spotify marijuana play list
spotify marijuana play list

The Top Dankest Spotify Playlists to Light Up a Joint and Just Relax

Got a Spotify playlist that is perfect for smoking a doobie to?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Aug 4, 2021

Top Dankest Spotify Playlist You Should Totally Smoke To

marijuana song Spotify playlist

Whenever you look for “Marijuana Music” or “Stoner Songs” online – odds are you’ll run into three main genres; Reggae, Rap and Stoner Rock.

However, today I aim to change that a bit by introducing a few new Playlists to people who are looking for good music to listen to while getting high.

Now to be clear, these playlists might not be explicitly about weed but rather are playlists that you will find thoroughly enjoyable when smoking some dank.

I think it’s important to expand the musical knowledgebase of our “younglings” because most of the modern “stoner music” is simply a rehash of greats from a long time ago.

I will also include a few playlists that do contain rap and reggae, but all in all – the purpose of this post is to diversify your musical exposure by showing you the Dankest Spotify Playlists I could find.


Stoner Tracks for Everyone

The first on our list is a Playlist followed by almost 30k people and for a good reason – in fact, the same reason why I wrote this article.

This playlist only boasts about 50 songs, and was added way back in 2013 [with no new uploads since]. Thus, you won’t be finding new songs on this playlist, but the songs that are added on this playlist definitely is something worth your time.

Containing songs from Cab Calloway, Tom Petty, Radiohead, and many more – it’s definitely a playlist you can ‘press play’ on and sit back while smoking a big fatty contemplating the good things in life.


The Mind Tripper’s Playlist

Now if you’re looking for over 24-hours of handpicked music that will hit your eardrums right on the “sweet spot”  - then the Mind tripper’s playlist is for you!

There is no one way to define this playlist – it’s got a bit of everything. It’s got rap, it’s got reggae, it’s got stoner-rock, but it’s also got funk, psychedelic, old school, new school and every school in between.

If you want to have a playlist that will continually provide you awesome tunes to listen to – the Mind Tripper is the way to go.

Even better still is that this playlist is updated weekly, with new tracks being added every week. As of writing this article, the playlist sits at 348 songs, and contain artists from Andrew Bird, De Staat, Sublime, Beastie Boys, Prince, Dopapod and many more.

Subscribe to this playlist if you like to toke up and trip out…put it on shuffle, every time will be something different.


The Stoner Playlist

The description to this playlist reads; A list created by me years ago before spotify! Friends & random people who smoked with me got the question:"which song is your stonertune?"

With almost 400 stoner tunes to pick from, we can safely say that this is another solid playlist. Not all of the music here are explicitly about weed either. Containing bands like Gorillaz, Manu Chao, pretty much all the stoner rappers – we can say that the Stoner playlist is a bit more “rap oriented”.

Nonetheless, it’s got some flavor to it.

If you like a diverse set of music, the Mind Tripper is probably a better choice, however – if you dig rap and want to have a solid list of reggae + rap music that will go down smoothly with your next joint, subscribe to the Stoner Playlist.


420 Psychedelic Weed Marijuana Songs

Perhaps the most “try hard” list on our list today – the 420 Psychedelic Weed Marijuana Songs contain 420 songs about…well, weed and marijuana.

As expected with most lists, there’s a heavy emphasis on rap, however – there’s also a great deal of Pink Floyd, Simon & Garfunkel and other legendary band titles.

This is definitely a good list, even though I feel they “tried too hard” with the excessive weed-terms in their title. I mean, sheesh!

Nonetheless, you’ll find yourself enjoying these on a good edible.


[Weed Playlist]

If you’re looking for another diverse playlist like the “Mind Tripper” from before, then the Weed Playlist seems to check all the boxes. It’s a got a diverse selection of tracks with about 14-hours of good music.

This has some very long wavy sounds in the mix, great for when you’re so high you can barely keep your thoughts together.

This is not your typical stoner playlist, so you’ll definitely find a few nuggets of awesomeness in this playlist.


Trippy/Psychedelic Playlist

Cannabis is “technically” a psychedelic, meaning that any “psychedelic” music playlist should work for when you’re having a sesh.

Some of the music may be a bit “too trippy” for some people, but if you’re tripping out on a 1000mg brownie, this playlist might be exactly what you are looking for!

With obvious classics like Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, and so on – this playlist does have some chill vibes that mesh well with a solo-smoke session.

If you’re wanting to get lost in your thoughts, paint, or just sit back and enjoy some good music – check out this playlist!


The Sticky Bottom Line

When you typecast yourself into a particular music genre – your brain gets stale. Of course, there’s no science to back up my claims, but it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to conclude that if you’re receiving “similar waveforms over time”, that your neurons would wire within a particular structure.

You become less “Plastic”.

While being less plastic is a good thing in a social context, it’s terrible on a neurological level. It means you are firing on “autopilot” most of the time.

So why not become a bit more plastic, and diversify your musical selection by subscribing to these Dank playlists that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Are there any playlists that you have found particularly Dank? Why not share it with the rest of us by dropping a link into the Comment Section!





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