Charlie Baker marijuana stance
Charlie Baker marijuana stance

Massachusetts Anti-Pot Governor Charlie Baker Goes Too Far This Time

Corruption and Poor Government Is Ruining Marijuana In Massachusetts

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DanaSmith on Saturday Feb 4, 2017

Massachusetts Anti-Pot Governor Goes Too Far This Time


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Corruption and poor government is reigning down on the marijuana industry in Massachusetts.  First, it was the expose by the Boston Globe showing the graft and corruption in the Massachusetts dispensary application process.   Next up, after the people of Massachusetts voted in November to allow recreational cannabis, Governor Baker and House Speaker Robert DeLeo have done everything they can to gut the bill and slow down the process the citizens voted for, already delayed an extra 6 months by Baker and DeLeo.  Poor sports who didn't like the results of a democratic vote.


Now, this horrible story breaks.



It all started in March 2016 when a terrible car accident happened on the I-90. A motorist by the name of David Njuguna killed a state trooper. Idiot authorities managed to associate the driver with marijuana use and Canna Care specifically because that’s how the driver got his MMJ in the first place. What happens next? Without due process or investigation, Dr. Nadolny, medical director of Canna Care Docs has his license unjustly revoked.



At that time, Republican Governor Charlie Baker was aggressively campaigning against marijuana legalization. Baker made statements to major news outlets including the Boston Globe, citing marijuana use as a reason for the accident. Aside from that, Baker was also actively working with health officials to make sure that it’s clear to the public - marijuana was at fault here. Did it matter that Dr. Nadolny didn’t personally write the prescription for Njuguna? No. Did it matter that the Canna Care nurse practitioner wasn’t doing anything illegal by writing it? No.



According to the Board of Registration in Medicine, Nadolny was considered a threat to public safety because he let nurse practitioners prescribe medical marijuana to thousands of (eligible) patients. In September 2016, administrative magistrate Kenneth Bresler ruled that nurse practitioners in Canna Care were given independent authority to safely and legally certify patients. In other words, they did nothing wrong!



Director George Zachos, Executive at the Board of Registration in Medicine, was asked to comment on the reason why Nadolny’s license hasn’t been reinstated yet, to which he responded with “This matter is still open and it is the Board’s practice not to comment on open matters.”


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The Canna Care Docs office was compliant with the requirements of the Department of Public Health, the body responsible for overseeing the Massachusetts state MMJ program. State records revealed that Canna Care Docs certified almost 3,000 patients for the MMJ program, the second-largest of any office in Massachusetts.



In American law, citizens should get their rights (and licenses) restored when you win an appeal but that’s not what is happening here. Something smells fishy, something smells like dirty politics.



People from all walks of life have been working on a campaign to reinstate Dr. John Nadolny, as seen in the Facebook page which is managed by his wife, Cheryl. In one of her recent posts, she calls for more requests for help because the Board of Medicine told her that Dr. Nadolny’s license would be reinstated by the New Year but as of today there’s been no progress in the case despite the judges’ requests to solve the case. A group of people and the lawyer from the Board of Medicine who started this whole unfair mess against Dr. Nadolny in the first place quit their jobs and left the case. Since then, a new group has been assigned to the case, which has only continued to slow down the process.


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What does this mean for the family and employees of Dr. John Nadolny, who only wanted to provide the proper medical care needed by his almost-3,000 patients? Unfairly revoking his license had a serious impact on his family, who lost their home, and who had to rely on the charity of friends and family to put a roof on their heads, as Cheryl says in the Facebook page. People have been supporting the family, coming to their aid, and what has the Governor been doing? NOTHING. The Governor allowed something completely unfair and illegal like this to happen, and perhaps it’s because they want to overthrow the state MMJ law.



The family of Dr. Nadolny has had to face serious illnesses - and we all know what sickness can do to your savings. The family, employees, and all those who depend on them for medical care will not have much to look forward to in the future if this case isn’t resolved immediately. The family doesn’t have enough funds to continue paying for legal defense for this case, are struggling right this very moment, going through pain AND have to worry about money to top it all off. The Governor seriously needs to do something about it because after all, they are the ones behind this mess in the first place!!



They aren’t asking for our money; instead they are asking for our help to call the Board of Registration in Medicine as well as the Governor’s office to remind them about the situation and make them realize how urgent and necessary it is to reinstate Dr. Nadolny. For someone who has provided compassionate medical care to people that need it, it’s the least that we can all do. We can no longer turn a blind eye to unjust practices such as this, and let people (the government especially) get away with it!


For more information and to learn how you can make a phone call to help, click here








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