boomer talk about weed
boomer talk about weed

Millennials - Here’s How You Can Talk Cannabis to Boomers

How do explain a dab rig or vape cart to the Baby Boomers?

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Chiara C on Tuesday Sep 15, 2020

Millennials - Here’s How You Can Talk Cannabis to Boomers

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When it comes to millennials and boomers there really has not been much of a confluence on most issues. From economical to medical and even political views there seems to be a standard difference between the views of both generations. This is to be expected because the boomers believe they have time and experience on their side and so their views are probably right. The millennials on the other hand believe that since they have more information at their disposal along with the benefit of technology, then they are more equipped to make better decisions om matters. The truth remains that both parties have their strengths and both need each other to be able to come to a perfect conclusion on different matters.

One such matter that millennials and boomers have not seen eye to eye on is the issue of cannabis. This difference in view is largely due to the fact that in the early ’80s cannabis was regarded as an illegal product generally. This is also not helped by the fact that cannabis is still not accepted generally on a federal level. Contrary to this stand is the millennials who have seen a period of increased acceptance and legalization of cannabis in many regions and states. The gradual decriminalization of cannabis over the years has opened many of the millennials to see the numerous benefits that are embedded in cannabis and this has resulted in a clash of views between both generations.

The debate on a federal level is still ongoing much as the differences are largely spelled out between the millennials and boomers regarding cannabis. This has made it hard for many youths to come out and be able to freely share with their parents that they are using cannabis. This is because due to the illegal tag given to cannabis during their time, boomers tend to attach a stereotypic view to all cannabis users making it hard for them to come to the table of accepting cannabis as a beneficial natural product.

The future is not all bleak as a good number of boomers are gradually coming into the fray to enjoy the numerous benefits that cannabis has to offer. This has been helped by the legalization of cannabis in some regions and the wealth of information about cannabis that is being made available to the populace. This has then opened the door for more millennials to reason with some boomers on the right way to see cannabis.

Here are some of the ways that millennials can talk cannabis to boomers and hope to help them see the goodness that is in cannabis. Read on!

Medical benefits

When it comes to cannabis, one of the aspects that have been downplayed for too long is the medical benefits that it has to offer. Cannabis contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids which have numerous medical applications in the human body. One such cannabinoid that has been a medical revelation is CBD which is why an enormous amount of research is going into it to see how much can be gotten from this wonderful compound.

Cannabis is known to be beneficial in dealing with pain, inflammation, seizures, migraines, arthritis, and a host of other conditions. Many boomers have not been made to see this reality hence they have downplayed the usefulness of cannabis. Cannabis also has a huge role to play in wellness which is of prime importance to most boomers. Wellness has to do with the health condition of the body and the mind and cannabis have a good role to play in the betterment of both. Due to the entourage effect of CBD and THC, cannabis helps to provide a calm and sedative effect that ensures a good state of the mind. This helps to deal with anxiety and depression problems that will naturally trouble the mind. While the medical benefits help to ensure that the body in is good health.

This makes the medical benefits of cannabis a good way to initiate discussions about cannabis. Many boomers have one or two conditions that cannabis can help them with in order to ensure wellness. This is why it is important that millennials help them to see these benefits that they can have in cannabis.

Method of Use

One prominent factor that has discouraged many boomers about cannabis is not so much the compound itself but the conventional method of use which is through smoking. This has been a discouraging factor as most of them are not aware of the different other methods of application that are available. The stereotypic view that many boomers have carried on about a cannabis user has been a reason why some of them are not opening to accepting cannabis.

It is therefore important that millennials help boomers understand that there are other options for using cannabis as opposed to smoking. Tinctures, edibles, and topical creams are different methods of use that are bound to be more acceptable to boomers as opposed to smoking. The absence of smoke and the health risks that are usually attached to smoking is bound to help more boomers to be more accepting of cannabis.


The discussion on the benefits of cannabis will go smoother with a boomer if it is done by a professional. This is why it is advisable that they are allowed to go to a cannabis dispensary where they can meet professionals who will be able to duly inform them of all that pertains to cannabis use.

With different positive experience and patience, professionals are better equipped in helping boomers come to terms with cannabis. With adequate information tends to come quality judgment and most boomers will be sure to see the goodness of cannabis when they are educated by professionals.

Boomers are one of the classes of the populace that can benefit largely from cannabis and with the right tutelage they are bound to be more open to cannabis. Patience and information are all that is needed and in the near future we will see more boomers that  are not just cannabis users but cannabis lovers.








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