Trusting The US Government and Big Pharma Is A Bad Idea

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Code-named operations, top-secret government testing on unwilling civilians and intensive cover-ups spanning decades of deceit all read like something found inside a Tom Clancy novel… but often the best reads are outlandish tales finding solidarity in truth.  

With that in mind, I advise that following words you read not be taken lightly.


On December 5th 1952, after suffering a fatal blow to his marriage, Harold Blauer checked himself into the New York State Psychiatric Hospital in Manhattan. The professional tennis player, after a colorful career facing some of the biggest names in the game, was seeking treatment for the depression that had wreaked itself upon his life after the dreadful demise that his relationship had crashed upon.


One month later, he would be dead. 

Unbeknownst to Blauer, the institute, being renowned for its expertise in psychopharmacology, was under contract by the CIA. In a tandem effort, the organizations worked together in a top-secret operation code-named MK ULTRA, whose sole purpose was to test the effects of recently developed chemical warfare agents on humans. It was expected that under the terms of such a contract that new “technical data” would be discovered which would hypothetically provide a more stable basis for the utilization of these psychochemical agents- both for offensive use as sabotage weapons and for protection against them.

While Blauer did verbally consent to under-go the treatment of an experimental new drug, he was also deliberately misled to believe that the experimental new drug was being tested for use in the fight against depression, the affliction under which he suffered heavily. 

EA 1928 was the tangent name for the weaponized agent responsible for taking Blauer’s life. Its chemical name is Methylenedioxyphenyl-isoproprylamine, but you would find the most familiarization with the drug if I simply called it mescaline- which is the synthetic compounds parent derivative.


Immediately before the first injection of EA 1298, Dr. James Cattell, the senior research scientist at the Institute, indicated in his study notes that Blauer was “very apprehensive” about taking part in the study and that "considerable persuasion was required" to make him continue with the injection.  Over the course of the next four injections Blauer’s objections grew stronger, with each desperate plea quelled under a blanket of fraudulent comforts. Directly before his fourth injection Blauer’s questionable pleads turned into a blunt desire to recede his voluntary status in the experimental treatment as his physical health was noticeably deteriorating, however, after speaking with his therapist and being informed that if he retreated from the study that the Institute would no longer be able to provide any care for him, a mentally unstable Blauer recanted his desire and agreed to push farther into the terrifying, uncharted territory- a decision that would prove fatal.

On January 8th, 1953 at 9:53pm Blauer was injected with 450 mg of the mescaline derivative EA 1928. According to the notes compiled during the study, at approximately 9:57am, Blauer became violent to the point that he had to be restrained to his bed by the hospital staff. Over the course of next hour and a half Blauer struggled against his restraints, writhing violently and frothing at the mouth as the venemous concoction worked its way through his bloodstream. All the while the doctors watched, taking notes for their research.

After lapsing into a coma, Harold Blauer was officially pronounced dead at 12:15pm. 

What followed next was a direct and intentional web of deceit which involved all parties scrambling to cover their tracks of malpractice. The government could not have the public knowing that they had designed chemical warfare agents that were being tested on un-consenting citizens in the same way that the prestige of The New York State Psychiatric Hospital could not be brought into disrepute with the revealed knowledge that it used its patients as lab rats in experimental weapons testing.

snitch cover up

After reporting that Harold Blauer’s death was due to an a-typical response to the medication in his treatment, Blauer’s estranged wife, Amy, convinced that all was not as it seemed, filed a lawsuit and hired a team of lawyers to dig up any information they could on the details surrounding his passing.

After a lengthy investigation, the court issued findings which stated that Blauer had died as a result of New York State's negligence, (finding no evidence of the project), and that damages of $18,000 should be awarded to the Estate. In a panic that any further objection would reveal the true nature of Blauer’s death, the Institute agreed to the terms readily.

For twenty years the secrets of MK-ULTRA and the highly illegal, fatal testing of Harold Blauer seemed confined to the depths that they had been buried; until 1975 when, after two decades of silence, a pair of whistle-blowers decided to inform Harold Blauers daughters of the top-secret operation. The revelation of the truth revealed the true depravity of the government’s testing and Harold Blauer’s family was awarded with just a touch over $700,000 in damages. 

A point also worth noting, is that after the cases original lawsuit the highly sensitive operation evolved into a significantly thorough study that continued testing the effects of hallucinogenic drugs on unsuspecting citizens. James Stanley and Wayne Ritchie are among the names found on the statistic board of the operation’s kamikaze collateral damage. Around this time the government also saw fit to extend the list test subjects to the prison system, where under the umbrella of MK-ULTRA hardened criminals like Whitey Bulger, were continually fed LSD. (Whitey Bulger left prison to become a notoriously deadly crime boss.) .

The issue that we’re faced with, whether you’ve read this as a marijuana prohibition supporter, a marijuana activist, or a neutral just looking to kill some time is this: The U.S. government’s history of secret human experimentation ought to be kept in mind, particularly when we consider the power we grant to it and the way we regulate drugs.

The same government who sees fit to test unwitting citizens with LSD and Mescaline in covert operations, keeps a line of sick people standing outside of the hospitals suffering because of its inane ruling that marijuana, being the highly dangerous drug that they claim, has no medical use.

Does that sit right with you?






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