Kaleabis: Meet The Hybrid Of Kale and Cannabis

Would You Do A Shot Of Kaleabis?

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DanaSmith on Monday May 16, 2016

Kaleabis: Meet The Hybrid Of Kale and Cannabis


A company in Brooklyn made a breakthrough by revolutionizing kale and cannabis. Read on below to learn about the new product and where you can get to sample it.


The guys over at Williamsburg Wonders last month completed a 2 year project which began with a Kickstarter campaign. The company’s founders, Todd and Mark Takota, wanted to create a plant that combined the benefits of both cannabis and kale. Indeed, such a unique idea attracted investors and the project reached its funding goals in less than a week.


Todd and Mark then relocated to Santa Clara in California to have better access to a wide range of cannabis strains. The brothers experienced some failures in breeding which even led them to reconsider using kale at all and opting for another vegetable such as broccoli. However they finally experienced a breakthrough when they discovered that indica dominant marijuana strains were much more efficient in integrating with kale. Following this successful achievement the brothers began focusing their efforts on creating a hybrid using kale and the Hash Plant strain.


Cannabis Power Drinks


The kaleabis hybrid plant is now being used to manufacture a line of healthy drinks, which will be made available as a shot in Oregon dispensaries over the coming summer. The idea of juicing fresh, raw marijuana isn’t new to the cannabis community a many have already flirted with the possibility of making it a reality. Juicing cannabis would be able to provide another option to take cannabis in order to enjoy it for its numerous health benefits while preventing disease such as cancer.


Juicing cannabis is particularly beneficial for individuals who want to take it for health reasons without the psychoactive effects. Drinking marijuana juice mixed with other greens is a good and potentially delicious way of giving the human body added protection from fatal disease. The cannabinoids in marijuana contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties; so adding them into your diet as soon as you can is an effective way to combat illness.


You won’t get high though since heat is needed to convert the cannabis’ THCA content into its psychoactive state. Making cannabis juice requires only raw vegetables, fruits, and the plant all of which are combined in a blender In addition, cannabis juice can easily be blended with other fruits and vegetables to create tasty green potions that can be enjoyed at home or at the office without getting caught for vaporizing or smoking.


The brothers intend to begin creating these cannabis power drinks under the Williamsburg Wonders line with the hopes of being the first ganjapreneurs to sell their products in Whole Foods.



What do you think about the kaleabis idea? Have you tried drinking cannabis with a juicer at home? Let us know in the comments below.

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