cannabis mushroom study for colon cancer
cannabis mushroom study for colon cancer

The Story Behind the Study Showing a Cannabis and Mushrooms Combo Can Kill 90% of Colon Cancer Cells

How one study can lead to more work in cannabis and mushrooms for cancer!

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Apr 21, 2022

colon cancer mushrooms and cannabis

Cannabis and Mushroom to Kill 90% of Colon Cancers…is another reason you need to start growing your own.


I like to grow…things. When I was a child, I grew crystals of all colors and sizes, I experimented with making my own fossils and at one time even accidently made some tear gas by mixing saltpeter and baking soda and I only started getting into plants when I was in my teens. Obviously, cannabis was the first plant I decided to grow on my parent’s roof.


My father didn’t like that and destroyed all my plants.


It would take a few years before I had my own place and could start growing cannabis without the fear of parents destroying the crops. Needless to say, I’ve been growing cannabis since then.


Over the past few years, I have been really getting into mycology. I’ve loved mushrooms since I was a small child (not the psychedelic kind), and I have a deep love for the organism. Not only are we more closely related to the Mushroom than we are to plants, but mushrooms seem to have a very positive impact on our overall health.


Of course, there are thousands of different species of mushrooms all over the world and not all mushrooms will heal you. Some might liquefy your internal organs, others get you high!


Unfortunately, research into mushrooms isn’t a mainstream as research into “how bad non-pharmaceutical drugs are for you” and as a result, we missed out on life saving therapies and natural remedies that outperform pharma on every level.


One country that has been leading the charge in all “alternative drug investigations” is Israel which recently released some new research indicating that a unique combination of some mushrooms and cannabis killed up to 90% of colon cancers.


The research comes from Cannabotech, which discovered the unique combination and considering that survival rate of colon cancer is about 65%, it seems that this discovery could save millions of lives.


Results showed that Cannabotech’s Integrative-Colon products composition is significantly more effective than each cannabinoid individually, and there is a strong synergy between the active ingredients. These results reinforce Cannabotech’s claim that to achieve effective treatment in the oncology field, it is necessary to build a defined, accurate and science-based formula, which cannot be obtained in any cannabis strain that exists in nature. - Source


The specific mushroom used in the research is the Trametes Mushroom, or commonly referred to as the Turkey Tale Mushroom due to the coloring and shape of the caps. Researchers extracted a thing called PSK.


“Polysaccharide K (PSK) is the best known active compound in turkey tail mushrooms. In Japan, PSK is an approved mushroom product used to treat cancer.” According to

Asian countries  have been using these mushrooms for centuries and its only in the west where the reliance on pharmaceuticals are so pronounced.


It’s important to note that the mushrooms in the research where bred to have higher levels of PSK in them.


Anti-Cancerous Shrooms and Anti-Cancerous Cannabis FTW!


We have long known that cannabis possesses anti cancerous properties and has been used in extract form to treat several types of tumors. Many people have completely rid themselves of cancer using things like RSO, or even just eating raw cannabis strains to obtain the cannabinoid acids.


Of course, if you claim “cannabis kills cancer” you’ll probably be fact checked into the next millennium by the “Ministry of Truth”…i.e “Pharma paid fact checkers”.


Nonetheless, there are thousands of patients who have had their cannabis completely disappear with cannabis alone and by combining other anti-cancerous foods like mushrooms to the mix…you might just be doing the best thing for your health in protecting you against cancers.


Both THC and CBD kills certain types of cancers in vitro. The mechanism it uses is called “Apoptosis” which basically instructs the cancer cell to consume itself. Essentially the cannabinoids encapsulates the cell and restricts it from feeding. As a result, the cell is forced to feed on itself and in turn dies.


This isn’t always the case. While cannabis does have anti cancerous properties, it’s not a guarantee that it will kill all types of cancers. Perhaps this is why you cannot claim “cannabis kills cancer” as a generalized statement – but it sure as hell has some very positive impact for the patient.


Nonetheless, it seems that these natural and suppressed treatment options have been kept from society to keep them sick. After all, Pharma is not in the business of making people better…they are in the business of selling meds to the ill. For Pharma’s bottom line – it’s better that you are sick because it means you keep on buying their product.


Perhaps this is why the “medicine” sold to us by Pharma typically tend to have more side effects than the disease it’s trying to cure. Then you’d need a pill to fight the side effects of the pill. Ca-ching!


This is why the major pharmaceutical companies advocated for decades against the legalization of cannabis. How can you maintain a monopoly on medicine when everyone is allowed to grow their own?


Pharma knew the answer – you can’t!


Start Growing your own medicine today!


I began my journey with growing “stuff” since I was small. However, as I became more invested in growing cannabis I realized that this should not just be a hobby. Every house should have a few cannabis plants growing naturally in their gardens.


We should be harvesting leaf and putting it into our salads, we should make smoothies from raw flower. We should be able to take our plants, extract it and utilize it in any way we see fit.


Instead, we have a federal government that has been stalling legalization for the past decade. More Americans are in favor of cannabis than any of the past five presidents combined. Cannabis is even more popular than Obama…and he was one “liked” president.


Therefore, since we know that there is a system in place that caters to the whims of pharma. If you don’t believe me, just see how many of your “representatives” own stocks in the companies they are supposed to regulate.


These are only the ones we know about.


If we truly understood that the government you think you know, isn’t the government you get – you’d easily realize that following their “rules” is for your own detriment.


I’m not saying go out and riot, I’m saying that you should stop looking to them for “permission” to be free. They don’t represent you and thus, you should place your own health and the health of your family above the whims of the government.


If you live in a place that is still on the prohibition side of things, it becomes a little more complicated to just grow weed. You’d have to be stealth about it.


However, cultivating mushrooms is a lot easier. Turkey Tail requires dead tree stumps to grow and you can see thousands of tutorials by expert mycologists show you how.


In fact, learning to grow mushrooms and weed is a skill that can save your life during an economic depression. This is because both are inexpensive to do and become vital sources of nutrition during a time when food becomes scarcer.


Not to mention, the feeling of watching your stuff grow is just on another level.


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