will weed be legal in 2022
will weed be legal in 2022

Why is Weed Not Yet Legal in 2022?

It's 2022 and marijuana is still not legal yet at the Federal level?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Jan 12, 2022

weed in 2022 legalized

We’re at a point in human history where we are beginning to shift our gaze to the stars, to colonize other planets and experimenting with psychedelia as a legitimate means of dealing with psychological issues and in the United States – CANNABIS IS STILL ILLEGAL!

To be fair, in most parts in the world cannabis is still illegal, but even places like Thailand which was known for its harsh laws against drug trafficking – are planning on legalizing cannabis soon. However, for the most part, the United States have lagged behind. This is a shame considering that there are billions of dollars of legal commerce occurring within the United States and the current illegality of the substance on a national level only exists to stifle progress.

Today we’re going to be taking a closer look at why cannabis – despite it’s insane amount of public support – is still illegal in the United States and most of the world still.


It takes time to deprogram…

The PsyOp known as “drug prohibition” has been in full swing since the early 1900s but truly culminated into policy in the 1970s under the Controlled Substance Act. In this document, all drugs were essentially placed in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry who then essentially said “all drugs that are not ours are bad!”

This concept then was reinforced by the United States Government through the systematic messaging known as “anti-drug propaganda”. Anyone who lived during the 1980s and the 1990s are familiar with programs such as D.A.R.E where teens and kids were the target of their messaging. As a result, people have been induced to the idea that “drugs are bad (if they are illegal)” for over five decades and whether you like it or not – this type of messaging creates a belief structure.


What we have seen happen over the past ten to twenty years is a mass deprogramming effort where people awoke to the fact that,

  1. Cannabis is not as dangerous as they say and in fact is the safest drug known to humanity

  2. Prohibition doesn’t deter drug use and in fact makes both the drugs and the environment more hostile in nature.


Fighting Private Interests

Pharma paid millions in anti-cannabis science up until the point where they could begin to profit from it. Pharmaceutical companies would tell you, “We wanted cannabis legal, to make medicine!” however, this is verifiably false if you take a look at Pharma funding anti-cannabis science

The reason they would want to do this is because unlike their other drugs, anyone can grow cannabis in their homes. If you didn’t need to buy medicine from a pharmacist but could easily grow it at home – wouldn’t you prefer the natural option?

Pharma wouldn’t like that!

However, it’s not just pharma that is against cannabis legalization. There are a few industries that stand to lose a lot of money and power if cannabis is legalized including, Private Prisons, Police Unions, Rehabilitation clinics, etc.

The main reason things have been moving so slowly is because of these private interests throwing a stone in the road to slow down progress. How many of your Congresspersons own stock in Big Pharma? Considering that over 50 of them failed to report their stock portfolio – violating the terms of their employment and breaking the law – there are 38 Senators who actually own stock in the same companies that are making money off the pandemic right now.

What this reveals to us that the Congresspersons and Senators pretend that they are representing the people when in fact they are representing their people aka private interest. I think to help solve this every politician should wear the logo of the companies that sponsor them – like NASCAR! That way you can easily see who is in whose pocket.


Biden “Brandoning” things up!

Whether you thought Biden was America’s hope or detriment is of no concern. Biden has been routinely consistent in his anti-cannabis stance and even though his party and the country would benefit right now from legalization – the idea hasn’t even crossed their political minds.

Think about it, Biden is one of the least popular presidents in US history and now – with recent polling, shows to be even more unpopular than the Great Orange one himself – Donald Trump. One would think that the Democratic party would have legalized by now considering that they had the majority of the government – yet, no such move was made. No support was voiced by the President, no attempts to even try to cross that bridge has been made.

Of course, I can’t blame Biden solely for this – it is in fact the Democratic Party that is failing the American people because as we have seen over the years…YOU are not their concern. They want to cater to their sponsors and need to maintain the status quo. This is why Bernie – who was far more favorable and positioned to beat Trump – was benched and Biden took over. The Democrats don’t care about their base and they don’t care about legalization from a “Party” perspective.

There are Democrats that are pushing hard for legalization, but if you look at how Kamala Harris used cannabis to gain votes and then abandoned the platform the moment she was elected shows you that the entire Democratic Party has been Brandoning it up.

This isn’t to say that the Republicans are void of blame – far from it, prohibition is a bi-partisan issue and virtually all politicians play a role in maintaining the status quo. Don’t think because I’m singling out the Democrats that the Republicans are safe, it’s just the Democrats’ turn on the spit roast.


Maybe 2022 can be different?

It is my hopes that their stalling tactics have run out, and that this year in the first part of 2022 we will have some major shifts in policy. Ending Federal Prohibition would be the final nail in the coffin and would mark the beginning of a new era. Let’s hope that this year, your elected officials can actually do their job of respecting the will of the people.






What did you think?

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