Woody Harrelson Church of COVID
Woody Harrelson Church of COVID

Woody Harrelson vs. the Church of Covid - Not Red, Not Blue, But Purple!

What in the world did Woody Harrleson start with his COVID script?

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Mar 6, 2023

Woody Harrelson Chuch of COVID

Woody Harrelson, famed actor and seasoned stoner unleashed living hell on Saturday Night Live with his opening Monologue which by now you may have heard about due to the “media machine” pumping out counter opinion to what he said. 


But, if you have been living under a rock and want me to tell you what it’s all about - let me give you the skinny as they say. 


Firstly, before the part that has everyone’s panties in a knot, he went on a long monologue talking about his cannabis use, his political affiliations and to be honest - he looked very stoned throughout the process. 


As the monologue came to a close however, he talks about this “fictional script” that he received in 2019. The preamble to the punch line however, sets up the scene where he’s high, reading the script in central park when all of a sudden he says; 


"So the movie goes like this… The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes," he said. "And people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs and keep taking them over and over."


He ends off by saying, “I threw the script away, who was ever going to believe that stuff anyway!” 


And just like that, he “Red Pilled” a bunch of folks on the “left” and the rage machine began churning hit pieces against the actor. Of course, by me simply using the term “red pill”, I’m not automatically associated with the “right” of which anyone who has read my work would know is not true. 


In fact, in the world of “right and left” - I’m definitely up! 


Headlines like, “Harreslon echoes “conspiracy theories” and other titles rang similar tones of disapproval. Here’s a screenshot of the “pharma bought” propaganda machine in response to the actor’s joke. 



As you can see here, every single article on the Google top search results for the term “Woody Harrelson SNL monologue 2023” comes up with this. And that is to be expected. 


You see, it’s a fascinating subject matter to analyze the whole “Church of Covid” narrative because what happened to dear old Woody is simply a reaction from an entity that lives within the mass consciousness of millions of people around the world. 


Let’s take a moment and re-examine who we were pre-covid and the world as we knew it. Perhaps, by examining the sociopolitical climate of 2019 can we understand how we ended up in such a bizarre timeline where Bond-like villains meet in secret castles deciding the fates of millions. 


Who we were in 2019?


I don’t know if you remember, but I do. Right before the world got “locked down” for a few years and held hostage at the idea of “mass death” while being forced to accept a singular truth or be shunned from the whole of humanity. 


The world was a divided place. There were riots in China that seemed to scare the government. Trump’s presence in the world of politics wobbled the norm enough to send people into a tribal frenzy. Lines were being drawn, sides were getting picked. 


Ideas were being challenged. 

The MAGA cult was getting behind their man “The Donald”, who for some obscure reason became the champion of a totally forgotten part of the US fabric. Easily dismissed, but in fact - a very diverse crowd of people. 


Perhaps “The Donald’s” antihero shittalking memed lifestyle was all the people needed to say “fuck it…I’m IN!” 


I was like, “Wait a minute…THAT guy?”


But by that time the hats consumed them, they became a part of the whole. 


On the other side, it seemed like the Democrats peaked on Obama. Who objectively was an amazing smooth talker - but also did horrific shit and advanced terrible plans. And those politicians that followed were simply the scummiest, most abysmal options available. 


You’d think, “There’s no way the intellectual left would pick these idiotic…” 


Only to hear them complain about people not calling them the names they prefer to be called. As if that’s an “actual problem”. 


Identity is certainly a personal thing. However, anyone who needs the affirmation of others to assume their identity is an imposter within their own mind. You either are, or you are not. There is no maybe. 


Nonetheless, the fractal nature of “identity” means that there are endless “smart-sounding bullshit” to consume that seem important enough to waste your life away, feeling like you’re “actually doing something” when in reality you’re doing nothing of major significance. 


And this was the stage of the world prior to the pandemic. And then, a few months after 2020 kicked off…the world’s largest drug cartels shut  down the world, locked people up and forced them to take a drug or ELSE…


What happened then was a deepening of personal narratives. Those on the “left” and those on the “right” dug deeper trenches, demonized the other even harder and decided that their opinions are the only ones that are valid. 


