top cannabis products 2022
top cannabis products 2022

The Top Cannabis-Based Products in 2022 - Who Made the List?

What are some of the best new cannabis products on the market in 2022?

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Nanci Chi-Town on Thursday Aug 18, 2022

2022 cannabis products

The Top Cannabis-Based Products In 2022

Cannabis has a range of health benefits derived from components of the plant. CBD oil creates therapeutic products without the high associated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Alternatively, THC products can gift the brain and body relaxation, which can help to alleviate physical pain and mental conditions. You can buy cannabis products in creams, oils, gummies, vapes, and much more. If you’re interested in exploring this world, you can find the top cannabis-based products of 2022 below.


Why Use Cannabis-Based Products?

Cannabis is a natural remedy that is proven to help relieve pain, nurture healthy skin, and alleviate symptoms of mental conditions. People enjoy using CBD products because it offers the benefits of full THC but without the associated high. CBD has made its way into many different areas including beauty products, which is one of the reasons for its rise in popularity. As well as the many health benefits of cannabis-based products, its use has been endorsed by high-profile celebrities including Kim Kardashian, who is renowned for setting trends.

Eagle Moon Assorted Fruit Gummies - Delta 8

Delta-8 gummies elevate the CBD experience by providing a clear-headed and productive experience. We suggest getting your assorted fruit gummy fix from the Eagle Moon Hemp CBD Wholesale program, which will help you make incredible savings in the long run. As well as having a great taste, these gummies have an equal balance of Sativa and Indica.

Tropic Mango Gummies - Delta 10 + HCC

TRĒ House manufacture some of the greatest gummies on the market, including these Tropic Mango Gummies, which are rated delta 10 and contain hydrogen. This means that they provide a gradual increase in mood, and they’re less likely to get you high when compared to delta 9 THC products. Every serving of these gummies contains a sizeable 2mg of THC-0 and will be extremely potent when consumed in high quantities - you’ve been warned.

Lemon Jack Sativa Vape - THC-0

Keeping on the TRĒ House train, Lemon Jack Sativa Vape pens are an excellent product, and they come in different strengths ranging from D8 to D10. The appeal of this pen is the combination of zest and sweet cannabis, which has us coming back for more. Further, in comparison to the average vape pen, you will get an extra 500+ puffs, which means your money is stretching further.

Medusa THCP Cartridge

With a name like Medusa, there’s no surprise this THCP product has made the list. Every part of this product is appealing, from the packaging to the great flavor. When it comes to the high, these cartridges provide a calming effect that will bring out the social butterfly inside. This brand comes in different flavors including Zour Tangie, Black Cherry Gelato, and Apples and Bananas. The high you receive will depend largely on the ratio of Indica and Sativa.

Saha Self-Care Nano CBD Softgels

Cannabis products aren’t all about getting high, with CBD coming in capsule form as well, and the Saha Self-Care Nano CBD Softgels are among the best on the market. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD, which makes it perfect for people familiar with CBD. What makes these capsules interesting is the nanoemulsion technology used during manufacturing, which makes the CBD more absorbable. If you enjoy this product, you can benefit from great savings online through their “subscribe to save” program.

Medterra Pain Relief Cream

Extensive research has shown that CBD can relieve aches and pains, which is why we’ve included this Medterra Pain Relief Cream, which you can buy over the counter. The cream, which is non-genetically modified, is made in the US and approved by the FDA, which increases its trust score. However, if organic products are a priority, you should be aware that this cream contains on-organic hemp. When you shop for this product online, you can earn discounts through loyalty and bundle offers, which are great for chronic joint pain sufferers.

Unoia CBD-Infused Fruit Gummies

Unoia is an affordable vegan gummy with a potency of 10mg, which is relatively low. Flavors include grape, lemon, and orange, which aren’t the most appealing. However, you won’t find any artificial colorings, which is a priority for some buyers. Owned by a diverse group of people, the Unoia brand is dedicated to promoting a lifestyle of self-care and mindfulness, which we fully support.

Joy Organic CBD Oil

Joy Organic CBD Oil prizes itself for brand transparency, which is why you can view the entire growing procedure on its website. The benefits of this potent oil, which contains full-spectrum CBD, are said to encourage a sound sleep during restless nights. The cost of this product is significantly higher than others on this list, but they provide regular discounts to medical staff, teachers, veterans, people on a low income, and first responders, making it accessible to much of the population.

Hempz CBD Conditioner

Research suggests that CDB helps to promote healthier hair, which brings us to Hempz CBD Conditioner. A healthy combination of tea tree and CBD helps to nourish strands and leave hair looking revitalized. The nutrients found in CBD make this product a winner, with the power of reaching deep into the scalp to repair dead skin.

Kush Queen Bath Bombs

Relaxing in a warm bath is relaxing enough on its own, but when you throw in a Kush Queen bath bomb you’re writing relaxation an open invitation. The Kush Queen brand is renowned for blending herbal tea products with 25mg of CBD, which helps to reduce inflammation and fight harmful bacteria on the skin.

Milk Makeup

Milk’s expertise lies in CBD-infused waterproof mascara, which is a must-have product for cannabis enthusiasts. In a similar way to other parts of the body, the CBD in this makeup range helps to nourish lashes and leave them looking fuller.


Cannabis-based products have a range of health benefits ranging from relieving mental stress to reducing joint paint. There are many different products available, and they all have different potency levels and strain build-ups, which contributes to the effectiveness of the product. To unlock the health benefits of cannabis, you should try the products outlined above.

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