew of CBD's beneficial attributes and functions. But thanks to a couple of the reasons to be listed below knowledge of CBD is now everywhere. In the world we live in today, millions of homes across the world use products derived from CBD. The catalysts for CBD's new found fame include:


Legality - Prior to now, the cannabis industry has always been 'a chained up dragon'. An industry with so many potential that can change mankind but like Daenerys's dragons, is chained up and kept away from the world by the law. The laws banning cannabis and all forms of it were passed way back in 1970 as part of President Richard Nixon's war on drugs initiative. And by so doing, he chained up the industry. The legal status CBD enjoys today is all thanks to the endless works of research that has gone on ever since to show the endless possibilities locked in the makeup of a cannabis plant. Positive breakthroughs in these works of research eventually resulted in the legalization of hemp and hemp derived products in 2014 and like when the chains were cut off the dragon's neck, the industry roared to life! The legality of CBD is arguably the most important reason it's so popular today. Only God knows what the industry would be like had the law been kinder all these years.


CBD Oil Functions - Just like it was said in the bible 'how would the people believe if there were no signs or wonders'. How will people believe the talk if CBD doesn't walk the walk? Asides the legality of the product, another very important reason for the popularity of CBD is its numerous beneficial effects. Users of the product that have seen massive improvements in their health conditions and ailments can't help but heap praises on the product and nothing makes a product spread like wildfire quite like word of mouth.


Easier Access to Information - No industry thriving in this decade can separate its success from the massive advancement in science and technology. The way information dissemination efficiency has improved is almost unbelievable. With every passing year, it's like the world is growing smaller and information circulates more rapidly. Social media, blogs, TV, articles, YouTube, forums, etc are equally just as guilty as the other reasons listed above for the rapid popularity CBD has enjoyed thus far. It's hard to imagine a scenario where the industry would have grown this large without the input of this factor. Easier access to information on CBD has been a very crucial factor in the growth of CBD.



A problem of CBD's massive success is that tons of brands are just springing up from all over and potential users and old users alike can't tell the difference between the real deal and the fakes. A lot of these brands are just trying to prey on the growing industry and make quick cash from unsuspecting buyers. Lucky for you though you have a reliable asset that those other buyers don't have, you have me! All products recommended are tested and trusted, products produced under the strictest of conditions of purity and quality. For those wondering on how to know a good CBD product to use, I'll quickly summarize my three keys to knowing if a product is legit.


All-Natural Ingredients: This is a crucial factor to look out for when choosing a CBD product. Products produced with, all-natural ingredients can be trusted to be of the required quality.


Third-Party Lab Tests: Third-party lab testing is the yardstick to confirm a product's quality.


No THC: This is essential to guarantee that the product in question is for medicinal purposes only. CBD products are made with 99%+ extracts containing no THC.


Taking all these into consideration, the products in the link below are the best out there in terms of quality and potency.


Bottom line

The cannabis industry isn't slowing down anytime soon, with every passing day millions of people are seeing the light on the wonders the plant can do. If we all think CBD is popular now I wonder what we'll think ten years from now because, from all indications out there, the best is yet to come. As a CBD enthusiast, these are all good music to my ears and my avid readers can trust that I'll be here to take you along for the ride.









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