cannabis predictions
cannabis predictions

Pot Prophecy - Reginald Reefer's Weed Predictions for 2021

Pot predictions are hopeful for 2021, but what does Reginald Reefer think?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Dec 30, 2020

Pot Prophecy: What will happen in 2021 with cannabis?

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Sit back stoners, it’s time to speculate like nobody’s business. That’s right, we’re going to infer from past data what will happen in 2021. Futurists claim that in order to understand what happens in a year into the future, you need to look at to 10 years into the past.


When you take into account the main trends that occurred during the previous decade, you can create models to predict what will happen in the following years.


Fortunately, I have been heavily involved with the cannabis industry, covering stories and doing research for more than 10 years now professionally. So within me, is enough information to make these predictions with a fair amount of accuracy.


Let’s take a closer look at Reginald Reefer’s Pot Prophecies of 2021.


Cannabis gets legalized in North America by the end of 2021


Let’s start by swinging big! I believe that by the end of 2021, the entire North America will have legal weed on the books. Mexico is on the verge of legalizing and in all likeliness it will happen in April 2021. This is unless they will push back the policy again, but it seems that this will most likely not be the case.


In the US – there is a growing support for legalization and as a Forbes Article pointed out;


Recreational and medical cannabis use ballot victories across the political spectrum this fall show marijuana’s acceptance continues to grow among American voters. Still, politicians mostly act along party lines. Over the past few years, the democrat-lead U.S. Congress has taken up cannabis industry banking and other related legislation. The republican-controlled Senate however, has blocked any liberalization of cannabis laws. If democrats take control of the Senate by winning the two seats up for grabs in the Georgia run-off in January, expect forward movement on federal legalization of cannabis.


Even if the Senate doesn’t get those two seats, I believe that with the Mexican legalization – the US will be forced to legalize since they would be sandwiched between two countries who share a massive border with them.


Additionally, American Companies will want to get their presence in Mexico sooner than later once transnational cannabis commerce becomes a reality.


Hemp gets a Testing Boost!


I recently wrote about Rand Paul working on boosting hemp’s THC limit to 1% - there is no indication that this will not happen. Up to 3% is considered “low THC cannabis” among cannabis consumers. While this is becoming more popular in Europe – using low-THC cannabis as a means of dealing with anxiety – the majority of cannabis smokers that smoke for recreational purposes still prefer cannabis that’s at least 10% THC.

Nonetheless, we can expect many different shifts within the Hemp industry as it enters into its 3rd year as a legal crop.


More Cannabis Jobs – COVID RELIEF JOBS


The one industry that is growing faster than any other industry in the Us is cannabis – since COVID has ended the jobs for millions of people in the US, we can expect more people swarming to the cannabis industry.


This shift in employment will continue for the next few years, which will also impact the laws surrounding cannabis. With a greater cannabis workforce, we can also start seeing the formation of “Cannabis Unions” that will result from a greater presence in cannabis workers.


New Cannabis Brands


We can expect new products to hit the shelves in 2021.  Major celebrities are betting on cannabis and with their names we can expect new lines of products. However, we’ll see the greatest increase in wellness related products – probably still CBD focused.


I’ve noticed some folks are trying to invent new products for the recreational sector of cannabis, however I still believe that for the next few years CBD-related wellness products such as creams, cosmetics, clothing, etc – that will still be the biggest new product boon of 2021.


Global Shift on Cannabis Solidifies


This past year we have seen a major shift in the paradigm of cannabis. Even the UN softened their stance on “medical cannabis”.


We will see many people embrace cannabis as a viable means of recreation, medicine and industry on a Global scale. We can expect more countries to consider legalization and others to fully adopt more robust medical cannabis laws.


2021 – the marking of a new paradigm


I was sitting there the other day smoking a blunt and thought to myself, “Could the Mayans have mistaken 2021 for 2012? I mean, perhaps the person who was interpreting the calendar was a bit “dyslexic”?


Nonetheless – I personally believe we will probably see a greater divide occur between left and right, but at the same time – a massive increase in people who hold more “centrist” ideas. This will be a mesh of conservative and liberal values – where individual rights and privacy matters a great deal.


What are your Pot Predictions for 2021?





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