The first casualty was that of truth, as opposing views were being censored for the “greater good”, while actual data was being obscured by the people that were “allegedly” our saviors (aka Big Pharma). 


And this is the chord that Harrelson struck…and as a reaction, the Church of Covid rose up. 


Why do you call it “Church of Covid?” 


While those who are avid defendants of the vaccine mandates and believe that the government nor pfizer had any wrongdoing throughout the entire pandemic claim to be “based in science” - they acted very “unscientific” by silencing any voice that didn’t fit the mainstream narrative. 


For example, the whole notion of “Natural Immunity” meant that you were “anti-vax” when you simply were hesitant about  a drug that was rushed to market without proper longevity testing or even control groups. 


You were shunned, called a plague rat, deplatformed, ridiculed, by the mainstream and their supporters. Your person was attacked, you were called vile…you were out to kill Grandma! 


All of these narratives are very extreme in nature. And to question anything of the narrative meant heresy. 


And this is why I believe it’s a “Church of Covid” and not a rational, scientific debate around a pandemic. 


“Dogma” is defined as “Any belief held unquestioningly and with undefended certainty.” It’s a set of “principles” that are laid out and that if you were to challenge them, you’d be met with virtually the same intensity as if you were to question the birth of Jesus. 


Don’t believe me? Check out the responses to Harrelson’s monologue on one of the most “left leaning” billionaire owned publications “The Washington times”.


Here’s a comment from “Knitgirl”

Yeah- I will take medical advice from pot head Woody Harrelson. Just like I took it from Trump and the My Pillow guy. And just in case anyone thinks I am serious- guess again


And one from “B-H Carter”


They aren't "conventional thoughts", they are facts. And, no, harmful nonsense should not be given a platform. The vaccines are safe. Period.


Another comment from MacBeadWeaver


My mother died of COVID. An old friend's 44 year old daughter also died of COVID. A few weeks ago SNL allowed antisemitic tropes from Dave Chapelle and now this from Woody H. I'm really done with SNL helping fascism take over America.


And let’s be fair…many people did lose loved ones to the Covid Pandemic, however, even within these statements of sentiment, we can see how the scientific bias is present. 


For example, in the first comment from KnitGirl, we can see that she immediately equated Harrelson with a “Trump” supporter, this despite the fact that he claims to be neither left nor right but purple. I’m sure Harrelson did NOT vote for Trump and probably doesn’t follow his political ideas at all - yet due to the fact that he spoke against the “Holy Covid Doctrine”, he now must be “othered” by the Church and protested. 


Just like the Christian Church did when Marilyn Manson plays a rock concert near their place of residence. 


And yes, you shouldn’t take medical advice from an actor…it’s the dumbest thing to do…which is why his comments should not be taken seriously. Because if you “don’t take medical advice” yet find offense posture on things - then it simply means that you DO take his words seriously, perhaps not for the same reasons as you might claim - yet serious enough to warrant a comment on an article. 


Or let’s take the comment from B-H Carter, 


“The vaccines are safe. Period”


The most scientific statement of the century. A statement that closes off all scientific inquiry. It’s almost like “God Exists - Period!” 


Except, VAERS have reported more than 50,000 vaccine related injuries in 2021, and to find any accurate data on any of these things is nearly impossible. For every report, there are 10 “Counter reports” floating about - and most of these counter reports are funded by…you guessed it - your pals at Pfizer. 


Furthermore, no vaccine is “safe”. There’s always inherent risks and this is why vaccines are supposed to be taken on a “case by case” basis. 


However, if you said this in 2020 and 2021, you would have been violently attacked for these ideas. However, in 2023, Natural Immunity is science once more, the Lab Leak is definitely plausible, and people do have strange reactions to the vaccine…such as women’s menstrual cycles being affected. 


