Some People Just Want To Die - The Age of Opioids and the Coronavirus

Some People Just Want To Die - The Age of Opioids and the Coronavirus

Why do rational people do life threatening things?

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Thom Baccus on Friday Mar 20, 2020

Some People Just Want to Die – The Age of Opioids and the Coronavirus

some people just want to die

As a society, in general, we have a hard time dealing with people who would rather be dead than alive, and people who decide to end their own lives.  Look at the euthanasia and hospice laws around the country to see how that, even if you have a deadly disease that is eating your body away to nothing, you are not allowed to “die with dignity”. Based on some Puritical belief that God has a time and place for you to die, you are not allowed to end your pain on suffering on your terms, you must wait for the great spirit above to take you away and tell you when your last breath should be.  We treat our dogs better. No, seriously, as a dog owner who has put 2 dogs down, we have more dignity in the death of our dogs then we allow our elders or terminally sick.  Animal owners can decide when their pet is in too much pain, take them to a vet, initiate one shot that knocks them out or sedates them heavily, and a second shot that stops the heart when they are comatose.  Want to do that to a terminally cancer patient, good luck unless you live in Washington or Oregon.


With the opioid epidemic we saw thousands of people buying street drugs that were well known to kill you if you took a dose or two too much.  Fentanyl, the biggest name in the bunch, is a muscle relaxant that is so powerful it literally tells your hurt muscle to relax and stop beating for a while, hence the problem starts.  Why did so many people, whose families later said they never did drugs or had a history of drug use, decide one night to do the most dangerous drug on the planet, a drug that if a little too much was taken, would end your life?


Easy.  They wanted to die. They didn’t see hope in life and wanted to end their life.  A gun is violent and messy, maybe they couldn’t get one in their state, gun licenses required, public records created, wait times, etc.  Why not go get $50 of Fentanyl and kill yourself in much more peaceful way?


Suicide is now the #1 leading cause of death in white males age 34 to 55 in America.  Let that sink in.  White males, the ones with white privilege and a perceived leg up to start life, are killing themselves in record numbers.  In the blue-collar niche, construction and pavement workers have the highest suicide rate by far, followed HVAC and installation peope and then  by “media, journalist, web content” people.  For those not familiar with blue collar jobs, construction jobs are one of the highest paying gigs around and many strive to get to that level of blue-collar work.  Yet, they lead the league in workers who decide life just isn’t worth it, and decide to kill themselves.


17 Veteran a day in America kill themselves. Let that sink in as well.  Guys and gals who survived war, being shot at and roadside bombs, make it home after their tour of duty or because of injury, and get back here, look around, and decide, nay, death is better.  17 Veterans per day, for those doing math that is about 510 ex-soldiers, people who loved the country so much they volunteered to go protect it in the Armed Services, kill themselves a month, at home, here in America.  This is one of the strongest arguments the marijuana legalization movement has under its’ belt because, no matter how you feel about getting high and recreational weed, you can’t deny letting these soldiers who come back from military service with PTSD or other traumas and want to kill themselves, a chance at medical marijuana.  Medical marijuana, which thousands of vets swear by in helping with nightmares, PTSD, getting off dozen of big pharma meds, and basically saving their lives.  Not in a figurative way, but really, they were going to kill themselves being on 20 pharma meds and now they just smoke weed and found peace. Weed saves lives, literally. It stops suicides every day, and right now the Federal government won't let veterans take it without risks of losing their benefits. How stupid is that.




The media has been fixate on college people partying on the beaches of Florida and Boomers still going out to the grocery store every day.  The same college kids partying on Clearwater beach are walking across the causeway and going into CVS to buy their condemns and cuzzies.  This is the same CVS your grandma and grandpa are in picking up their high blood pressure pills and milk of magnesia.  The perfect storm of Corona is happening right here, Florida will be our Italy.  An elderly population, not enough medical space, and college kids partying like it’s the end of the world and virus be damned!  Grandma and Grandpa might not be doing Yaeger shots on the beach with the kids, but they are all in line at CVS and Publix together waiting to check out.


So, why are so many of older people going out, hitting the grocery store, Home Depot, and not changing their daily habits at all?  Do they not read the news; do they not see that they are the #1 vulnerable group in the world?  Do they not know that underlying health issues like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes ups your chances of death by hundreds of percent?


