accidently cannabis consumption
accidently cannabis consumption

The Accidental Cannabis Consumption PSA - The Funniest Story You Will Read Today, Maybe, At Least Before 3PM.

If you accidently consumed a large amount of marijuana, don't panic, get the chips and dip.

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Chiara C on Saturday Aug 14, 2021

Accidental Cannabis Consumption – A Cautionary Tale of Hilarity

accidently ingesting cannabis


Often times I read about “accidental cannabis consumption” among children. The story goes that a toddler thought a cannabis infused gummy was a regular one, only to end up in the ER or poison control.


Of course, the odds of anyone receiving a fatal overdose of cannabis is virtually nonexistent. Nonetheless, you typically only consume cannabis “accidentally” by eating an edible – which means that instead of getting delta-9 THC, you’re getting 11-Hydroxy-THC, which is said to be 10 times more potent than the former.


When we’re talking about accidental consumption within children; humor seems to be missing from the equation.


However, there is another demographic that are also prone to accidental consumption – the elderly!


This article will deal with one such case where an elderly lady accidently consumed cannabis infused bread left by her son on the counter. What she thought was just your regular old banana bread turned out to be a bit more than she could stand.


 The best PSA for properly labeling your edibles


The video – that you can watch here – starts off with “mom” sending a video to her family. She starts off;


Hi Family, this is the worst thing I’ve ever done…Jim & I sliced a whole fucking slice of it…it said edible banana nutbread…I thought edible meant gluten free and I was trying to figure out if this was gluten free or not…anyway…it wasn’t…it wasn’t that good…but I still ate a whole slice…but then it sinks in…




From that moment, she begins to go from one emotional extreme to another.


Also, one bad effect that pot has on me is…PARANOIA…it’s scary, it hit me like a Fucking Sledgehammer…I don’t know if I should stand up…”


Except, after that we see the scene quickly cut to her being outside trying to show us the bag that she was eating…


“Maybe I only ate half a slice…or maybe I ATE A SLICE AND A HALF!”


However, according to her it’s the weirdest feeling…


It feels like LSD…not that I know what that feels like!”


I can tell you granny, it definitely does not feel like LSD. In fact, you’d probably be far more in your senses if it was LSD.


With Weed Becoming More Accessible…


While the video is drenched in comedy, it is important to also acknowledge that an unexpected edible trip can be a daunting experience.


Anyone who has ever eaten “one too many” will attest to the sheer power of an edible, and in all likeliness – that bread wasn’t weak by any stretch of the imagination.


Even if it was a “mild” bread, to someone who has never consumed cannabis, the trip can completely rattle their world.


Fortunately the accidental doper in the video remained calm, but what would have happened with someone who was “less chill” in their day to day.


I remember when my mom ate one too many brownies and even with her being prompted that it will be a trip, she didn’t have a good time.


Interestingly enough, when my mom tried LSD for the first time on her 60th birthday, she was far more in her body than with the cannabis.


A Horrific Cannabis Trip


One would think that a cannabis edible is pure joy, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Sometimes we have demons lurking underneath the surface, blind to their presence.


But get enough cannabis edible into your system and you can let the demons come out and play. While a seasoned psychonaut would know that the best thing to do in this situation is to simply eat some food, breathe slowly and acknowledge that whatever is happening “out there” is really just happening “in here”.


However, even experienced psychonauts need to acknowledge that it isn’t a very pleasant experience. I once was so drenched in weed that it took me almost 24 hours to get back to my senses. Thick tongued, heavy, and incapable of keeping my eyes open – a platter of brownies is definitely above my personal threshold.


How to Relax when you’re tripping major nutsack!


As mentioned, proper breathing is one of the best ways to remain calm while tripping. I personally like slow even breathing or you could try something like Box Breathing; both send a signal to the central nervous system to switch from sympathetic to parasympathetic.


Or in other words, from “Fight/Flight/Fear/Fold” to “Rest/Digest”.


When you’re tripping out, your mind will begin to play tricks on you. Thus, only focusing on the breath, feeling how your diaphragm expands and contracts, drinking plenty of liquids, and removing as many stimulants from your environment as possible is the best course of action.


Psychonauts have many sayings to get them through hard times, one of them being, “Whatever goes up, must come down!”


In the case of a cannabis edible, you can at max be tripping for a good six hours, but you’ll probably feel the intense peak about an hour to two hours after ingesting the edible.


All you need to do is get some coffee, perhaps take a warm shower, dim the lights and sit back and listen to some calming music.


Then – just breathe it out!


It’s that “simple” – but only on paper. Once you’re submerged into a cannabis hole of despair, it’s not as easily said than done. Nonetheless, you’ll be fine.


The Sticky Bottom line


If you’re going to be making edibles at home, be sure to label it properly. We know that kids sometimes do mistake infused edibles with regular candy – this is why properly storing your edibles is just as important.


However, remember that kids aren’t the only ones who might want a “slice of bread”, and thus properly labeling whether a piece of food will fuck you up is just the decent thing to do. Especially in a word where cannabis is becoming more prevalent and accepted as a means of relaxing.


Fortunately, no one was hurt during the making of the video. Perhaps your abdomen from excessive laughter.









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