hidden grow room behind shower
hidden grow room behind shower

The Most Legit Hidden Grow Room Ever - Italian Police Find a Mega Grow Behind a Shower

This may be the greatest hidden cannabis grow room in European history!

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Oct 15, 2019

The Most Legit Hidden Grow Room Ever

hidden cannabis grow rooms
Give that man an AWARD!


Over the years I have written about many different set ups for growing marijuana. From the $50 grow box to high-end rooms, I have spoken about how to set it up and how to get the most weed per square foot.


Despite the fact that the global attitudes on cannabis is shifting, most grow operations are still illegal. This is especially true in states or countries that do not have legal cannabis on the books. Due to this, people have become innovative in the way they hide their cannabis.


I’ve seen people plant cannabis plants in trees, using the canopy of the tree as cover from prying eyes. The method doesn’t produce a significant amount of bud, but you can easily hide six plants in plain sight – granted upkeep is a tad bit difficult.


Other people build cannabis grows in their closets, old computer cases, old refurbished fridges…you name it, it’s been done. The stealth grower community is proud of what they have achieved throughout the years, but I believe that we have finally discovered the “MOST LEGIT” stealth grow site thus far


The Italian Job


Police in Italy recently raided a hidden grow room that meets James Bond level ingenuity. The grow room was hidden in the shower. To access the grow room, there was a small door custom built in the shower wall. It’s not big at all, probably the size of a hobbit for comparison.


Push open the door however, and it’s like you stepped into the T.A.R.D.I.S (It’s bigger on the inside). Not only bigger, but industrial! From the video, which was posted on Sky News, showed a gigantic room filled with 500 potted plants, full on ventilation system, lights, insulation…you name it…this room had it.

cannabis grow rooms

Additionally, the police found a pistol and some ammunition within the 5400 square foot room, indicating that this was indeed a black market site. Nonetheless, for the person who envisioned this hidden grow room we can only applaud.


The police didn’t arrest anyone and it’s believed that the grow was discovered due to the fact that it was siphoning power illegally. This spike in energy consumption prompted an investigation, which ultimately lead to the raid that discovered the site. Others believed that someone had to snitch. The police has not revealed any information on the “how”.


People on the internet for the most part reveled in the fact that the person who decided to build the trap door in his shower – is a genius. Others decided to use this as an example as “why prohibition is a waste of taxpayer money”.


The only reason why this grow even made headlines was because the guy or gal who built this did it in such an ingenious way that people simply couldn’t refrain from talking about it.

If you watch the video – you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Grow Room Basics


For those of you who are inspired to build their own grow rooms, we’ll quickly run through some of the basics you’ll need to pull this off.


  1. Decide whether Single Chamber or Dual Chamber – It’s important to know this beforehand, as this will influence the building materials, space etc.


If Single Chamber – The Shower Grow Room used a single chamber set up, granted, the chamber was massive. In this instance, you’ll be going through the growing process from seed to harvest in the same space. You’ll need a strong enough light spectrum to be able to pull this off. The Shower Grow had powerful 400w HPS lights, which produce a lot of heat – of which the grower compensated with the extraction system.


If Dual Chamber – You’ll essentially build two rooms. The first room is dedicated to the vegetative state, as well as sprouting and cloning. You don’t need powerful lights here. A few CFL bulbs of 3000 lumens should do the trick. Once the plant reaches a specific point in maturity, you’ll move it to the second chamber (The Flowering Room). Here, you’ll need potent light sources to maximize yield. LED could work well in a small space as HPS will create too much heat. The difference between the rooms will come down to light source and light cycles.


Vegetative – 18-24 hrs light cycles
Flower – 12 hour light cycles.


If you’re going to be growing indoor, you’ll also need to have:


  • Ventilation
  • Odor Control (carbon filters)
  • Fertilizers + Flowering agents


I personally like the Dual Chamber approach the best, however it does increase the cost of building the system. However, once you have it set up, you can essentially “conveyer belt” your weed grows, planning cycles and you would be able to cross breed strains at will. A single chamber works for those who simply want to grow weed, but don’t have money or access to space.  Grow room safety is always a concern, so be smart, or else you will get caught quicker.


Nonetheless, the “MOST LEGIT” award will be in the hands of the “Italian Shower Grow” until something better comes along. What do you think…MOST LEGIT or not?








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