What is a Cannabis Contact High?

What is a Cannabis Contact High?

Are contact highs a real thing or just imagined?

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Joseph Billions on Tuesday Jun 9, 2020

What is a Cannabis Contact High?

contact high with weed is it real

Even if you don't smoke cannabis, you've most likely heard the word 'Second Hand High' before or you know it as 'Contact High' as most people like to call it. Maybe you've even asked yourself once or twice if you've gotten one after spending quality time at the apartment of your cannabis-loving friend. Or you were once in a smoky hall and you felt a little dizzy, even though you didn't take one puff. When a joint is passed around at a house party and the room is filled with smoke. You begin to question yourself if you'll get high from the smoke?

Sometimes even before anyone offers you a hit, and you walk into a hazy dorm room you're bound to feel like you're high. Or when you go for a concert and there is smoke everywhere, you begin to wonder if you're a bit high even though you didn't smoke. But is it possible to get high from just being around someone that is smoking cannabis? Is contact high even a real thing? All this could be a source of concern for individuals who are scared of failing a drug test or even getting high due to exposure to second-hand weed smoke. For better understanding, it is important to know what 'Cannabis Contact High' is, and to know what the facts say whether one can get high without smoking any joint.

A closer  look at Contact High

'Contact High' is a psychological oddity that a sober person or non-smoker can experience simply by being around people smoking cannabis. There are different debates about the possibility of 'Contact high' being a real thing or not. The rapid development of science has made it possible to reexamine the concept of second-hand smoke or cannabis contact high. Before now, scientific research on the subject of contact high has been very limited but due to the extension of research in marijuana, getting the facts about contact high was made easy. According to researchers, cannabis smoking can exhibit the same psychological effects on a lower sequence in non-smokers who are around where cannabis is being smoked. So can you get contact high from being around people that smoke cannabis? Or you have to smoke the weed to get high? Is contact high a thing? According to concrete research carried out by the John Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2015, the answer is neither here nor there.

In 2015, researchers decided to experiment to establish and clear the air on the existence of Cannabis Contact High. They started the 1st experiment by putting six non-smokers and six cannabis smoking individuals together in a well-ventilated room for an hour, while the smokers bite through their joint aggressively. Later, it was discovered that none of them tested positive for THC. The scenario was repeated in a small close room with less ventilation for one hour. Each smoker cruise through a high potency weed (with about 11.6% THC content), later the urine and blood test of the non-smokers came out positive for THC and they felt tired and less alert.

The experiment confirmed the existence of cannabis contact high but strictly highlighted that a non-smoker can get contact high only when he or she is exposed to the cannabis smoke within an unventilated space. In clear terms, if your friends are smoking and you're in a small room with little or no ventilation with them. You might feel the effect and your urine and blood might test positive for THC. But apart from this fact, the whole idea of 'Contact High' is all in your head. Cannabis Contact High can only happen under extreme and confined unventilated conditions, it can also possibly lead to the detection of THC in the urine and blood, minimal physiological and drug effects can happen too. Environments with fresh air or well-ventilated areas have a huge role to play in deciding if anybody will experience Cannabis Contact High.

As a responsible cannabis smoker, you should be conscious and considerate of those who don't smoke weed. Thus, whenever you're about to light up your ganja, be aware of people around you and try to keep the smoke from them. A good cannabis smoker will smoke up his weed in an area that is well-ventilated to ensure the smoke doesn't affect his neighbors. So if everyone around you is lighting up at a concert, you might get a bit high but you won't be on the same level as those smoking. And if you're expecting a baby or you're breastfeeding, or you have any health conditions, then you have to be very strict on how much cannabis smoking exposure you give yourself especially if you're a non-smoker. And as a smoker, be polite and responsible when you're smoking your weed, do it in a well-ventilated area and ensure you keep the pets and children away.









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