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Stoned Trump

Was Trump The Best Pro Marijuana Candidate All Along?

After Bernie and Johnson, Maybe Trump Was the Best Choice For Pot

Posted by Oaktree on Wednesday Nov 9, 2016
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Why President Trump May Be the Best Choice for Weed.




First, take a deep breath.  If there is a bong nearby, maybe take a really, deep breath.



You woke up today.  The world didn’t end.  “He” actually had a very good acceptance speech.



The question I ask now is this, did the cannabis community actually get the best president for the legalization of marijuana?



Let’s take another deep breath.  Now, take the emotion out of the comment you are already frantically writing at the bottom of this post without having read any more of the article.







Cannabis had a great, great night.  All the marijuana ballots passed except in Arizona, which fell short of on its recreational law.   The biggest news, and most important by far, is that California went full recreational with marijuana.  I know many people didn’t like the wording in Prop64 and wanted to see it fail so they “could get a better bill next year”.   Got some news for you, this the best bill you were ever going to see and any future bills would only get worse.  



You see, since the British Empire rolled up on these shores and swindled the Indians, the more people that put their hand in the pie, the less gets divided up for the true cause or “real people”.  Marijuana, Inc. Is only getting bigger and bigger in North America, and when more money gets involved and more people start jockeying for position, the last guy to win is the little guy.  In this case, the organic grower, the small farmer, etc, etc.  History tells us over and over, the deal was only going to get worse and worse as time went on,  so get over it.   Win the war, lose the battle.  Get recreational passed and then work to amend the parts that need amending.  There was no better offer coming, to coin a term from the sports agents’ world.



So, we have recreational in Massachusetts, Maine, California, and Nevada on the books.   Huge wins as Nevada will have a reciprocity agreement meaning that when you fly into Vegas with your medical card, you can go buy medical marijuana with your current state card and not have to go get a Nevada card.



Arkansas, North Dakota, Montana, and Florida approved medical use marijuana.  Those are great wins as well.



All in all, cannabis swept the board, minus Arizona.   88% hit rate puts you in the Hall Of Fame in almost any sport, so let us take the wins.







Yes, Gary Johnson and Bernie Sanders were both the most “pro-marijuana” candidates out there, but neither had a shot to win the general election as it was Trump verse Hillary.   Today’s numbers show that all those “protest” votes for Gary Johnson may have cost Hillary Clinton Florida and Michigan, and hence, a chance at being president. 





Donald verse Hillary, who is more pro-marijuana?



On the surface, Hillary appeared the choice due to her stance on reclassifying the drug to a schedule 2 drug with the DEA and approving medical research.  She is also on record as saying she would let the states decide their own policies.



“On the record” is the problem with Hillary.   Her record and reputation as a habitual liar cost her dearly in this election.  (Polling showed a 78% “not trustworthy” response) Remember, Hillary only came out with these statements after Bernie Sanders we beating her in the primaries and millennials were flocking to him.   She needed to move more left on our marijuana policies to get his endorsement and to win his voters.



She has never been for marijuana legalization before running against Bernie Sanders.  Her WikiLeaks emails show that she was not for marijuana legalization and when asked about it at private Wall Street functions alluded to answers that she has no interest in legalizing pot. 



So, would Hillary have actually done what she promised on rescheduling and with states’ rights?  Was she actually in Big Pharma’s back pocket and had no intention of legalizing marijuana after she got elected?


We will never know now.




Donald Trump.




Again, let’s take a deep breath and take the emotion out of it.



He is on record as being in favor of medical marijuana.  He has said he has friends who use it, as medicine, and they really get benefits.



He is also for states right on most issuesSo, does a federal policy of medical marijuana legalization and testing, while recreational laws are left up to each individual state sound so bad?  You get your research, your federal tax money, and then you let the liberal states have recreational laws and the conservative states can pass on recreational use.



Also, remember that Mitt Romney said marijuana makes you stupid so if you are pining for him today, he would have been a much worse marijuana choice then Donald Trump.



So, what is the scary part?



Donald Trump does not drink alcohol or smoke.   While this alone is not bad news, it doesn’t help him in understand that the occasional use is okay in the recreational world.



Biggest Worry?




Chris Christie becomes Attorney General of the United States under President Trump.  He is about as anti-marijuana as it gets, and while running for the presidential nomination he told the stoners in Colorado to enjoy their last puffs as he would enforce the federal law.



Now, the Attorney General doesn’t make laws or decide them, so the Trump could just tell him this is how we are going to do it, shut up, and do as I tell you.   Trump is known to rule with an iron fist and get into details, so it may not be left for Chris Christie to decide.



Overall, it could be a lot worse today for cannabis lovers.  Go hit the pipe, take a deep breath, and continue with your day.










PS - Yes, we know the photo is photoshopped.  



What did you think?

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