good and bad of pre-rolled joints
good and bad of pre-rolled joints

What are the Pros and Cons of Pre-Rolled Joints and Blunts?

The benefits, downsides, and funk of pre-rolled joints

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Jan 26, 2020

The benefits, downsides, and funk of pre-rolled joints.

pre-rolled joints blunts good or bad?

Pre-rolled joints are unquestionably one of the most sought after products in the cannabis world. If you made the notion of a machine rolled joint a decade ago everyone would look at you like you're crazy but here we are enjoying prerolled joints. Pre-rolled joints are one of the unique benefits of the commercialization and legalization of cannabis, it gave newbies the opportunity to enjoy what most old weed enthusiasts never got to enjoy. At a glance, prerolled joints are intriguing and exciting but the question on the minds of many remains 'is it as effective as the real thing?' If you happen to fall in this category, read on! Because in this article I'll do a detailed breakdown of the benefits, and downsides of pre-rolled joints.


Benefits of pre-rolled joints

Neatness and top quality rolls - This is arguably one of the strongest attributes of pre-rolled joints that makes them the go-to option for newbies. Not all smokers are capable of rolling up a joint the right way and like we all know, when a joint isn't properly rolled the experience isn't just as enjoyable. And here's where pre-rolled joints come in, a neat, properly rolled option that isn't just easily accessible but also very cheap. Pre-rolled joints offer smokers especially newbies a nice, smooth, evenly burning joint that they would've otherwise been unable to make. And unlike a couple of years ago when pre-rolled joints only featured dry, rapidly burning weed now you can get top-notch kush that slowly and evenly burns at pocket-friendly prices.

Takes away the dirty work - Rolling up a joint can be tricky and it involves a lot of tasks that some won't have the patience or diligence to carry out. To get the best out of a joint you have to remove all seeds, stalks or any other foreign particle and most often than not this gets very messy and dirty especially due to the sticky resins of cannabis. Pre-rolled joints eliminate all these and deliver the end product without any of the dirty work involved.

Consistency - Another huge benefit of a pre-rolled joint is the consistency of quality and quantity which is something you can't always vouch for in hand-rolled joints. When a pre-rolled joint is bought, either from a dispensary or a cannabis store, you can rest assured that the joints you're getting will contain the exact amount it's supposed to contain and as such you can easily know just how much of cannabis you're taking in and how much is enough to get you high. This doesn't just save you time it helps cut cost as you won't have to waste money buying more than what you need since you already know the quantity required to get you where you want to go.

Cost - Cost is arguably the deciding factor for the majority of people on a lot of life choices. The importance of the cost of a product to your final decision cannot be overemphasized, cutting cost is something we all like to do especially if the quality of the product isn't tampered with. And that is what you get with pre-rolled joints. When all factors are considered, buying pre-rolled joints is more pocket-friendly than going for other methods and forms of marijuana. Pre-rolled joints can be purchased at pocket-friendly prices at most cannabis stores and dispensaries and in some cases, they are even offered for free or at a reasonable discount.

Convenience - The ease and convenience of use pre-rolled joints offer users is one of its huge benefits. A lot of users especially newbies not familiar with rolling a perfect joint go for pre-rolled joints mainly for this reason. Also, pre-rolled joints provide users who are incapable of rolling up their own joint or blunt as a result of ailments like arthritis the opportunity to enjoy the experience of smoking a perfectly rolled joint.

Discretion - Despite the huge leaps forward the cannabis industry has made it's impossible to say there's not some stigma associated with cannabis smoking. It is sad that such is still the case in this day and age but it is what we have to deal with. And pre-rolled joints help a lot in this aspect because they look like your regular cigars and the sophisticated packaging masks the weed smell thus making it very discrete. Pre-rolled joints are so well packaged (sometimes in fancy wrappers or plastic tubes) that you can easily take them around and not be worried about someone looking at you strangely because unless you are conversant with it, it's almost indistinguishable from a cigarette.


Downsides of pre-rolled joints

Like all things in life, pre-rolled joints have their downsides. Nothing is all positive in life and below I'll drive through a couple of the negatives of pre-rolled joints.

Lack of trust - This is one of the biggest reasons a lot of people get cold feet or shy away from pre-rolled joints. A lot of users don't trust that the joints actually contains just cannabis, the majority thinks producers include fillers and other foreign substances into the joints to cut corners and cut cost to increase profits which could put users health at risk and ruin their smoking sessions. This lack of trust that some users have is primarily down to the activities of some bad eggs in the industry because while some may be trying to cut corners and cheat the consumer there are a lot of stores and dispensaries that sell top quality products. And as a consumer instead of you to let a couple of bad people deprive you of enjoying this wonderful product just do your research before purchasing a prerolled joint, if you get one from the right place you have nothing to worry about.

Uneven burn rate - This is another factor some people have pointed to as a negative of pre-rolled joints. Some complain that pre-rolled joints burn unevenly which ruins the experience. This is majorly down to the quality of pre-roll you purchase. If you get a good pre-rolled joint especially the ones that are hitting the market recently they're top-notch and burn pretty well.

Quality of cannabis - The quality of the cannabis inside the joints is also a negative some people point to that makes them shy away from pre-rolled joints. Some pre-rolled joint contains lesser grade kush that doesn't hit well and spoils the fun.

Kills the experience - A lot of weed enthusiasts especially people who aren't newbies say pre-rolled joints ruins the culture of rolling up your own weed as its believed that the experience isn't the same when you don't roll it up yourself. This line of thinking is pretty dated because growth is something that shouldn't be shied away from, the industry is evolving and moving forward and as a lover of marijuana, you shouldn't be stuck in the past because of the fear of change or adaptation. Pre-rolled joints aren't spoiling the culture they're instead expanding the horizon of the cannabis culture and bringing more funk to the table rejuvenating the whole cannabis scene in the process.


Factors to look out for to avoid purchasing low-quality pre-rolled joints

Taking the negatives some users point out into consideration, this section is focused squarely on helping you avoid the mistakes that can lead you to purchase the wrong pre-roll. When you know what to check out for when purchasing a pre-rolled joint it'll be relatively easy for you to avoid the bad stuff.

High on the list of what to look out for when purchasing a pre-rolled joint is the producer of the product, some producers are known for their history of producing quality products as opposed to those who sell the bad stuff. The dispensaries and stores also fall under this category as good dispensaries always make sure to confirm that what they sell is of top quality. So when purchasing a pre-rolled joint double check on the dispensary or store to confirm that they have a good history of top quality products.

Another thing to check out for is the way the joint was made. Some pre-rolled joints are produced using pre-rolled paper cones which buds are just poured into and shaken by a machine to eliminate air trapped in them while some producers go as far as manually ensuring they're not tightly packed or rough before closing them up. So before you go for a pre-roll it's best if you enquire about the production process as this not only makes you trust the product more it also helps keeps you calm if you happen to fall in the category of people scared about what's in the joint.

The quality of the cannabis in the joint is also something you need to ask about before purchasing a pre-rolled joint.



Storing your pre-rolled joint properly is very imperative if you want to maintain their quality. It's highly advisable that you store your pre-rolls in a dry, cool environment. Airtight containers or tubes are the go-to choices of a lot of users as they don't just allow you to store them long term they also make it very easy to transport the joint form place to place discreetly without having to worry about them being seen or perceived. Although it should be noted that plastic containers can sometimes attract electrical charges that can tamper with the quality of the trichomes of the cannabis. The importance of a properly stored joint can't be overemphasized as good storage can make all the difference between a good smoking session and a bad one.











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