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How Early Internet Authenticity Propelled Grasscity to New Heights

What is Grasscity and how did they get so big in the cannabis scene?

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BehindTheWaves on Thursday Sep 1, 2022

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Regardless of the industry, businesses with high-quality products and sincere consumer messaging can cultivate brand loyalty and lifelong customers. Since the advent of the internet, and the rise of social media in particular, brands have more opportunities than ever to make authentic connections with their target market. As most people are now active on at least one of the major social media platforms, businesses can directly communicate with existing and prospective customers. While this is a great opportunity for companies with a brand clear vision, companies with forced or confusing messaging may suffer. Separating the signal from the noise, consumers have become incredibly loyal to brands with quality products & services as well as with an authentic mission. 


Grasscity is not only the world’s oldest online headshop, but it is also an iconic brand in the cannabis industry. Based in Amsterdam, and shipping worldwide, Grasscity was an innovator in the cannabis accessory e-commerce space and an OG in the early internet forum and blog space. As a major player in the cannabis space since the birth of the internet, the Grasscity brand has garnered an unparalleled amount of goodwill from enthusiasts for the revolutionary plant. 


To this point, the Grasscity forum is well known in the cannabis industry as one of the first forums of its kind. The Grasscity forum has provided a safe and educational space for cannabis novices and experts alike, providing the community with support and opportunities to connect. With decades worth of user-generated information and tips regarding everything from growing to smoking, the Grasscity forum has been an indispensable resource for enthusiasts over the years; the forum has been especially important because the stigma associated with the plant has only recently started to dissipate. In addition to its value over the last two decades, the Grasscity forum is still thriving today with over 100 million unique visitors in just the last 5 years. 


Furthermore, the Grasscity community has a “knowledge base” with well thought-out information regarding common discussion points and frequently asked questions. Further, Grasscity also has a blog where they write about topical information about the industry.  


Due to Grasscity’s decades-long commitment to the cannabis industry and its enthusiasts regardless of public sentiment, consumers are fiercely loyal to the Grasscity brand. This consumer loyalty – and the many repeat customers – have helped Grasscity stay in business for 21 years, becoming the world’s oldest online headship.


Of course, Grasscity’s brand would not be able to maintain this level of popularity without its comprehensive selection of cannabis accessories. Boasting the largest and most varied inventory at the best prices in the market, cannabis enthusiasts can visit the Grasscity e-commerce store for all of their accessory needs. Based in Amsterdam with additional warehouses in Las Vegas and Calgary, Grasscity has been shipping bongs, vaporizers, dab rigs, rolling papers, and more all around the world for years. As an early player in the industry, Grasscity is not only able to offer the best prices on the market, but they are also able to secure relationships and partnerships with some of the most popular brands in the industry such as the Bulldog Europe, Roor, Raw, Ehle, Medicali, Grav Labs, Jerome Baker Design, Black Leaf, Blaze Glass, Cheech & Chong, Snodgrass Family Glass, Evolution, Dopezilla, Vodka Glass, Famous Brandz, and Juicy Jay’s.


Having already earned OG status in the industry due to their focus on community, education, and high-quality accessories, we are excited to see how the Grasscity team continues to drive the industry forward. Now, as a part of the High Tide family, we expect Grasscity to maintain its brand recognition and consumer loyalty.  


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