Stoned Cats vs. Blazed Cats
Stoned Cats vs. Blazed Cats

Weed NFTs - The Battle Between Stoned Cats and Blazed Cats is a Pushback on Celebrity Cannabis Cash Grabs

Cannabis NFT's first battle is over who should be seeing profits from Weed NFTs

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Sep 16, 2021

Weed NFTs - The Battle Between Stoned Cats and Blazed Cats is a Pushback on Celebrity Cannabis Cash Grabs

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One of the most striking facts about the marijuana market is that it can successfully intermingle with many other industries at the same time. So many people now find it easy to have conversations about marijuana and cryptocurrencies because people seek additional payment gateways that make their weed purchase seamless. 


But this article is not about how you can pay for weed using crypto. It is about Blazed Cats' role in controlling the Weed NFT space while doing good work with mental health. 


The Weed NFT space

Now you are wondering what "NFT" means. NFT is the abbreviated form of the word "Non-fungible," meaning it is so unique that it cannot be changed for something else. To explain this, think about Bitcoin; now Bitcoin is a fungible thing which means you can trade it for another of its kind (another Bitcoin). 


After exchanging the Bitcoin, you will also get the exact thing in return. But if you had a rare transaction card that is entirely different, you will get something different when you trade it. NFTs belong to the Ethereum blockchain, and Ethereum is a crypto coin, just as you have Bitcoin. 


However, the Ethereum blockchain supports the NFTs, saving extra data that agree that they work differently from the Ethereum coin. So NFTs can be anything from music to art pieces, and there is so much excitement about it because it is also a way of using tech to auction digital art. 


The weed NFT sector reflects the innovation that allows people to make money through 'Weed themed NFTs". Within the focus on such NFTs is the excitement that the funds raised by Blazed Cats to support Mental Health charities are a good move. 


In a chat with Rug, a crypto enthusiast and a Blazed Cats project team member, he shares how he went all-in with NFTs. He asserts that he first encountered NFT through "Crypto Punks," "Crypto Kiddies," and other cat themes. 


At the start of the New Year, Rug went all-in with NFTs and when NFTs increased in early spring and late winter. In comparing his focus on NFTs and his time with cryptocurrencies, he maintains that the difference was the entry barrier.


He believed so much in NFT and liked the industry, which prompted him to quit his job, birthed the NFT Figs. Although he also maintained that NFT Figs are was too prompt for the marketplace, he sees several concepts from the Figs gathering steam. 


The Blazed Cats giving back

If you are a fan of the JPEG scene, you must have seen the new breed of Cats. The cats (also called Stoner Cats) were created within 24 hours to answer a celeb cash grab venture. Soon enough, Blazed Cats became a benevolent entity that has donated more than $215,000 to Mental Health America in its first two weeks of its existence.


The Stoner Cats, an NFT-funded show supported by the actress, Mila Kunis, has gotten a lot of superb voice talents such as Seth McFarlane and Chris Rock. The Blazed Cats came to be after someone posted a Twitter thread insinuating that the new concept of the Blazed Cats can be built overnight. 


Before that Twitter thread, the team had never worked together on a venture and decided to go ahead. The objective was accomplished within 16 hours, and now Blazed Cats has done over one million dollars worth of transactions. So the $215,000 given to Mental Health America was from 25% of that amount.

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Additionally, they have pledged 100% of future royalties to the same mental health organization. Thus far, the donation is up to a quarter of a million dollars, and from the reports shown, the charity will get up to three times bigger the amount of money than all the team members.


Rug believes that the process of achieving their objective and making money for charity also birthed a moment when progress for the NFT space can be demanded. Rug and his team believe that if they could achieve something this impactful within 24 hours, one can imagine what more can be done in the NFT space. 


A member of the team is 13 years, and most of the other members didn't realize this fact at first. The 13-year-old was just like a random individual in the chat room until his age was revealed. This is an example of how someone can be relevant in a sector without having what many will call "the qualifications." 


Rug maintains that the 13-year-old works even better than most of the individuals in the team he had to hire and fire. The father of the 13-year-old was also entirely on board with the work his child was doing and was happy with the project. 


The significance of Blazed Cats giving back to Mental Health America

After the initial success of the Blazed Cats venture and its continued success, the team could have decided to give back to any other organization but choose mental health. Their choice is even more heartfelt given how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the mental health of millions of Americans. 


Many people were stuck at home separated from friends and family, contributing to high rates of depression. About 56% of young adults from 18-24 had symptoms of depressive disorder and anxiety. These young people need help, and with organizations like Mental Health America, counseling and other forms of support for mental health issues can be easily accessible.


But Mental Health America needs funding to function hence why the Blazed Cats donation is timely and essential. Once again, an organization associated with the weed industry contributes to solving America's problems.  


Bottom Line 

Many great things are happening within the weed industry. It is such a delightsome moment to see these positive events when some Americans are still suspicious of marijuana. The Blazed Cats commanding the weed NFT space and empowering mental health institutions is an excellent example of what can happen when a sector is allowed to flourish. 


Although weed NFTs are still mysterious for many people, it's only a matter of time before they get used to it. Until then, the Blazed Cats continues with its excellent work and shows the world that anyone can make a positive impact from anywhere and with anything.





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