Canndescent paving the way for cannabis products
Canndescent paving the way for cannabis products

Is Canndescent Paving the Way for the Future of Cannabis Products?

Are feelings the future of cannabis products or should we stop dumbing down marijuana?

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Joseph Billions on Friday Feb 5, 2021

Is Canndescent Paving The Way For The Future Of Cannabis Industry?

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The changing tide in terms of acceptance and decriminalization being enjoyed by cannabis has required proper branding for cannabis firms. The public is slowly leaving the era of stigma against cannabis users and cannabis companies are capitalizing on this to get their message out there. A new era has dawned for the cannabis industry, an era that comes with a lot of profits if maximized. Different cannabis brands are using different strategies to get their image out to the public. One brand that is leading the pack with uniqueness is Canndescent.

A closer look

Canndescent is a special luxury cannabis brand that has made huge progress in the cannabis industry in recent years. The growth of Canndescent has shown that the cannabis industry is changing and the market is a long way from what it used to be before. Canndescent has a unique goal of making ultra-premium cannabis for adult use available in California. The brand has adopted different measures towards achieving this goal and this has set them aside from the rest of the pack. Canndescent is the top-selling cannabis brand in California and they didn’t just get there through a fluke.

Adrian Sedlin is the founder of Canndescent and he is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He hoped to open up cannabis smokers to a new era of cannabis that has not been experienced before. The luxury experience that Canndescent promotes is so much more than the conventional sharing of joints. The company showcases this with the unique type of branding they adopt on their company homepage and social media pages. Canndescent promotes an upscale type of cannabis that more people will be willing to associate with. This has helped to break the barriers around cannabis that it belongs to some particular type of people.

The future of cannabis is gradually changing and most cannabis firms are moving with the wind of change. Canndescent has been at the top of the pile among other brands because of some unique strategies that have been adopted by the brand. Here are some of the unique strategies the brand is using to pave the way for the future of the cannabis industry.

Point of view

The goal of Canndescent has always been to project a new normal to the cannabis industry and they are doing that from their point of view. Canndescent has added a stylish and upscale trend to cannabis which has helped get across to some people that normally won’t consider cannabis. This has helped them become to top cannabis brand in the Golden State of California. Canndescent is the pioneer of upscale cannabis while other brands are trying to catch up.

Canndescent has shown that cannabis smoking applies to more than the hippie and stoner stereotype that most people go around with. Different types of professionals comfortably enjoy cannabis for different reasons and they do not qualify to be called potheads. This set of people enjoy cannabis as they will enjoy a glass of wine or bottle of beer.


Canndescent is strongly using its unique packaging as a selling point to attract upscale consumers. Cannabis flowers are packaged into special boxes like those used to package upscale tea. Special jars and humidity packs are also used to ship flowers to preserve their structure and quality. This packaging is worth it as the cannabis products at Canndescent are available at premium prices. Canndescent â…> jar goes for an average price of $60 and it contains 15 to 20 servings. This means that the cannabis product is enjoyed at a premium price of $3 or $4 per serving.


Canndescent is using a unique approach to make cannabis marketing simple and elegant. Through unique marketing strategies, Canndescent is making marijuana products available and educating their customers at the same time. Their flowers are present in 5 varieties in which their name connotes their use. The varieties include Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. On the site of the company, the question “How do you want to feel?” precedes the selection of the varieties.

This marketing strategy helps Canndescent to simplify things around cannabis. They also show that you can get more from cannabis than just the characteristic euphoric high. The strains are given names in line with their effects and their activities are placed beside them.

Calm; This is used to promote sleep and give relief from body aches and pain

Cruise; This is used to keep up the pace while relaxing or coursing through the day

Create; This is to open up the creative mind when it’s time to paint, code, blog, or game.

Connect; This is used for laughing with friends and being intimate

Charge; This is used to going out at night or to take a run

Quality grow process

Canndescent pays close attention to the growing process of cannabis to ensure that everything comes out well in the end. Organic pest management methods are used to avoid pesticide contamination of products. The grow house is purified and purified water is used to sustain the plants. Each plant has a comfortable customized area for each plant and the plants are dried and cured for over 30 days. Attendants do not touch the cannabis flowers physically with hands and the stems are trimmed by hand. All of these is to ensure that the cannabis plant comes out in the best way possible for the satisfaction of the consumer.

Bottom line

Canndescent through its unique methods has done more than just lead the cannabis brands. The presence of Canndescent has rejuvenated the economy of Desert Hot Springs in California. The town had initially gone bankrupt in 2001 but since it opened its town to Canndescent, the economy has rebounded. This shows what can happen when cannabis firms use new and innovative ways to get themselves integrated into their community and attractive to consumers. Canndescent is paving the way for the future and other brands are actively following in their footsteps.





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