Cali roadtrips for weed
Cali roadtrips for weed

California Cannabis Road Trips That Every Weed Lover Should Try at Least Once

Here are 3 Cali road trips that every stoner should try at least once.

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cannabis roadtrips

California is one of the best places to visit for a fulfilling cannabis experience. It is fondly known as the "center of America's cannabis industry" due to the high number of cannabis operations that go on in the different regions of the state.

Traveling through California is usually a swell journey. The state has several unforgettable experiences for visitors, from scenic views, natural areas, and spectacular landmarks; it has it all. What's more, cannabis is legal here.

If you're thinking about going on a road trip through California, then this guide is for you. There are various places to visit in California to show you how Californians grow and smoke only the best cannabis products. You'd get to revel in the glorious history of cannabis in the different cities in the state. If you drive as far as the Big Sur coastline or Joshua Tree, you will enjoy the state's unique landscape. There's more enjoyment for you if you explore with an elevated mind.


Road Trip Guides Through California

Here is a carefully curated list of three different road trips stoners could embark on to enjoy the drop-dead gorgeous views of Cali cities. The guide also highlights some picture-worthy locations where you could stop to enjoy the wonders of edibles, vapes, gummies, edibles, or flowers.

Before you go on this trip, head over to a cannabis dispensary close to you to get your favorite cannabis goodies. If you have short notice, you can hold onto some money because you'd see some dispensaries to buy your favorite strains from.

It's time for some weedy adventure.


Through California's Pacific Coast Highway

This is a 656-mile-long trip that starts from Southern California and ends at the city's center in Mendocino County. The iconic state road is an iconic route. It has an extensive number of stops along the coastline where you can feast your eyes on some inspiring scenery while feasting on some mouthwatering strains.

This drive shouldn't be rushed through in four or five days. To have the most fun and experience the lifestyles of Californians in these areas, it's best to take at least ten days. Going from Dana Point to the region close to Legget will expose you to many natural and architectural views. The most striking aspect of this road trip is the views of the majestic Pacific Ocean. A significant part of this trip passes through the coastline. There are some forested parts to enjoy close to the Big Sur. As you go up north, you'll make your way around some mountains. You might even see some wildlife like elephants, zebras, and seals as you get closer to San Simeon.

Some man-made structures will also be highlighted as you go through California's Pacific Coast Highway. You'll see a diverse selection of architectural landmarks, like the Spanish colonial architecture in the Santa Ynez Valley. Other architectural gems include the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Hearst Castle estate.


The Desert Drive

This shorter drive begins in San Diego and ends in the Joshua Tree National Park. There are several wonderful sites along this route that are mostly inconspicuous when one is in a hurry to get to a destination.

Many people often fail to appreciate the scenic views along this terrain because all their attention is fixated on getting to Joshua Tree National Park. Although Joshua Tree Park is an exciting place, it won't hurt to take in the various rock types, meadows, and art present along the route. You can complete this 290-mile trip in a week. And yes, the trip will be worth those seven days of your life.

Once you get to San Diego, press the button on your map as you begin to head to the northeast region by going through Highway 163 to Highway 78. As the name implies, the desert drive leads towards the Ansa-Borrego Desert State Park. It's best to stop here and enjoy the beautiful landscape. If you're fortunate enough to visit this park during spring, you'll witness the blooming wildflowers. There's a 130-foot prehistoric animal sculpture you could take pictures of just at the entrance of the park. The sculptures were created by Ricardo Breceda.

Another part of the trip includes the Palm Canyon Drive, heading to the Salton Sea. Other stops include the abandoned navy base called Slab City, Santa Rosa, and the San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. The significant part of this drive is that there are pit stops where you can enjoy one or two hits from your favorite strains.

All the sights highlighted here are worth the hype. For some years, the Salton Sea (one of the largest inland seas in the world) would completely dry up. Now is the best time to enjoy this beauty. On the other hand, the slab city is now a deserted area where some go to enjoy a puff or more.


Don't forget to visit Palm Springs when you're on Highway 111. You might even get to see some celebrities at the tree park.


The Rim of the World Scenic Byway

Not everyone can free up enough time to go on very long trips, which is why this route is included in this list.

This 117-mile road trip starts at Cajon Pass and ends in the Big Bear area. Travelers have the choice to leave their vehicles and participate in hiking in the rocky and mountainous regions of the state. You could also take your rides along the cliff edges and the peaks of the mountains at San Bernadino. This trip could take three to five days. Each day, you get to explore the different lakes, mountain passes, and various hikes.


There you have it!

If you're in the mood to visit California or go on a cannabis tourism road trip in the state, make sure to allow enough time to enjoy the various stops you'll be making. Enjoy the mountain views, lakes, and ocean coastlines. Who knows, you could even come across another group going the same route as you—the more the merrier. The best time to visit is during the summer or spring. Have fun!

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