distort reality for weed
distort reality for weed

Marijuana Mystic: Can You Distort Reality to Never Run Out of Weed, Again? (Steve Jobs Believed!)

Distoring Reality to Get Never Ending Weed?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

distort reality for unlimited weed

Marijuana Mystic: Can you Distort Reality to Never Run Out of Weed Again?  Steve Jobs thinks so!



Imagine being able to go anywhere in the world and always finding the best weed available – even in places where it’s currently still illegal. Imagine occasionally getting fresh nugs gifted to you by strangers just feeling the incredibly need to share. How about having the ability to always get discounts at dispensaries or receiving extra freebies for just being you…


That would be awesome right!


What if I told you that you could create a Reality Distortion Field that would literally warp reality around you and make you a cannabis magnet? Would that be something you’d like to learn?


Well – you’re in luck because today I’m going to be laying out the exact process on how to achieve it. I’ll talk about a famous person who used this technique to literally change the world, and how you can easily do the same tactic in your own life to increase instances of weed gifting, super discounts, and really anything you want!


This is something that can be a total game changer if you know how to apply it to your own life. But enough chit-chat, let’s take a power toke on some dank knowledge.


Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field


A little known fact about Apple CEO Steve Jobs was that he – according to his co-workers – had a Reality Distortion Field. According to Andy Hertzfeld – one of the original Engineers at Apple, even if you knew about the Reality Distortion Field there was little you could do to avoid it.


“The reality distortion field was a confounding mélange of a charismatic rhetorical style, an indomitable will, and an eagerness to bend any fact to fit the purpose at hand. Amazingly, the reality distortion field seemed to be effective even if you were acutely aware of it, although the effects would fade after Steve departed. We would often discuss potential techniques for grounding it … but after a while most of us gave up, accepting it as a force of nature.” – Andy Hertzfeld


So what does this all mean? Well, let’s break it down.


  1. Charismatic Rhetorical Style – this can be roughly translated to a “highly persuasive use of language and action”

  2. An Indomitable Will – In other words, what you intend to achieve, you achieve. No matter what the contrary information indicates, you’ll push on through.

  3. An Eagerness to bend any fact to fit the purpose – always finding evidence to suggest that what you are projecting into the world IS HAPPENING!


These are the three general components on how to create a Reality Distortion Field. But something that Hertzfeld didn’t mention was another aspect of maintaining the Reality Distortion Field.


Steve was kind of an asshole!


In order for the Reality Distortion Field to stick, Steve was incredibly zealous about the information and people he allowed to remain in his area. If there was someone who wasn’t in harmony with his way of seeing the world, he would often get very dickish with the person or object, going into rants and raving about like a spoiled toddler.


Obviously, when you’re talking about multi-billion dollar investments and a company riding on the success of your next launch…well, being a bit “cunty” is expected. However, Steve was incredibly harsh to some people as a result for his zeal of his Reality Distortion Field.


Asshole or not, he managed to pull of some amazing feats and cemented his place in the history books.


But where did Steve learn this technique? According to CultOfMac, the person who taught Jobs this technique was a man  by the name of Robert Friedland, “free love wacko who dealt LSD and had his own free love commune on the same apple orchard that inspired Steve for the name of his company.”


The blog continues,


Friedland then formed a commune out on All One Farm, an apple orchard that was granted to him by an eccentric millionaire uncle. People did acid and talked a lot about Eastern spiritualism there, and the Hare Krishnas would cook them meals.


Steve eventually decided communal living was not for him after sleeping in the kitchen and watching people steal each other’s food in the night. Upon leaving the commune, though, Steve Jobs had the inspiration to name his company Apple.


Jobs eventually fell out with Friedland, disliking the cult leader’s demeanor.


That said, early Apple engineer Daniel Kottke said that some of Jobs’ personality traits were inspired by Friedland, including the reality-distortion field, where truths are much more subjective.


