Pledge 4 Growth: Learn How Your Business Can Help End Marijuana Prohibition

Pledge 4 Growth: Learn How Your Business Can Help End Marijuana Prohibition

Donate 0.420% Of Revenue To Help Bring About Change

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DanaSmith on Saturday Apr 30, 2016

Pledge 4 Growth: Learn How Your Business Can Help End Marijuana Prohibition



The Marijuana Policy Project, a non-profit pro-legalization group that tracks cannabis laws, has a program enabling businesses to participate in cannabis law reform.


For individuals who want to help make a difference in prohibition, there’s Pledge 4 Growth (, a campaign composed of various businesses in the marijuana industry who are donating .420% of annual gross revenue toward marijuana law reform. Any business, whether you are adispensary, manufacturer, cultivator, or service provider in the industry can participate in Pledge 4 Growth. The percentage supports the MPP’s coalition-building and lobbying efforts as well as public education projectswhich are tax-deductible through the work of the MPP Foundation. The donation also helps the MPP PAC, itspolitical action committee.


Businesses who have pledged a donation can communicate to their consumers that they are supporting the advancement of the marijuana industry by placing a Pledge 4 Growth seal on their storefront, social media pages, website, and any marketing collateral. The badge can be used to show support while ensuring customers that a part of their purchase will also be benefiting marijuana law reform.


Reform and Regulate


Marijuana Policy Project ( continues to fight for law reform, and part of their strategy is to ensure that these issues are always on the news and are being publicly discussed. The MPP also stands for decriminalization through state legislature, legalization through ballot initiatives and state legislatures, and regulation of the cannabis market for adults as well as medical users.


MPP currently has several state campaign which they currently need help with fundraising. These states include Arizona, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts.


The Marijuana Policy Project was created in 1995 and today it is the largest group in the United States whose sole purpose is to fight on ending marijuana prohibition. The MPP’s mission is to work on changing federal laws so that states can customize their own marijuana laws without the federal law interfering. Its mission is also to regulate marijuana in the same way that alcohol is regulated across all states, territories, and in Washington DC.


MPP has been responsible for many of the most important cannabis policy reforms in the country since 2000.


Some of their achievements include the legalization of pot in Alaska and Colorado, decriminalization of medical marijuana laws in around a dozen states, and decriminalization laws in Washington DC and 5 states.


MPP’s pledge partners include The Arcview Group, Cannasure Insurance Services, MedWest Distribution LLC, and Dixie Elixirs.



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