voting for cannabis legalization
voting for cannabis legalization

Will Cannabis be a Deciding Factor in the Upcoming Election?

Will weed legalization at the Federal level be a deciding factor for voters?

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Joseph Billions on Friday Feb 7, 2020

Will cannabis be a deciding factor in the upcoming elections?

voting on just cannabis legalization

The fate of the free world will be decided later this year when the presidential elections of the United States will be held in November 2020. And as always the political scene is heating up with several aspirants putting their name forward to be candidates for the most powerful position on the planet. In situations like this so many factors go into the consideration of eligible voters, and high on that list is the stance of aspirants on major policies and several other key issues that can affect the balance of the entire world. And with the legalization of cannabis and the cannabis scene in general being as hot and controversial as it is over the past couple of years a major question that lies on the heart of a lot of non-Americans and Americans alike is how big of an impact will cannabis have on deciding this upcoming presidential election. Like always, the issues that the majority of aspirants have to elaborate and share their plans on goes on and on, from climate change to foreign policies, education, the economy, healthcare, gun control, etc. But, while all these are key it would be pretty naive to think that a potential candidate's policy or plan regarding cannabis won't go a long way in deciding such a candidate's fate in the upcoming elections.


One of the major factors working in favor of cannabis right now is that it's heavily connected with key areas like prison reform, criminal justice, economic empowerment, etc that are in dire need of reform. And it is impossible to work on revamping these areas completely without unshackling some of the chains holding down the cannabis industry. At this stage, disputing the influence or impact that cannabis can have on the upcoming elections isn't just naive it comes off as being ignorant because in the nearest future it is expected that cannabis would've etched out a place in the modern-day culture of the world.


Over the past couple of years with the numerous credible information outlets littered all over the internet enlightening the majority of people to the truths about cannabis, the world of cannabis has seen a dramatic change in the way it is viewed by a lot of people, lawmakers included. And a clear and obvious example of this is the case of prominent democrat Senator Kamala Harris. The United States senator who was once staunchly against cannabis reform laws is now fully team cannabis. She and many other forward-thinking lawmakers see the benefits mankind stands to gain from full cannabis legalization. A lot of presidential hopefuls on the side of cannabis including major contenders Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. In fact, the two major Democrat presidential aspirants are reported to be fully signed into the marijuana justice act. They are reported to be fully backing the bill which if passed will mean federal legal status for all things cannabis.


The stars are aligned in the favor of the cannabis industry and with the momentum behind all things cannabis its either you get on board or get rolled over. Even Joe Biden who was not pro-cannabis is now fully for federal decriminalization of cannabis and based on the reports given by Tom Angell there are over a thousand cannabis linked bills currently on the table and the chance of success on the majority of them is pretty high. And although President Trump is pro-cannabis reform he is not against it either. With the way things stand it all points to a scenario where he'll go with the popular decision supported by the polls and in that regard, it's as good as saying he's on board because the majority of the populace wants to see change effected in the laws governing the cannabis industry. The majority of people want to see steps taken to handle and solve the inequity that plagues the cannabis industry. Throughout history, never has so many people be on the side of cannabis and it's been a long time coming.


The cannabis industry is the perfect definition of unfairly oppressed, throughout history the industry has suffered from unnecessary bans, restrictions, etc. And as a lover of cannabis, the thought that the dark clouds that have hovered over the cannabis industry since forever are clearing up feels so refreshing.


Cannabis law reforms are way overdue, the level of ignorance displayed in some of the laws inhibiting the cannabis industry is laughable and it's sad that in an era that prides itself on freedom, expression and the progress of the human race such is still the case. The 2020 presidential elections couldn't come at a better time and hopefully, when all is said and done we'll finally see some change in the world of cannabis.









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