Friendland was also “charismatic, a bit of a con man and could bend situations to his very strong will. He was mercurial, sure of himself, a little dictatorial. Steve admired that, and he became more like that after spending time with Robert.” Kottke thinks Friendland taught Steve a lot about how being the open, take-charge charismatic type is the way to influence people and get them to do what you want.


As you can see, the Reality Distortion Field isn’t limited to Jobs and people CAN LEARN how to make one themselves. Which is what made me think, “Is there a way to create a Reality Distortion Field where you can attract weed and bend reality to become more weed friendly?”


The truth is, I already have a Reality Distortion Field and so do you, the only difference is that mine is by design and in all likeliness, the majority of the people reading this are projecting their fields on automatic.


But that changes today!


My personal Reality Distortion Field of Good Weed Anywhere!


I’ve been smoking cannabis for twenty years now and throughout all of my years of smoking, it has been incredibly easy to find the best weed in town. It doesn’t matter if I move to a new location, within a matter of weeks (and sometimes days) I simply get connected to the right kind of people.


Of course, there is my own input into this whole equation. I go around and open myself up to receive by going to people I know has some connection to cannabis [a friend, recommendation, dispensary, etc] I simply move closer to the source in any way I can and if that’s calling a dude I never met to hook me up with a baggy in a city I don’t know – so be it.


After a few purchases from these places, I quickly get connected to “The Big Dude” who typically has all the bombast weed in town. For some reason or another, I simply gel well with these people and before you know it, I’m buying premium weed with up to a 50% discount.


It goes even so far that these people seem to trust me wholeheartedly, and if I ask for a few ounces upfront – they’d give it to me without batting an eye.


But the Reality Distortion Field even goes further than that. When I was backpacking during my twenties, I would frequently run out of good weed to smoke. However, I’d only be dry for a day or two. Before you know it, a stranger comes waltzing down – freezes, reaches into their pocket and says, “God told me to give you this…” and walks about their merry way.


I didn’t construct this Reality Distortion Field consciously, I didn’t know how to. If I understood the dynamics on how to build your own Reality Distortion Field, then I would probably have been able to get much more from my journeys throughout the globe.


This is just one application with the Reality Distortion Field. You could literally modify it to suit any need or desire you want. Want to grow bomb ass weed with the best yields? You can project a Reality Distortion Field that helps make this happen.


Imagine being the Steve Jobs of weed?


Now stop imagining…because I’m about to tell you just how Steve pulled this off.


How to Create your Own Reality Distortion Field Like Steve Jobs


While I’m going to be walking you through the basics in this blog post, you can check out the full tutorial on How to Create a Reality Distortion Field like Steve Jobs here. Not only does it have a detailed explanation, it also comes equipped with a guided meditation to walk you through the process.


NOTE: Do this under the influence of an edible


Step 1: Clearing the Cache


In order to do any of these types of mental projections, you first need to learn to quiet the mind. I personally call it, “Clearing the cache” which basically means that you’ll be tune down the internal chatter and reach a moment of stillness.


For some people this seems like an impossible task. “How do I stop thinking?” Well, it’s actually incredibly simple. You just have to continually observe the breath while engaged in slow deep breathing. I find that a simple 5-second inhalation and a 6 second exhalation does the trick. It’s not too slow nor too fast, but it’s slow enough to shift the autonomic nervous system into a state of Rest/Digest.


You don’t have to count the breaths, just do it a few times to “feel the expansion” of the lungs and feel how you extend the exhale just a little bit longer.


Once you tune into this rhythm of breathing, simply relax and whichever thought comes into your mental space, acknowledge it, and mentally say, “Thank you for coming to my attention, but for now I’d like to go deeper…” and then simply exhale the thought.


If the thought persists, then you repeat until it leaves.


You’ll continue this process for about 3-5 minutes to make sure you have lowered the mental chatter significantly.


Step 2: InEx Spatial Awareness


The next step in the process is to become fully aware of your present moment. I call this “InEx Spatial Awareness” or “internal/external spatial awareness”.


