MAGA weed
MAGA weed

Is MAGA the New Weed?

Kids used to smoke weed to rebel, is MAGA the new rebellion?

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Reginald Reefer on Saturday Jan 26, 2019

Kids used to smoke weed to rebel against the system – Is MAGA the New Weed?

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As the first month of 2019 starts winding down and bleeding into February, we have to take a look at the political environment globally. It seems that every year there is more ideological polarization occurring on all spectrums of the political arena.

The latest in FAKE OUTRAGE that is circling the world wide web is the shot of the MAGA hat wearing teen who “allegedly disrespected” a Native American activist/veteran by standing in his way. At first glance, people would see an entitled schmuck grinning in the face of this veteran and as with modern news outlets, they ran with that narrative.

There was no fact checking, there was no debate. The White Kid Wearing a MAGA hat is a cunt! That was the general consensus online a few hours after the story went viral.

Of course, the political discourse about entitlement, white privilege, racism, disrespect and so forth flooded the comment section of virtually every post I saw about this NON-STORY.

And I call it a non-story because it truly is that.

For those who were smart enough to avoid the clatter, let me break it down for you in a few sentences.


What Really Happened?

According to multiple sources, the kids, who were from an all-boys catholic school from Kentucky, were apparently attending a Pro Life Rally in DC. Once they were done, they went over to the Lincoln Memorial steps to wait for their bus.

It was there where a group of Black Hebrew Israelites were…can we say preaching? They were talking about their rhetoric in their typical way…calling people faggots, incest babies, and so forth. Don’t worry, they were quickly ignored by the media and not a lot of mention about their actions…but I digress.

Eventually, the kids thought it would be a good idea to start throwing school chants around to drown out the hate. They did so, which simply made the two groups throw words at each other.

There was NO VIOLENCE throughout this entire interaction.

Then came Nathan Phillips, the Native American Elder who was attending ‘another march nearby’, who proceeded to walk into the group of chanting kids and started drumming. According to Philips to “diffuse a situation”. Philips, in his own words referred to himself as a Vietnam Era Veteran, which might make you think he went to fight in Nam, however…he was never deployed.

It’s an important side note because a lot of the rage against the kid was “disrespecting Vietnam veterans”.

Anyhow, the clip of him drumming in the face of the 15-year-old went viral and all hell broke loose. The sheer amount of hate that followed was nearly apocalyptic.


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Where is the real issue?

I think, the biggest issue here was simple;

  1. A White Kid Wearing a MAGA Hat
  2. Native American
  3. White kid’s douche smile.
  4. Major News Outlets reporting without the facts

And while I don’t want to delve into who was right or all that, it was important to establish this story for the point I’m trying to make.


How do Teens Rebel?

Back in the day, when I was a teenager, rebellion was a common thing for teenagers. We would party hard, skip school and do all the things you’re not supposed to do. One of the main key components of “rebelling against the system” was smoking weed.

While I didn’t smoke weed to rebel, I knew of many of my friends who smoked just to piss off their parents.

But what happens when weed is no longer considered taboo? Where would the kids turn to in order to “rebel against the man”?

One obvious trend in the world is the “over-sensitivity” of the individual. These days it’s considered a crime if you offend someone with words. There’s a movement within politics to “Nerf the world” against opposing views.

You can claim to identify as a “Tri-gender Pyrofox” and everybody is forced to accept your position. If not, you’re homophobic, a bigot or anything in between. You might be offered blowjobs for “punching Nazi’s in the face” as was the case of the SNL writer who recently deleted her tweet about the aforementioned story.

The point here is that people are reacting to news without fact checking, and they have one target in mind…MAGA hat wearing individuals.

I’m not defending MAGA or supporting their side at any point. I hate politics equally. If it was up to me I’d fire every politician and replace them with robots, but hey…that’s just a pipe dream.

Where I’m going with this is that since there is an obvious trigger of defiance when it comes to wearing the MAGA apparel, some kids are flocking to it as a point of rebellion. You can smoke weed these days and folks would say, “Kids aren’t supposed to but at least they aren’t drinking…”

It removes the “rebellious factor” from the equation.

However, put on a MAGA hat and suddenly you get international attention for smirking at an older dude banging a drum in your face. Well…knowing how teens are ego-maniac attention seekers…these reactions might prompt more teens to Rebel against the outrage by poking at the bear.

Is it good? Is it bad? Fuck if I care…it’s simply an observation. The over-sensitized reactionary stance of the liberal left and the blatant-insensitivity of the conservative right, is creating a situation where prompting these reactions will become a game for some.

The rebellion against over-sensitivity. The difference however is that with weed you’re just really affecting yourself…but when you’re using political ideology to rebel…you might one day instigate a riot.

The point here folks…stop giving a shit about stupid things like this…there are far more pressing issues to debate…MAGA hat or Pussy Hat wearing idiots shouldn’t be one of them.








What did you think?

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