Planet of the Vapes POTV ONE
Planet of the Vapes POTV ONE

The POTV One Upgraded Vaporizer - Massive Power for a Small Price

Planet of the Vapes comes out with a stunning new vaporizer for a reasonable price

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BostonBakedPete on Tuesday Apr 4, 2023

The Best New Vaporizer on the Market? – The POTV One Upgraded May Be the Best Bet!

POTV one vape

If you are in the market for a new vaporizer, dry herb and concentrates, you need to check out a new ultra-sleek and great feeling POTV One.  If you aren’t familiar with Plant of the Vapes line of pens, they are industry leading pens and hardware devices and very reasonable prices.  The new upgraded POTV one comes with some great new features, basically, customers told POTV what they wanted changed and they listened!


The current features of the POTV One includes being ultra-portable, heats up in 30 seconds or less, vibration feedback, digital temperature controls (with a thumb click up or down), magnetic parts, and comes with a  2 year warranty on all the guts and battery stuff.  New updated features include 1) MAGNETIC ACCESSORY ATTACHMENTS - foolproof design that never gets stuck or falls out of place 2) GLASS ATTACHMENTS - interchangeable and can be used with their POTV XMAX V3 vape pen!


What are some of the new attachments you can play with? Good question!


MINI BUBBLER - Vapor enthusiasts have enjoyed water-conditioned vapor for years, cooling the vapor while also pulling out any bits of herbs that managed to sneak into the vapor. This bubbler cools better than the dry mouthpieces for the Accessory Attachment,  but is still small enough to travel.

CURVED MINI BUBBLER - Get the coolest vapor possible, with the Curved Mini Bubbler for the Accessory Attachment. Replace the glass mouthpiece, even in the middle of a session, with this spill resistant bubbler that goes anywhere.

WATER ADAPTER - The Water Pipe Adapter is for those that already have those nice home stations  or want to build one. The universal design fits all 10, 14, and 18mm ground glass joints. This water pipe adapter is hot-swappable with our other ONE glass mouthpieces, even during a session.

DIMPLED GLASS ADAPTER MOUTHPIECE - comes with POTV One and V3 Pro Cools and protects the taste of the vapor. This device is low profile, so you can be as stealth as you want without suffering from hot vapor.


Check out the complete package for UNDER $80 USD! Click here to shop!


What we loved during our testing?

  1. Fits so comfortable in your hand, all attachments and movements can be down with one thumb on one hand, super smooth and sleek feel, ramp up the temperatures or switch mouth pieces with a slide of your thumb.

  2. Heated up in a flash – Tired of waiting for that vape pen to slowly get to your desired temp, the POTV One gets you there fast, real fast!  Dry flower, concentrates, you name it, it heats up fast!

  3. Price – With inflation eating away at your wallet, get a first class vape experience for under $80, that is crazy ridiculous!  Check it out here!


With over 220 almost perfect reviews online, you can’t beat this performance and price point, check out the deals now, click here!


What did you think?

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