Yet once again, “CONSPIRACY” if you would have said that a few years ago. Hell, it’s still true today. 


The final comment is probably the one that is most difficult. People lost loved ones. They believe that “the vax saved them”, and there might be some truth in this, but we won’t know for sure. This is because any idea of a control group was shunned….everybody gets it or else! 


However, the final comment is what makes the strongest case - “If you believe like X, you’re a racist, fascist…but hey, ignore the literal Nazis in the Ukrainian army…they fight for freedom!” 


Yes, I also went there. 


And this is why this is a religion and not reason. It’s scientism and not science. And the mere fact that Harrelson received a onslaught of negative articles only strengthens the point. 


What Harrelson said isn’t “wrong”. 


Let’s look at the facts…


  1. Pfizer is literally a drug cartel as “Cartel” is defined as “A combination of business firms to control world markets and fix prices.” 

  2. Pfizer has a long history of human rights violation and criminal business practices. You can read their transgressions here


Just to put into context the type of business Pfizer is, here’s a quote from one of their transgressions: 


Pfizer apparently engaged in questionable practices abroad as well. In 2000 the Washington Post published a major exposé accusing Pfizer of testing a dangerous new antibiotic called Trovan on children in Nigeria without receiving proper consent from their parents. The experiment occurred during a 1996 meningitis epidemic in the country. In 2001 Pfizer was sued in U.S. federal court by thirty Nigerian families, who accused the company of using their children as human guinea pigs.


In 2006 a panel of Nigerian medical experts concluded that Pfizer had violated international law. In 2009 the company agreed to pay $75 million to settle some of the lawsuits that had been brought in Nigerian courts.The U.S. case was settled in 2011 for an undisclosed amount.


Classified U.S. State Department cables made public in 2010 by Wikileaks indicated that Pfizer had hired investigators to dig up dirt on Nigeria’s former attorney general as a way to get leverage in one of the remaining cases. Pfizer had to apologize over the revelation in the cables that it had falsely claimed that the group Doctors Without Borders was also dispensing Trovan during the Nigerian meningitis epidemic. - SOURCE


They also settled one of the largest fraudulent advertisement cases in 2009 totalling $2.3 billion. “In 2009 the company had to pay a record $2.3 billion to settle federal charges that one of its subsidiaries had illegally marketed a painkiller called Bextra.”


  1. Pharma funds roughly half of the FDA budget, but also portion of the CDC. 

  2. Pharma pays significant money to media agencies

  3. Pharma pays significant in political lobbying. In fact, they spent $11, 000,000 in lobbying expenses in 2019, and even more the following years. 

  4. They wanted to seal the data on the Covid Vaccines for 75-years


So, a major drug cartel, who pays politicians, the media and funds organizations meant to regulate them - have no conflict of interest? 


You cannot question their business practices? You cannot question the efficacy of their medicine? They are protected from public scrutiny and if anyone questions it…they are immediately ostracized. 


If this doesn’t sound like a religious movement to the degree of catholics defending priests who molest little children - then I don’t know what is. 


Stay Purple…


The reason I decided to write this article is because like Harrelson…I’m neither left nor right. I don’t subscribe to political ideology and have very little trust in the institutions that are meant to regulate us - especially how they behaved during the pandemic. 


As a stoner…I’ve been writing on Pharma’s wicked ways for a long time. I know how they influenced politics to keep drugs like cannabis and psychedelics off the market - since it would destroy their profit margins. 


I, for one, applaud Harrelson for his ballsy move...I think the world is ready to start asking the tough questions, and those that defend the Pharma camp might come under scrutiny one of these days. 


People are rightfully angry…from where I’m sitting, Pharma had a major role to play in the proliferation of the fear of covid and it is my hope that one of these days…we take on that beast. Because, like the parasite it is - it must keep us sick in order for it to survive. 


So perhaps it took one stoner to say some crazy stuff on TV to shift the conversation back to a place where disagreeing with the official consensus doesn’t end up with you locked in a tower until the day you die…





What did you think?

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