vaping teen marijuana use
vaping teen marijuana use

Vaping Linked to Teen Marijuana Use? Why are Teens Allowed to Vape, Again?

Vaping cartridges contain large amounts of nicotine, so why blame weed?

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Aug 19, 2019

Vaping Linked to Teen Marijuana Use? WTF are you allowing teens to vape?!?teen vaping marijuana

I know this article won’t sit well with the younger demographic, but lately I’ve been bombarded with a “new study” that allegedly finds that e-cigarette vaping is linked to “higher teen marijuana use”.

The study essentially “uncovered” that teens who vape are more likely to try cannabis later on in life. I’m not here to dispute their findings and it actually kind-of-makes sense that they would. The real question I have for all the parents of those teens that are vaping is; “Why THE FUCK are you allowing your kid to vape?”

This is an important question in a world where “what about the children” reigns supreme in stifling adult recreational activities. As a society, we often limit what adults can do under the guise of protecting the children. Yet, for some reason that isn’t applicable to e-cigarettes.


Even if it doesn’t have nicotine

Some might argue that the “e-juice” their kid is consuming doesn’t contain nicotine and thus is not a problem. However, if you ever ask a smoker about cigarette addiction, they’ll tell you that the ‘psychological element’ is far worse than the physical addition.

You see, quitting cigarettes takes about 1-3 days of peak withdrawal symptoms, and then between 3-4 weeks it decreases significantly. However, even after this period there is still a psychological hold that can least for years and even decades.

The action of putting something in your mouth, inhaling the smoke and exhaling by itself is therapeutic and can help decrease anxiety and so forth.

As someone who has gone through the hell that is quitting smoking cigarettes, I still feel cravings every now and then and it’s been years since I smoked my last cigarette.

In relation to teens, who by all accounts are kids, I don’t understand their “need” for vaping. There is no justifiable excuse you can come up with for “kids to be vaping”. It’s not medical and is purely recreational or ego-centric.

Unless of course, the kid is vaping THC/CBD for medical purposes…then by all accounts let them vape!

However, most of the kids out there aren’t vaping for medical reasons. They either do it to be “cool” or as a “recreational escape”.

However, the repetitive nature of their vice psychologically wires their brain for similar activities. Of course a kid who vapes will be more likely to smoke weed when the opportunity presents itself. According to “teen-logic”, if it feels good and its similar “I’m gonna do it!”


It always comes down to education

When teenage tobacco consumption was a problem, society responded by creating programs to properly educate people on cigarettes. It took a few decades, but tobacco consumption in the United States is at an all-time low for people under the age of 18. We can’t say the same for the rest of the world, however, the education-approach seemed to have worked quite well.

Cannabis has only recently become a mainstream topic. For nearly a century the topic was demonized and the only education was propaganda created by the state.

In states that have legalized recreational cannabis (such as Colorado); they have implemented educational programs for kids, and despite the availability of cannabis to adults, teen consumption has remained stagnant, and in some cases a decline can be noticed.

The same can’t be said for e-cigs. Granted, it’s a fairly “new” technology and the expansion of the market was quite rapid. However, coming back to my original point about “WTF is wrong with parents who let their kids vape?”

You’re essentially creating a “smoking simulation” for the youngster. I truly don’t think that any kind of vaping device should be sold to children. We frown on the idea of a teen buying a bong as the intention behind the device is quite clear.

A vaping device will only teach your kid about the dynamics of inhaling a substance and having a physiological reaction to the substance. It feels good. How can you expect a teen denying weed if it makes them feel even better?


Not trying to be “that guy”

For those who read my material, you know I’m a liberal dude. I could give two-shits what you put in your body. If you want to inject a fat glob of heroin right now, I say, “Go to town!” (I wouldn’t)

However, when it comes to “teens” society plays by ‘special rules’. They can’t drink, drive, work or even go to war. They can’t smoke or gamble or see flesh in strip clubs. These are all considered “adult” activities.

From a very liberal-minded perspective, I would classify “vaping” as another “Adult Activity” and find it absolutely astonishing that anyone would argue differently. Hell, we don’t even make those cigarette candies they had in the late 80s and early 90s anymore, simply because it mimicked the idea of smoking.

We can’t label cannabis edibles to be “attractive for kids”, but fuck it…LET’M VAPE! Sometimes, society baffles the mind.









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