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Cannabis Store Online Opens Its Schwag Doors

Seeing Those Shirts Everywhere Online, Now Get One.

Posted by Oaktree on Thursday Sep 1, 2016
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Good News!


We have launched the new Cannabis.Net cannabis store so now you can grab one of those cool, kelly green shirts you see everywhere online.


To get a shirt, mug, hat, sweatshirt, you can click here, or go to The Shop.


Who is wearing these shirts and showing their legalization pride and love?


Well, we are getting ready to start our $1,000 modeling contest.  Put up your best shots on Facebook our our

WeedFeed social network and you could win Ipads, speakers, and even our $1,000 prize.


The party as has started!  Join us as we get cannabis legalized all over the world!




The cannabis shop is open 24 hours a day and you can shop online and pick out your favorite shwag.  We have hats. mugs, water bottles, shirts, name it we got it.




What did you think?

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