Bruce Linton New SPAC Fund
Bruce Linton New SPAC Fund

Homeless Looking Guy Just Raised $150,000,000 – Bruce Linton Prepares for his 2nd Act

Bruce Linton gets his new warchest and is ready to rock and roll, again!

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Pace LaVia on Wednesday Jul 22, 2020

Homeless Looking Guy Just Raised $150,000,000 – Bruce Linton Prepares for his 2nd Act

Homeless Looking Guy Raises $150,000,000 - Bruce Linton Plans His Second Act from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Bruce Linton is a crack head now!


That is what I thought when I saw my friend pop on screen for our Zoom interview with Jimmy Young. Bruce Linton looked emaciated, and just like the guy you would see on the Vegas strip at 4am looking through trash cans.


No, wait, Bruce Linton has tons of weed and mushrooms in his closet in Canada, he can’t be on meth!


Bruce has cancer!  No, he has nervous twitch now, shit, he has MS!


When you see a friend online that has lost 30 pound and grew out a Tom Petty goatee and haircut, it can be a shock. Bruce Linton has become a friend of mine and it shocked me to see "half" of the Bruce Linton I expected on the screen.  While the rest of us were putting on the COVID-15, Bruce was actually getting healthy at home, after spending 300-plus days and nights a year on the road, eating in fine restaurants a quite a bit of fast food he admits.

“No, I am healthier than I have even been,” he tells me. “Working out, eating yoga and hemp seeds, walking a ton, all good with me.”

For those that don’t know, Bruce was a pretty successful guy before the whole “Canopy Growth, $5 billion from Constellation brands” thing, and as a serial entrepreneur, he never stops asking “Why?” and “Can we do it better?”.  While riding a rocket ship to public stardom in the cannabis world, with many appearances on TV and financial news shows, he has also ridden the public roller coaster back down after being fired from Canopy and released from his contract at Vireo Health.


While the haters took their shots on the way down, Bruce was already planning his next fund, his next idea, and his next company.  While helping other cannabis companies along the way like Gage in Michigan, Bruce also put psychedelic medicine company MindMed on the map, helping them with their public offering, but to Bruce, those were “part-time jobs that I bought”.  The real job was creating a special investment vehicle called a SPAC, and getting investors to put money in the fund for him to create whatever he wanted to at the present time. That is exactly what Bruce got done, raising over $150,000,000 through Zoom meetings and teleconferences during the COVID pandemic, and now he basically has a blank-check to do whatever he sees fit with that money in the fund.


What the haters and wannabes on LinkedIn don’t understand, because they have never actually gone out and started their own company or companies, is that failure is part of the entrepreneur cycle, it is necessary to get to the next great idea or company. As I tell my kids every day, it is doesn’t matter what you do when you are on top, it matters what you do when you kicked back down the hill and how you respond.  Do you get up, do you fight harder, or do just give up?  The fall is a necessary part of the life that entrepreneurs dedicate their time and money too, it is not a failure, it is chance to pivot and learn and start anew.


Bruce Linton is a generational mind, and an even better human being. In his heyday at Canopy the cult-like crowds that would follow him around were referred to as the “Cult of Bruce”.  Listen to any of his one-hour talks or fireside chats he has even given and you will hear what that extra gear "sounds" like in the great athletes of today.  Many people are smart, but not many people are Einstein or “Beautiful Mind” smart. Ray Ozzie, the president of Microsoft after Bill Gates, game to my high school startup class and gave a 90- minute talk that was so engaging that not one 17-year-old kid moved, looked at his phone, or said a word, the entire time.  I imagine Elon Musk is similar if you just had an hour to sit down and talk about the world with him.  Bruce Linton is that kind of talent and mind. 


Why would anyone give a guy that just got fired from two companies $150,000,000?  It is because they know greatness when they hear it, they know integrity and they see a great mind. The great ones miss a few all time the time. Warren Buffett blew it on his bets on oil and airlines, Michael Jordan missed dozens of game winning shots, but those are the guys you bet on when your last dollar is on the line.


Bruce Linton is back, but in reality, he never left.


Bruce Linton is healthier and stronger than before, and he has 150,000,000 reasons to get back up from the bottom of the hill, brush off his boots, and create a whole new beginning.


Haters and arm-chair, Monday-morning quarterbacks who never had the guts to go start their own companies, but like to sit on the sidelines of life and criticize all of us who are putting it on the line everyday be warned.  Bruce Linton never left the building and is back with more money and decision-making authority than ever before in his life.


Ruckify is only the beginning….

Homeless Looking Guy Raises $150,000,000 - Bruce Linton Plans His Second Act from CannabisNet on Vimeo.



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