New York Weed Capital of the World
New York Weed Capital of the World

New York Wants to be the Weed Capital of the World? What? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Can New York really become the weed capital of America, let alone the world?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Jun 17, 2021

Will New York Become the Weed Capital of the World – Some People Think So!

New York Weed Capital

With New York Legalizing cannabis, there’s whispers of it becoming the new Weed Capital of the world – a title that I’m sure many cities will want to claim.




Because weed is big business and depending on where you are – the market belongs to either licensed suppliers or unlicensed ones.


For many years, “Cali Bud” has been considered the golden standard of marijuana around the world. This is because the Emerald Triangle grows some beast weed!


The hippies of old were the pioneers of the diverse genetic pool we have at our disposal these days, and prior to California officially legalizing recreational marijuana – and regulating the market to death – it was the number one seller of weed in the world.


However, as we mentioned, since California has legalized weed under Prop 64, which essentially took the recreational market out of this weird legal area it was in.


The problem was that regulators added so much tax to buying weed that the illegal market boomed as a result. People who were selling illegally decided to remain so – creating cheaper more accessible weed of the exact same quality sold in dispensaries.


The police went after these grass roots growers and sellers and essentially stifled the marketplace. The California model has suffered and the world took notice.


More importantly – New York!


How New York’s Legalization Differs!


New York’s system is reminiscent of how California used to be. Activists used the governor’s past indiscretions with women to leverage their points. And it worked!


New York managed to secure 50% of its licenses for marginalized communities. I personally am not a big fan of this idea, and would much rather see a lower entry point in terms of cost than to see a set amount of licenses to be granted to a selected few.


I’ve always said – make it cheap up to $1,000,000 in annual revenue, and above that you can start playing the “corporate price tag” to licenses.  New York dispensaries will vary wildly from Times Square to upstate New York.


But give everyone a chance to get in on the game, irrespective of whether they are black, white, gay or straight. Make it cheap, let those who know how to move the market establish their brands and help their communities.

Nonetheless, the fact that New York did manage to provide some protections for the marginalized groups is a victory for those who fought for it – so well done!


More importantly, it seems that there will be an equal mix between large corporations and grass roots growers.


What’s also great about New York’s measure was allowing consumption licenses from day one. This means that bars and clubs would be able to apply for these and begin to make money off the lucrative industry from day one.


More importantly, cannabis users would not be treated like social lepers who are forced to consume at their homes because public consumption is illegal.


If you can drink in a bar, you should be able to toke up in a cannabis speak easy as well. Otherwise, the idea of adult legalization is really misguided.


Nonetheless, it seems that New York thought of this, learned how not to legalize from California and now has a pretty solid system set up for success.


We’ll have to see how the market plays out, but there’s a lot of money in New York and since the laws are somewhat lax – it very well could become the Weed Capital of the world.


Except there is one thing that California has that New York doesn’t – a longer growing season!


Longer Season equals larger harvests


New York will be forced to import more weed than it can grow because unlike places like Southern California – where it never snows, New York can be covered with snow for months on end.


This means that they essentially have one large harvest season and of course – some people will be growing indoors all year around, but that will elevate the costs of production.


In California, they not only have a longer growing season, they share a border with Mexico – which will have cheaper weed available for import.


Not to mention, the population of California is double that of New York, so in sheer numbers – they have an advantage.


Of course, they are currently struggling with one of the worst models of legalization ever seen on the face of the earth – but how long do you think that will last? At what point will consumers rally behind a new prop that redefines the system entirely?


What happens when Mexico can readily supply top quality cannabis – grown at US Standards. The price of weed drops, the volume increases and suddenly, the cheaper high quality bud creates a massive influx of cannabis tourism.


Both cities have tourism as a strong selling point.


The Sticky Bottom Line


The battle for the title of “Weed Capital of the World” will become fierce over the years. There will be many metrics to consider to grown the world’s best weed city.


Don’t forget, Mexico is a sleeping giant and if the politicians could ever figure out the framework for legalization, they could become the weed supplier of the world.


After all – they already have strong branding when it comes to “marijuana” thanks to anti-drug propaganda. With numerous high profiled politicians, business people and activists coming together – Mexico City might even become the Weed Capital of the world.


Who knows!


Personally, I’d like to see a stiff competition all over the world – Cape Town – weed Capital of 2024! That way stoners like me would have just one more reason to travel to exotic places and smoke exotic herbs!


What do you think is the Weed Capital of the world?








What did you think?

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