powerful women in cannabis
powerful women in cannabis

Celebrating Women - 10 Powerful Women in the Cannabis Industry

Who are the women trailblazers to watch in the marijuana industry?

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Joseph Billions on Monday Nov 2, 2020

Celebrating Women: 10 Powerful Women in the Cannabis Industry

powerful women in the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry has attracted a lot of special, hardworking, and powerful women over the years. The increase in acceptance and legalization of cannabis has played a significant role in attracting a lot of these women into the cannabis industry; and the majority of these women have contributed immensely to making the industry the success story that it is today. Their exploits and success have been a source of inspiration to a lot of women hoping to make it in the cannabis industry.

In this article, I'll briefly talk about 10 powerful women that have been influential in the cannabis industry so far. The list contains reform advocates, entrepreneurs, influencers, healers, etc. Read on to find out who they are, what they bring to the table, and what the influx of women means to the future of the industry.

Wanda James

This strong and capable black woman is the founder and CEO of Simply Pure, a popular legal cannabis dispensary in the US. One interesting fact about Simply Pure is that it is the first black-owned legal cannabis dispensary in the United States. This amazing company was founded by Wanda and her partner Scott Durah. Wanda is a strong example to a lot of women in the cannabis industry. She is a strong advocate for cannabis while coordinating a large business structure in Denver. She is a veteran of the military and a lieutenant of the US Navy. Her rise to the top is a very inspiring story that a lot of women out there can use to fuel their fire on their journey to success.

Meghan and Racheal Rapinoe

These wonderful sisters are a blessing to the cannabis industry. Racheal Rapinoe is the CEO and Co-founder of Mendi while Meghan serves as an Advisory Board Member and Ambassador for Mendi.

Mendi is a hemp-derived CBD sports brand that seeks to open athletes to the use of CBD in combating pain. Mendi offers CBD as a healthier and safer alternative to dealing with pain as opposed to opioids and over-the-counter meds which can bring up negative side effects. The sisters are strong examples of leading figures in the industry that are seeking to be more influential in getting the gospel of the benefits of CBD to as many people as possible.

Emily Paxhia

Emily is a Managing Partner and Co-founder at Poseidon Investment Management. She is an experienced consultant with a long list of reviews for cannabis companies under her belt. Her incredible works in the cannabis industry over the past decade has earned her much deserved respect all over. She serves on the Board of Directors of Marijuana Policy Project and the Board of Athletes for CARE. Her influence in the cannabis industry continues to grow as she stands out as one of the leading women in the industry.

Dr. Chanda Macias

She is the CEO of Ilera Holistic Healthcare and Chairwoman of Women Grow. She is one of the leading women of color in the industry as she operates a lot of cannabis retail storefronts in different states across the country. Recently, Ilera Holistic Healthcare in partnership with Southern University launched the first national CBD brand by a university known to be historically black. An incredible feat that'll pave the way for more astounding achievements by people of color in the world of cannabis.

Mary Jane Gibson

The majority of women on this list are quite popular but few are as popular as Mary Jane Gibson. The actress, comedian, and journalist plays a huge role in the cannabis industry. As the co-host of Weed + Grub podcast, she is a well-known cannabis advocate. She also writes for Rolling Stone, a platform that allows her to have a very good following and makes her one of the most popular female figures in the cannabis industry.

Shannon Donnelly

She is a consultant, founder, and CEO of Healthy Honey. She founded the cannabis company as early as 2013 which makes her well-known in Colorado. Shannon has been in the industry for quite a while which has given her time to rise as a highly revered consultant and educator in the industry. She is what you call a cannabis feminist expert as she pushes for more women to take charge in the industry.

Koala Puffs

Koala Puffs is the only social media influencer on this list. A captivating woman that shares the beauty of the cannabis industry with her numerous social media followers. She has about a million social media followers across various platforms where she talks about the numerous benefits of CBD. She also operates a successful CBD gummy and merchandise line making her more than just a popular face.

Jodie Emery

She is an activist, public speaker, and civil liberties advocate that writes for British Columbia on Cannabis and Politics. She is a very outspoken figure for cannabis as she operates a Pot TV video channel and writes for the Cannabis Culture Magazine.  She advocates for liberation in cannabis laws for corporate entities and individuals via several avenues including organizing protests and rallies. She also operates a cannabis lounge named Jodie’s joint café.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is the founder of Forbidden Flowers. The actress and fashion icon founded the minted cannabis enterprise in California in 2019. With quality branding and eye-catching containers, Forbidden Flowers are getting their products (cultivated in a Santa Barbara growhouse) to as many people as possible. She has used her status as a public figure to advocate for the medicinal use of cannabis for dealing with anxiety, depression, and a  lot of other medical conditions.

Jessica Billingsley

Jessica is the only Tech and data compliance analyst on this list. She founded Akerna, a female-owned company that is publicly-traded on NASDAQ. Jessica is a veteran in the cannabis industry. She developed the seed-to-sale monitoring and regulatory compliance system that has been of immense benefit to the industry. As a driven woman focused on technology and innovation, she seeks to help the industry by finding new and improved ways of using technology in the cannabis industry.

Bottom line

The impact of women on the rapid growth of the cannabis industry cannot be overemphasized. The influx of women into the cannabis industry has contributed immensely to the growth of the industry. The role they play is essential to securing future success for the cannabis industry. It is in the industry's interest that many more women get into cannabis and contribute however they can; and with pioneers like the women listed above leading the way, the sky is the limit.








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