Dankful Thanksgiving
Dankful Thanksgiving

My Top 5 Reasons to Be Dankful This Cannabis Thanksgiving

What are you dankful for this Thanksgiving?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

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Top Reasons to Be Dankful!


It’s almost Thanksgiving day, where people eat excessively, watch Football, fall asleep and go into a shopping Frenzy the very next day! While some might fight with their families, most people will get together, share a meal and feel good for a while.


And this is a good thing. There’s been a lot of heavy news over the past few years and a bit of “wholesome goodness” wouldn’t be bad.


During all Thanksgiving rituals, there comes a time when people say what they are thankful for…and as we are gearing up for Thanksgiving I’d like to say why the world should be thankful for weed.


So today, Reginald Reefer will be giving some “Reasons to be Dankful!”


All of the good music…


People probably don’t realize that a lot of their favorite music was created by people who were stoned. You probably have to thank one or two stoners for coming up with one of your favorite tracks.


Good Medicine


Many people find relief in cannabis. It has helped people with addiction, pain management, depression, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and a myriad of issues. While the “science” might still not have all the answers, the people who have found relief in the plant understand that cannabis is good medicine.


Good times


How many good times have you had with cannabis? How many laughs have you shared? How many friends have you made? Cannabis is a good social lubricant and I have had some of my best times on weed. Something to be Dankful for!


Clearing the Headspace


Having “euphoria on demand” is a good thing. Sometimes when your mind is clouded by dark thoughts, cannabis can help shine some light into the darkness. Sometimes you just need to take a break from the bullshit to see the light. So thanks cannabis!


Good Entertainment


A lot of movies, books, and other forms of art are made by cannabis users while under the influence. For every screenplay or series you enjoyed that was secretly being worked on by a stoner – it’s cannabis shaping the narratives.



Since the legality of cannabis, many people have been employed. Some of whom have been hurt by the drug war itself. However, cannabis employment is one of the fastest growing sectors for job development, so thanks cannabis!


General Culture


Cannabis has influenced culture with movies, music, art, publications, and is even influencing politics and media. There are puns that everyone knows, and it has engrained itself into our culture…so thanks cannabis for keeping the culture “DOPE”!


What are you dankful for?


These are just a few examples of being Dankful. Remember, today is "Weed Wednesday" or "Green Wednesday" so stock up on some cannabis for the whole family. However, everyone has their own take on things. So I’m curious, what has cannabis done for you that makes you say, “Thanks cannabis, you’re the shit!”





What did you think?

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