Get off the fence of cannabis
Get off the fence of cannabis

Are You Still on the Fence about Cannabis Legalization?

For Those -Still on the Fence- Here’s Why Cannabis Legalization is a No Brainer!

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Jun 13, 2019

For Those “Still on the Fence”, Here’s Why Cannabis Legalization is a No Brainer!

Get off the cannabis fence

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that not everybody shares the same views about cannabis as you. For those of us who surround ourselves with cannabis content, it can easily be assumed that “everybody” is on board.

While it’s true, there are more people in support of cannabis than ever before in modern history, it is also true that there still are a number of people who are still “on the fence” about casting their vote. Lately, I have come across a couple of articles relating to the “we still need more research” ethos that has been going on for the past forty plus years.

The hopes of this article is to point out the four-ton skunk smelling elephant in the room, and why it’s time that everybody acknowledges it.


Irrespective of what we know

There is one argument that no one can ignore; whether we know or don’t know (about cannabis), people will continue to consume it. The only thing that is making it unsafe these days is the reluctance of the political class that are stonewalling the regulatory processes.

The more these legislators hinder the advancement of cannabis research, the longer it will take for scientists to properly assess the plant. This isn’t to say that over the past forty plus years we haven’t learned anything about cannabis.

Far from it, we have more than 20,000 published studies on the subject matter. The problem is that these legislators don’t count these peer-reviewed studies as legitimate sources in favor of cannabis. Research has to go through a specific bureaucratic process prior to being “legitimized” in the eyes of the decision makers.

In the meanwhile, people still consume what is presented to them. This isn’t the fault of the people, but rather the politicians themselves. Anything that goes wrong from this point forward, solely falls on the shoulders of those who do not want to legalize cannabis.

The dust has settled, the war is over…you’ve lost. Now, it’s time to start letting the scientist have a go at it.

I personally believe there is much we can still learn about ourselves by studying cannabis and other currently prohibited plants. It’s time we stop letting the “regime” keep that knowledge from us.


We have been using it for thousands of years

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, the fact of the matter is that humanity has walked alongside cannabis for thousands of years. It’s written into our DNA, it’s compatible with our organism in a way that few plants are.

Some archeologists argue that cannabis could very well have been one of the first crops cultivated by man. It certainly has been used as medicine, yet also were the foundation for building civilizations due to its versatility.

Cannabis has only truly been “illegal” for the past eighty years or so. Comparatively, it’s an unnatural state of affairs considering that most of our modern society is built on the foundations of hemp and the versatility of cannabis.


Prohibiting it simply doesn’t work

Whether you’re on the fence or not, there is no denying that prohibition simply doesn’t work. We’ve tried it and it and it only seems to have made things infinitely worse. It certainly hasn’t solved the problem it set out to do.

Rather, it only exacerbated the problems we face with drugs in general. Due to prohibition, we have a large population that don’t know about the substances they take. They don’t have a safety standard in terms of dose, quality of substance or a safe supply chain.

Additionally, all the revenue generated on the black market essentially continues the fund illicit manufacturers, which generates more in terms of economic gains compared to the budget allocated to fight their expansion.

In other words, the entire system is set up to fail.

If we, as a society have tried a certain approach to drugs for the past eighty years or more, and seen that the response is producing subpar results, and in many cases making the problems worse; maybe it’s time we take another approach.


Your worst fears won’t come true

I know, you’re still on the fence because of the “what if’s” but let me lay that to rest. Cannabis, in terms of danger profile is no more dangerous than coffee. While a few individuals can develop a psychological addiction to the plant, these people find themselves in the minority.

There are millions of cannabis consumers around the globe. In all likeliness, you have dealt with people who are under the influence of marijuana, with you being completely unaware of their use. The fact of the matter, for millions of recreational and medical users, you’ll find that someone “high on pot” is still in full control over their rational mind.

Unlike alcohol, the intoxicating effects of cannabis doesn’t leave you “as impaired”. You’re not stumbling about, rambling about incoherencies while pissing yourself…you’re just a bit more relaxed and viewing the world in a slightly different hue.  








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