To achieve this, you simply have to move your awareness (with eyes closed) to different body parts, feel it, and then move onto the next, until you have scanned the whole body. It’s a form of Yoga Nidra if you are familiar with it. If you’re not familiar with Yoga Nidra, I recommend doing a guided meditation first so you can feel how to do it yourself. 


Once you have completely become aware of your internal space (the body), you’ll begin to shift your awareness outside of your body (still with eyes closed). You begin to feel the air around your body, the surface that you’re sitting on…the space in between objects.


You simply allow your conscious awareness to expand beyond your body and fill up whatever space you’re sitting in. When you become “fully aware”, you’ll know it!


At this point, you’ll want to move onto the next phase, charging the solar plexus with life force energy.


Step 3: Charging up your Energy with the breath


For the next step, you’ll begin to breathe in another pattern. In this case, you’ll inhale for 4-seconds, hold it for 4-seconds and finally release it for 4-seconds.


This type of breathing will begin to increase blood circulation in the body, but also it will begin to accumulate “life force energy”.


Life force energy, according to the Vedic texts, is essentially the vital energy we need for sentience. It’s located in the ethereal plane and can be accessed via deep intentional breathing. In fact, every breath you take according to these texts are charging up your body and allowing your consciousness to animate it.


LFE is pure golden white energy and when you inhale, you visualize it sit in the middle of the Solar Plexus. Physiologically speaking, the Solar Plexus is a network of nerves that flare out like the sun and sits a few inches above the belly button. Almost like Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor but with nerves.


Imagine, as you do this breathing pattern that every inhalation is filling you with LFE all over, and with every exhalation, you’re sending that energy to concentrate right in the Solar Plexus. Every breath cycle, increasing the intensity.


Once more, 3-5 minutes of charging up! Also, you can focus in on your intention during this process and imbue the Life Force Energy with your will.


Step 4 – Create your Reality Distortion Field


After a few minutes, you should feel a concentration of energy in the Solar Plexus. At this point, you’re going to want to expand this ball of energy around you as if you were inside of a bubble. We will do this with the third and final breathing pattern called “Tesla Breathing”.


It’s named after Nikola Tesla’s quote of 3-6-9 and the keys to the universe. While Tesla himself didn’t breathe nor invent this breathing pattern – it’s simply a fun way to remember the sequence which is;


  1. A quick 3-second full lung inhalation

  2. Hold it for 6-seconds while sending your intention into the energy

  3. Exhaling for 9-seconds watching the ball of energy expand larger and larger


You’ll only do this for 10 rounds of breathing, and on the 11th breath, you’ll empty out your lungs, inhale completely and hold it for 10 seconds. You should start feeling dizzy-ish at this point.


Let the breath go completely and enter into a 33-second breath hold. On the recovery breath, you’ll simply inhale and lock that Reality Distortion Field in place.

You’ll feel the RDF most active during the breath hold. When you’re engaged in this, simply experience it fully and accept it completely.


And with that, you’re done.


Do it for 21-days (and more)


Steve Jobs was zealous about his RFD and you should be too. The above mentioned exercise roughly takes about 15 minutes to complete. Therefore, it’s something you can do every day and re-assert your Reality Distortion Field and strengthen it.


On a physiological plane, you’ll be wiring neurons together which will directly influence your thoughts and behavior. This will in turn affect the thoughts and behaviors of others – and when that happens…you’ve got an effective Reality Distortion Field!


Remember Hebbs law, “Neurons that fire together wire together”, so be diligent and enforce your field every day and you’ll see it begin manifesting in your life. Of course, you don’t have to take an edible every time you do this exercise, but for the first attempt – it is HIGHLY recommended.


Final Words


I’m always looking for hacks to enhance my abilities on this planet. By far, the Reality Distortion Field is definitely something that is worth looking into.


The only question that remains is;


How are you going to distort reality with your Field?





What did you think?

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