vape pen essentials
vape pen essentials

The Essential Features to Consider When Buying a Vape Pen Today!

What are the "must-have" features of today's vape pens?

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jsp1073 on Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

Essential Features to Consider When Buying a Vape Pen?

vape pen essentials

Whether you are taking cannabis for your wellness or recreation, investing in a vape pen will be a smart move to make. Just like most people who have been reluctant about joining the vaping bandwagon, you will not look back once you give it a try.

The list of benefits is endless, with the convenience of consuming weed in public being top of the list. Finally, you can smoke weed discretely. Vaping is cost-effective, good for your lungs, and also allows you to enjoy the flavor more. 

To enjoy your experience with cannabis, however, you have to get a reliable vape pen. Here is a checklist to use when buying your vaping device.  

1. Vape carts

vape cartridge is a critical part of your vape pen. The kind of cartridge you choose will determine the experience you will get. For instance, a cartridge with an imbalanced THC and CBD ratio tends to bring about a more intoxication effect than one’s ratio is balance.

If you are new to vaping, getting confused and assuming they are all the same is easy. You can choose from two different categories; there are refillable and prefilled options. The prefilled cartridge comes with a prefilled liquid and is disposed of once used up. A refillable or reusable cartridge allows you to fill the cartridge with your choice of e-liquid manually. 

Other things you should look for in a cartridge for your vape pen are ease of use, versatility, and portability.

2. Long-lasting battery

When buying a vape pen, you picture a pen you can carry to a party or road trip. However, you are never going to enjoy the convenience of vaping if your batteries are always dead. Manual vape batteries are usually recommended as they have more power. They also allow you more control and come with a more extended cut-off period than the automatic batteries. 

Manual batteries also have longer life owing to their large size. Also, be keen on the battery capacity to get the best storage power. The higher the battery capacity, the longer it will take before it does.

3. Vape heating technology

You should also consider the heating technology of the device. The two main heating technologies for a vape pen are conduction and convection. Does the heating technology matter? The answer is yes.

The heating technology will determine the process of compound transfer and how much of it is transferred into the vapor. The main benefit of conduction vaporizers is the speed, as the compounds transfer quickly into vapor. 

On the other hand, convection vaporizers allow even heating and hence better quality of flavor and vapor. In addition, convection is considered the most efficient and purest heating technology. Therefore, before buying your vape pen, understand the pros and cons of the two heating technologies to make a pick that will serve you best.

4. Smart vape pen

When choosing your smart vape pens, keep intelligence in mind. Smart features will go a long way in enhancing your experience with the pen. For instance, a battery indicator will alert you if you need to connect it to charge. This will help you know when you are low and avoid surprises. 

The pen should also allow you to change your dose and automatically switch off when not in use. 

5. Design 

Design is a factor you want to consider when choosing a vape pen. There is a wide range of styles and designs to pick from. Take time to explore the different types available. If you are looking for a portable pen that can fit in your purse or pockets, you can go for a minimalist and simple design. 

You want to feel good while vaping, so take advantage of the availability of different colors and aesthetic features. 

6. Brand

The brand is an essential factor to consider when buying any item. It would be best if you purchased a vape pen from a reliable brand. This way, you will not encounter issues with the charging system or batteries. Buy your pen from a company that is known for outstanding quality.

Get referrals or check reviews and testimonials when buying products from new brands. If other customers had a positive experience with the products, you are highly likely to get an equally great experience. 

7. Single-use or multipurpose use

Another factor you have to consider when buying a vape pen is whether it is single-use or multipurpose. Single-use vape pens can only be used with one type of cannabis material. For instance, it may only be used with dry herbs or concentrate. 

Multipurpose use vape pens, on the other hand, can be used for more than one type of material. This does not only give you the flexibility and convenience of using the pen, but it also comes with cost benefits. You will enjoy the benefit of two different vape pen types at the price of one.

8. Warranty

If the company or vendor you are buying a vaping device from is willing to give you a warranty, this is a good sign. Note that brands that provide warranties are confident about the quality and performance of their products. 

Take time to read the fine print of the warranty, such as the claims. This way, you can comfortably spend your money knowing you have security, and you will get support if the device acts up.  

9. Availability of the vape parts

The main parts of a vape pen include the cartridge, the battery, atomizer, and sensors. As much as you have the warranty, the components may eventually wear out. This does not mean you have to throw the whole pen away. However, replacing the parts will be cheaper than replacing the entire pen.

Do some window shopping or research to check if replacement parts are readily available. This way, you can easily replace them and continue enjoying vaping. 

Take away

To get value for your money, you must keep the above considerations in mind when shopping. Buy from a reputable vendor and brand, choose a pen with long-lasting batteries and consider the heating technology. The checklist will help you get the right pen for you. 

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