Dank Cannabis in Canada
Dank Cannabis in Canada

Top Rated Dispensary for Weed Delivery in Canada - Dank Cannabis

What is the top rated weed delivery dispensary in Canada according to Google?

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The marijuana industry is legalized in Canada on a national scale. This has allowed for dispensaries and weed delivery services to now exist, and available to people within the legal age of 18 and over. There are a ton of THC and CBD products available for sale, making this country a desirable location for weed tourist. Today we are going to share one of the most highly rated dispensaries located in Calgary, and Alberta, Canada. They offer same-day delivery for people who live in these areas. Also, available is mail order marijuana for those who live in Alberta, Canada.


Highly Rated on Google

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The Dank dispensaries have already accumulated a reputation on Google with the reviews left by their customers. Reading through them will quickly paint a picture of great customer service, and a vast selection of cannabis strains. A lot of people wrote positive reviews about their outstanding customer service too. The majority of their reviews are positive, and highlight a ton of reasons to make it your next cannabis store to visit. There is also a lot of tourist that can be seen throughout the reviews with a ton of positive comments, and 5 stars. People visiting from California have claimed it feels just like the dispensaries from their home. The cannabis store menu’s are available on their website, Dank.ca


Cannabis Smoking Accessories 

Browse their massive menu and find a ton of products to smoke cannabis, such as pre-rolled cones, pipes, bongs, and a lot more. The most common way to smoke cannabis is via a joint, which requires rolling up, or stuffing a pre-rolled cone. People who are brand new to smoking cannabis typically opt for pre-rolled cones because they are easier to use. All that is required is grounding up the cannabis into tiny little pieces, and filling up the pre-rolled cone. These are also known as joint cones, and are the most popular cannabis smoking accessory after rolling papers. Using rolling papers requires understanding how to roll, which does require learning how. 


Find Popular Cannabis Strains for Sale

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Looking for a specific cannabis strain is easy at the Dank marijuana stores in Canada. They truly have a wide range of cannabis strains available that are well known, and include sought out options available in California. Canada legalized marijuana in 2018, and since has grown in a similar direction as California when it comes to the type of marijuana strains available. These cannabis options have different desirable effects from consumers. They also have a ton of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD options. They label the type of marijuana for sale, so people can quickly understand the effects. We will explain further about the available options below for those who are inexperienced, cannabis users.


Indica Strains

If you're looking for more of a body high, instead of a mind-altering experience, indica options are recommended. They will still provide a mild mind high, but will mostly focus on relaxing your muscles, and helping you get ready for bed. A lot of people will smoke indica strains before going to sleep for its sedative effects. Another reason for smoking indica type of cannabis is to increase your appetite. People who have a difficult time eating will find it easy after taking a few hits of some indica dominated strains. Typically, this type of cannabis has dark colors like purple, and blue. But there are some that are green color too, with the same effects. 

Sativa Strains

People who need help focusing, or a boost of energy similar to coffee, will pick Sativa strains to smoke. Sativa strains are typically green, and have orange hairs. They are known for providing the most mind-altering effects, too, so beginner cannabis smokers should not smoke a lot during one session. However, with just the right about, the experience of Sativa cannabis strains are delightful for those who need to focus on work, or a movie. Discover a huge selection Sativa strains on their cannabis menu!

Hybrid Strains

A mix of Sativa and Indica are known as Hybrid strains! There is an argument in the cannabis community that every single cannabis strain are hybrids. They claim It's difficult to find pure sativa and indica strains after they have been crossed many times over. However, these type of cannabis strains are known for providing more of a balance of the effects from Sativa, and indica. There are some Hybrid strains that may have more Sativa than Indica, and vise versa. Also discover Hybrid cannabis strains that have an exact 50 ratios of each type. Nonetheless, hybrid strains are some of the most popular because they provide the effects of both Sativa and Indica.

CBD strains

Most cannabis strains have a bit of CBD found in them, however those that are dominated in it will not provide the same type of high. Pure CBD strains are sought out for their effects to provide pain relief, improve your mood, and much more. There are a ton of medical studies about the effects of CBD that are showing promise for neuroprotective properties, too. Discover CBD products such as oils that can be applied directly or ingested, depending on the type available for sale. This cannabinoid also works alongside with THC, providing additional benefits when used together, known as full spectrum. Discover CBD gummies that come in precise dosages, too.


THC Edibles 

Another way to enjoy cannabis is by eating THC infused foods, drinks, and candies. Find exact dosages of THC and CBD available at the Dank dispensaries in Canada. Every product is lab tested to ensure accuracy with the dosage amounts. There are different dosages available ranging from the typical 5 mg up to 100 mg. Edibles provide a different feeling compared to smoking cannabis too. They are popular for aiding in sleep, and pain relief. They provide a mild altering effects too, the higher the dosage will determine the intensity. People who are new to edibles should start off with the smallest dosage possible.


Cannabis Concentrates for sale

A lot of cannabis smokers are interested in concentrates because they are much more potent. You will find a ton of options available at these cannabis stores too. They have a ton of types too, such as shatter, sugar waxes, and more. Smoking concentrates can be done by adding them to your cannabis, or smoking them via a dab rig. Another great feature with these cannabis stores is the ability to buy dab rigs in case you don’t have one. They even sell rolling papers in case you just want to roll up your bud and mix it with hash. 


Order Weed Online In Canada

Next we are going to talk about how easy it is to place an order from the Dank.ca dispensaries. They have an amazing website that looks great, and is easy to navigate too. Simply go to the location page which you will be placing an order from, and you can arrange for pickup, or mail order if you live in Alberta, Canada. 


Car Delivery (2 hours or less delivery time guaranteed)

Another option is same-day delivery for those who do not want to leave their home, or hotel. Its possible to place an order on their website, and have it dropped off by a staff member via car. Orders are typically completed within an hour to a few hours depending on how busy they are, but will provide updates on your order. Expect a professional experience and packaged cannabis products upon their arrival. Reading through their Google reviews shows a lot of happy customers with their same-day delivery service. Quickly verify your age using their instant verification process online too! 


Cannabis Store Discounts

This cannabis shop offers first time customers promotional savings, these are typically changing, so make sure to visit their website to find out which is active at the moment. They also have a free membership for their customers that comes with promotional discounts from time to time! They also send out emails from time to time with discounts too! Join their free club today, and save!


Cannabis Laws in Canada

Adults 18 years and older can purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary in either Alberta, or Calgary, Canada. Buying cannabis via an online for mail delivery is only available in Alberta during this time. However, same-day delivery via a mobile is available everywhere in Canada. An identification to prove your age is required during the buying transaction. The possession amount is subject to province, the legal amount is 30 grams of dried cannabis allowed. It's also sill illegal to drive after smoking cannabis, or while smoking it. Only 4 plants can be legally cultivated of cannabis in Alberta.  Its also not allowed to smoke in public places. Cannabis can only be purchased at a licensed dispensary, too.


Nonetheless, if you're visiting Canada or a resident, it's best to smoke in a private property such as your home. This will avoid any problems with the laws in Canada. 

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