hemp THCV weight loss
hemp THCV weight loss

Is a New Hemp Extract an All-Natural Weight Loss Breakthrough Discovery?

Dropping your BMI by over 3 points with THCV, a new hemp extract?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Aug 4, 2021

Is a New Hemp Extract an All-Natural Weight Loss Breakthrough Discovery?

hemp thcv weight loss

Is there ever an end to the potentials of hemp extract? No, there isn't!! Hemp is now the gift that keeps on giving, and with the possibilities of this new extract, the weight loss industry has a reason to celebrate.

More than ever before, the world has embraced the importance of being fit and healthy, which is why weight loss products sell faster in the market. But what if you discovered a hemp extract that promises to ease your weight loss journey? You have to read on for all the details. 


A new hemp extract shaking up the weight loss sector 

The ECS brands have made a fresh hemp extract that positively promotes weight loss after rigorous tests and results from a just-concluded study. The study backed by the National Institute of Health randomly tested human subjects with brands in a placebo-controlled environment. 

The product used by the ECS brands is called Nitro-V or Nitro-V Whole-Plant Hemp-Organic Varin (that's the full name). Millions of people in American are overweight or obese, and many more are seeking ways to lose the excess weight. 

Arthur Jaffee, the founder, and CEO of ECS Brands, maintains that Nitro-V can become the subsequent significant discovery in the weight loss industry. He agrees with the research that many people struggle with their weight being more than they would like. These people try to make healthy changes but still get insignificant results. 

He believes that with Nitro-V, America will be taking a huge step forward in an industry where most products used for appetite control are not "Safe" enough or not supported by science. So what are the crucial selling points for this product? 

Well, Jaffee speaks highly of the new hemp extract supplement, citing that it is:

  • Fast

  • Effective

  • It helps people manage their cravings 

  • Jump starts their weight loss journey


Nitro-V supplement: an effective weight loss hemp-inspired product

According to a recent press release, the Nitro-V supplement is a "Rare" hemp extract which made participants of the study lose BMI by 3 points. The extract was given to the participants 1-2 times daily, with results revealing that some people lost up to 22 pounds within 90 days. 

Now, these people who experienced such dramatic weight loss didn't change their exercise or diet routines. They stuck with the same pattern, with the supplement being the only newly introduced drug into the body's system. After the test, 100 out of 100 participants experienced weight loss which is a tremendous result. 

The ECS brands also announced that 61% of the study participants reported that they experienced fewer hunger pangs while 40% had reduced food cravings. 52% of the participants experienced a reduction in their anxiety, and in comparison, 64% said they lost weight agreed that their weight stayed the same. They also confirmed that they saw no changes in their BMI. 

Nitro-V supplements are made with full-scale hemp oil that contains natural THCV. The press release from the company asserts that this product is currently the leading and sole industrial hemp-based source for extraordinary THCV. It is proven to be safe, unlike other products gotten from illegal marijuana. 

This product also stands out because it is not synthetically engineered and offers proof of safety to users. The ECS brands have ensured that potential customer fears and worries are taken care of to have a product everyone can be proud of.


The idea that Hemp is a weight-loss solution 

The utilization of Hemp and cannabis is becoming very common these days. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention insists that up to 42.5% of adults above 20 are obese. At the same time, 73.6% of adults are overweight. 

Hence, the rush for a product can help them shed weight and regain the healthy body they desire. Jaffee is optimistic that with a product like Nitro-V, people's search will be over, and they can get the kind of compelling product they seek. 

Jaffee strikes a connection between people's desire for weight loss and their insistence on sticking to a particular nutrition and exercise routine. The results from the tests carried out on Nitro-V show that this product enables all who desire weight loss to meet their target and feel better with their body. 

It is important to note that this isn't the first time THCV will achieve weight loss and other illnesses. Previous studies from different companies show that THCV properties effectively decrease the munchies, and it's all due to its high potency. 

THCV also benefits people who struggle with diabetes; now, this is remarkable! A report from Diabetes.co.uk indicates that THCV decreases blood glucose and boosts insulin production for people with Type 2 diabetes. 

It is also known that THCV aids the treatment of anxiety and stress; it helps people struggling with Parkinson's disease and is effective as a treatment for those experiencing seizures. Its effectiveness in treating these diseases is one of the reasons why there is a lot of optimism about the impact it will have on those who use the Nitro-V product for weight loss purposes. 

A study in the American Journal of Botany discovered that after examining 157 cannabis strains, extraordinary levels of THCV were found in the strains that originated from Southern Africa. This is just a hint for you if you choose to pick out your strains intentionally, you might want to consider the ones from Southern Africa or Afghanistan. 


Bottom Line

Companies interested in exploring the vast potentials of marijuana are also always willing to push the envelope on what they can do and the kind of products they release into the market. Hemp extract now has the world's attention, and it is beginning to provide answers and solutions to some global issues such as obesity. 

When this product is ready for use, you can maximize all the benefits the company offers, and this mainly includes having the kind of body you desire. You want to be healthy and fit without engaging in extreme "Weight loss" activities, which Nitro-V supplements offer. 

Get ready for a healthy and beautiful body without excess fat and with your THCV derived from hemp by your side.








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