Biden promises expungement
Biden promises expungement

Thanks, Now I Am Angry and High! - Joe Biden Promised to Expunge Marijuana Convictions, So Why Are We Still Waiting?

Joe Biden's forgetfullness of his campaign promises angers the masses

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Feb 1, 2022

Biden on weed expungement

“Forgetfulness” – a trait shared by those advanced in age and those that are stoned. Of course, the forgetfulness of a stoner only lasts while the euphoria is at its peak. Once the effects wane, you essentially recover your short-term memory. President Joe Biden is not a stoner yet sometimes it definitely seems like he is one with how much he seemingly tends to forget what he’s talking about while he’s talking.


If you haven’t seen the clips (which of course are compiled to emphasize this assumption) – you can check it out here. If you want to see why I thought stoners could empathize with the President due to “shared similar cognitive performance” both experience at times. You can see the evidence here. If you watch both of these videos, you’d easily be able to spot the overlap in behavior.


But why talk about these comparisons at all? Well. It seems that “B-high-den” forgot about his campaign promise in which he said, “As President I will decriminalize marijuana and automatically Expunge Marijuana Convictions”. You can get this clip directly from his Youtube Channel, where he talks about this promise. However, with more than a year into his presidency it seems that this critical promising point might have slipped his mind.


 The problem with this “gaffe” is that it’s pissing off a lot of people. This Reddit Post which received over 6,000 up votes and over 600 comments before the topic was closed by moderators illustrates some of that rage. The top commend with 1.8k up votes simply said, “Thanks, now I’m angry and high!”


Why are people angry at this? Because the Biden administration hammered this drum hard for people to vote for them.


“Under a Biden-Harris administration we will decriminalize the use of marijuana and automatically expunge all marijuana use convictions.


“This is no time for incrementalism.” – Kamala Harris (VIDEO EVIDENCE)


Many people are seemingly beginning to feel “voter’s regret” as many suffered with the previous administration. In essence, they are saying – “Maybe Bernie would have been better?”


Of course, you would never know because Bernie didn’t stick it through to challenge the status quo. He talked a big talk but when his party said, “Step down your Larry David looking motherfucker” he complied. And as a result, the momentum that he had built half-heartedly support the current administration. The “love” for the Biden-Harris administration isn’t high with latest polls suggesting that they are doing no better than Donald Trump did at this time during his presidency. The country doesn’t seem any more unified either so it doesn’t seem that the love for the administration is coming anytime soon.


The only person who’s fighting for legalization on the Democratic side is Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer who recently updated the people on his efforts. To give you the general gist of what he said, “We’re working on it and it should be ready soon-ish”.


Irrespective of the efforts from the Democrats, it seems that the Republicans are beginning to make more traction in the world of weed with a recent GOP bill backed by Amazon that would legalize cannabis federally and leave the options for states to opt in by themselves. This is essentially how they legalized alcohol post prohibition and seems to be a decent proposal.


If the Republicans do manage to legalize cannabis before the Democrats do, while President Biden is in office – you’re going to have a terrible issue of optics for the party. How would you be able to trust them to do anything if they have virtually all the support of the government to get things done – yet rather chose to blatantly ignore one of the slam dunk moves you could have done – legalize cannabis.


If Biden legalized weed, he would have been dubbed “B-High-Den” – the Democratic Party would have gained some serious points considering that cannabis is a non-partisan issue, and they would have eased the growing tension in the country. Yet if they blunder this opportunity, I don’t know how electable they would be in the next elections. The pendulum could swing entirely to the other direction. One thing is certain – we’re living in a volatile time where people’s emotions are running at full throttle.


The other day I decided to interact with posts on Twitter and I could viscerally feel the frustration, fear, and anxiety from the platform. Especially with all this Joe Rogan-Neil Young nonsense that’s happening, the US and Russia trying to revive old flings and of course the pandemic that’s been a thorn in humanity’s side for a few years now.


What the world desperately needs is events that bring us together. For a while I thought, “nobody would ever be in disagreement about the concept of freedom, after all who would vote in favor of limiting their own freedoms – and then the pandemic hit and my theories went to shit. However, there is seemingly one thing that unites the vast majority of the people, whether they smoke or not – cannabis.


People from all walks of life, all ages, all religions can get behind the idea that legalizing cannabis is a good thing for society. The vast majority of people have already accepted the fact that cannabis will become an integrated part of society. This is no longer a question of “If” but “When” and the reason why people are angry is because seemingly the people who would be spearheading the movement are doing everything but.


While stoners and the president might share similar cognitive performance when it comes to remembering things – stoners don’t have access to nuclear launch codes and don’t command the largest army in the world. Joking aside, I kind of feel bad for President Biden. If the rumors are true and he is suffering some sort of cognitive degeneration – high stress environments would be the worst possible thing you could do for that. On the other hand, if he’s completely cognitively sound – then he’s a jerk for backing out of his promises.



biden harris on cannabis reform






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