Yes, they do. Some old people want to die.

Many 34 to 55-year-old guys in America want to die.


This is not a morality story where they are right or wrong for feeling that way, that is just the facts. They want to die, and studies show if they have access to a “reasonable course of action, usually a gun”, then suicide rates go way up.  The study basically says, if someone doesn’t have an easy and quick way to kill themselves, they tend not to do it.  Coronavirus meet Fentanyl.


Getting old sucks.  That is why my Dad used to say to me and I had no idea what he was talking about.  You roll your ankle playing hoops as a kid, you are running on it a day later and walking it off.  Ask anyone over 45 about spraining an ankle and it is a 10-day recovery involving a day or two on crutches, ice packs, and a tightly wrapped ace bandage.


When your young, your back, knees, and hips feel great.  They are all fully lubricated joints with nice and tight tendons and ligaments.  Once you get older, you dehydrate. Your discs, your joints, your skin, pretty much the whole kit and kaboodle. Injuries don’t really heal all the way, you always have that arthritic knee or back from a fall or sports injury.  Ask anyone with chronic pain or a back issues how they feel at the end of the day or when a rainstorm is coming.  Back issues don’t heal, you just learn to live with the pain, and if it gets so bad you would rather be dead, they fuse your discs or give you opioids.  Then you get to go down that rabbit hole mentioned above.


For males, you don’t make testosterone after 30, so your energy, ability to lose weight, and vitality in general just go downhill.  Your workouts get cut down by 20% because you don’t have the energy or strength anymore.  You lose your hair, you no longer are attractive to younger people, you get a gut. Hence the massive ad spend by companies like "Low T" and other self proclaimed testosterone boosting agents and pills.  News flash from the doctors, unless you are getting a shot in the shoulder or butt of testosterone, the edible stuff isn't really doing anything.


Getting old sucks.


Getting really old, really sucks.


Ever been to a nursing home or senior living facility?  Some consider it worse than being dead, to the point some people put in their wills to “pull the plug, or put a pillow over my head the day before I have to in a nursing home”.  It is your last stop before death, you check in because you need help and loved ones can’t do it anymore.  You are just waiting to die in a nursing home, sharing a 10x10 room with another poor soul who is just waiting, or praying, to die.  Your life is getting up, eating meatloaf and watching TV.  Day after day, sick people all around you, some sane, some childlike, all waiting to die.  Once you check in, there is only one way out.


Do you think for a second that people living in nursing homes waiting for the great spirit to take them wouldn’t like to die?  Do you think they like living like this, hunched over, in wheelchairs, getting hand washed by nurses and eating pot roast everyday was the vision they had of going out?  A coronavirus in a nursing home would decimate the whole population, pull their inevitable deaths forward by months and years and get it all done in 2 weeks.  Am I wrong to say that if I was 75 and in a nursing home, I would secretly pray for the coronavirus to come and put an end to me?  What are my options, 15 more years in a home with a new roommate every few months, meatloaf and custard, and 15 hours of TV a day?


Some people just want to die.


Anxiety, hopelessness, stress, disappointment, despair, health, heartbreak are all reason rolled up into a big ball on why people no longer want to be on this earth. Right or wrong, that is how they feel and what they desire.


Some young people want to die, and they commit suicide.  Rockstars and people we feel have achieved the pinnacle of our dreams, want to die and kill themselves. Middle aged men and women are killing themselves at record pace right now.  Old people are in some sort of pain or discomfort every day, some may rather be dead.


Then why do normal everyday people go out and get Fentanyl for the first time and try it, knowing too much can kill you?  Why do old people ignore the coronavirus warnings and live their life as usual?  Probably because deep down, they want to go out on their terms, fuck the virus, I lived through WW1 and WW2.  It may get me now and I don’t mind because I am 80, but like hell it will stop me from getting my Miami Herald and rye bread at Publix this morning.  A final act of independence, or a final act of defiance, to all the younger generation Z and X’ers telling them how to live and act in their old age.


Some people would rather be dead right now in their journey, and that is okay.


As a society, we still have a hard time saying that.



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