vape pens trends
vape pens trends

What are the Biggest Trends in Vape Pens We've Seen This Year?

What are nicotine salts, pods, flavors, and sleek pens in the vape market this year?

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Oct 8, 2020

The Biggest Trends in Vape Pens We’ve Seen This Year

vape pens trends

The cannabis market has gone on a very rapid expansion over the past couple of years and the vape market has played a huge role in this growth. The legalization of recreational cannabis in many places has led to the development of newer products to meet up with the growing demand of users. This has led to increased popularity and the emergence of new trends which are steadily being adopted by everyone no matter their age or culture. It has now gotten to the point where users look out for the next big innovation, gadget, trend, etc in the cannabis industry. To live up to these expectations and expand the market, more innovations and newer trends are being introduced by manufacturers who pay special attention to their consumers’ needs. In this article, I'll briefly talk about the biggest trends in vape pens this year. Read on!


The Biggest Trends in Vape Pens So Far


Slim and Efficient Is The New Cool

The idea of things getting bigger as time passes do not apply to the vape pens that are recently being made. Instead, they are getting smaller and more compact thus creating a stylish look to it despite retaining its best features. These slimmer vape pens are now the in-thing as many enthusiasts get it not only for the purpose of taking it on short trips but also as classy and great accessories for the stylish person who needs it on the go. No longer is the big space-taking vape accessory, now we have newer, more efficient, slimmer models that are quite easy to take around and use arguably anywhere.

A Plethora of Flavors to Choose From

There is a large variety of flavors of e-liquid available for anyone interested in being adventurous. These new flavors being available saves users from the drudgery of getting vaper's tongue (feeling the vape juice is bland as a result of getting used to a particular flavor). It is often feared especially by governments that more youngsters would take up vaping due to the availability of more flavors. This unproven notion accounts for why there are more restrictions and tightened measures on vaping equipment and flavors. With time and proper education we can only hope these restrictions will be slowly relaxed and users and producers involved in the vaping market will be free to operate unencumbered.

vape wifi pods

Making Vape Pods Smarter

What would you think about making your vape pods smarter, Its cool right? Well, the internet of things (IoT) has made it so much easier for everyone such that everything can be connected to your gadgets (yes, including your now smart vape pods). This means that once you download the requisite app on your smartphone, you can control and make adjustments to your vape pods as long as there’s WiFi or Bluetooth connection. You can use it to keep track of your nicotine consumption, control power output and so on. These features are now being made available on desktop vaporizers and vape pods which can be placed around to tap into the Wifi connection. It is the perfect accessory for the vaping and gadget enthusiast as it allows for a combination of both interests in one device. This newer models are now dominating the market and users are absolutely loving it.

Quality Assurance

In response to the constant emergence of new trends that are constantly being anticipated, we should keep in mind that we will be seeing more regulations/laws regarding the safety of newer products especially when any malfunctions or disruptions occur with the product. This means that government agencies will be keeping a very close eye on whatever is happening in the vaping industry.

This closer watch occurred as a result of recent and mostly incorrect reports regarding the quality of vaping products that were said to have resulted in a variety of illnesses such as EVALI that is associated with vaping. These government agencies which include the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and several health departments are closely monitoring activities of the manufacturers of vaping equipment and related products. It should be noted that many of these issues only arise as a result of the inclination of individuals to buy substandard products on the black market where there is no quality control whatsoever. 

These checks in addition to the incursion of new brands have put the majority on their toes with each brand beefing up its quality to meet up with the accepted standard.  Most Manufacturers of vaping equipment are now ensuring that the quality of their product meets up with the strictest guidelines while still maintaining reasonable pricing to build a good reputation in the vaping market.

nicotine salts

Nicotine Salts

Unlike its name indicates, these are not actual salts. They are so named only because of its processing which involves crystallization of the nicotine to take a salt-like form. It is a combination of several acids with pure nicotine which diminishes your nicotine solution’s pH level. They are one of the anticipated vaping trends for this year that meet up to expectations. Nicotine salts are used in assisting people who have issues with smoking to get over their addictions whilst providing a superior and safer option to them. It has the highest levels of nicotine which might normally be considered harmful but has not caused any concerns so far.

Back to The Basics

A lot of vaping equipment produced in 2020 by big brands were seen to adopt the usage of the 18650 batteries. This indicated a return to what existed before the evolution of vape pods that have become widely accepted in the vaping market. It is quite possible that the 18650 batteries will make a comeback in more designs in the coming years and we will be here watching out for that.

Bottom line

For the manufacturers of vaping equipment, they have to continuously carry out a serious balancing act to meet up with consumers' needs and keep in line with government regulations. This is because laws surrounding the production and use of vaping devices constantly change and they have to ensure continued compliance in order to remain in business. As the industry grows and evolves more changes will occur, but when all is taken into consideration, these are exciting times for cannabis lovers.







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