CO2 generator for cananbis
CO2 generator for cananbis

What are CO2 Generators and How Do They Affect Marijuana Growth?

Should you add a CO2 generator to your cannabis grow?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Jan 8, 2020


cannabis CO2 generators


A question constantly on the minds of all cannabis growers is 'how can I increase the growth of my plants?' And to make this a reality canna growers employ a myriad of techniques and strategies among which is the use of CO2 generators.


A closer look at CO2 and its effects on cannabis growth

CO2 (Carbon-Dioxide) Is one of the most crucial life forces of plants so it's very reasonable to think that plants cultivated in an area with a rich supply of CO2 will enjoy optimum growth and development. But the fact that it makes sense theoretically doesn't necessarily mean it'll work practically which is why a study was conducted to validate this theory. The results gotten from the study did more than confirm what experts thought originally, it further went on to show that cannabis plants cultivated in an enclosed area with an adequate supply of CO2 showed rapid level of growth, in fact, the effect was described as being almost instantaneous, kinda like when healing in a critically ill individual is sped up through the administration of refined oxygen.

Thanks to nature, CO2 is naturally available in the plant's ecosystem for them to utilize and grow but sadly due to humans activities on earth we've upset the natural order and balance of things so what would've been abundantly available to plants before is now available in meager quantities which isn't sufficient to guarantee the high yield smart cannabis cultivators desire. But like all problems that face us, we don't stop until we figure out a way around it, and this singular fact is the source of all cultivation techniques and tricks you see being employed by growers all over today. Smart cultivators' way to ensure an adequate supply of CO2 to their plants which in turn guarantees high yield is by employing various CO2 generating techniques.


What are CO2 generators

Basically, CO2 generators are equipment specifically built to increase the levels of CO2 in a grow-space for the sole purpose of enhancing plant growth and development. CO2 generators are obvious evidence of the numerous benefits of the advancement of science and technology. They are usually powered by natural gas and in some cases propane. Prior to now, large scale cultivators were the ones who heavily employed this technology to improve their yield but in recent times with the availability of smaller and less cumbersome CO2 generators small scale growers can now also get in on the action and enjoy the benefits of this technique.

These generators help produce carbon dioxide through the burning of natural gas. Usually, they are programmed to switch on and off when the CO2 level reaches a particular PPM (parts per million).  For beginners in the canna-cultivation world who want to employ this technique, it's highly advisable that you ensure you have a well-groomed garden with high-quality marijuana plants, a properly sealed and secured grow space and that you also use quality nutrients while growing before considering going for CO2 generators.

Based on firsthand accounts of several growers, a simple low-pressure tank is arguably the best CO2 generator to employ. Simple low-pressure tanks are the equipment usually used in carbonated soft drinks and in some cases power paintball guns. A lot of growers choose this as their preferred choice not just because of the efficiency of its output but also because of its relatively low price. Using this, you can slowly release the required gas via several hoses placed strategically over your cannabis plants thus continuously maintaining the level of CO2 being made available to your plants or you can employ a much more technical approach that involves you supplying abundant amount of the gas into your grow space for about 30 seconds after which you seal it off for a short while to enable diffusion and absorption. There is about 400PPM of CO2 in the air, and for your marijuana plant to reach the desired level, you would have to maintain the CO2 level between 1,200 to 1,500 PPM within your grow area with optimal lighting systems in place. This technique is most efficient in small grow rooms that make rapid diffusion possible. It should be noted that it also plays a role in pest control as it makes the grow room's environment unconducive for aerobic pests.

Sadly, nothing is all positive and like all things known to man CO2 generators have some downsides which include:

Generation of heat

It can be quite expensive and technical to implement

If done wrong can cause more harm than good

It isn't quite as effective for outdoor use

So, taking all these into consideration, if getting the best out of CO2 generators can prove difficult, fret not! Sit back and relax, even smoke a joint or have an edible if you have one close by because there are other effective techniques to generate CO2 to satisfy your plant's needs. These techniques include:

Chemical processes - Several chemical processes can be used to generate CO2 for your plants. And one of the easiest you can employ is the burning of a securely closed candle in your grow area after it must have been sealed. The combustion process of the burning candle produces a steady supply of CO2 which saturates the sealed grow room after a while.

Vinegar - Another simple technique you can employ to generate CO2 for your plants is by using vinegar. To perform this procedure, place adequate amount of plain baking soda in a container and above it at an height of approximately 1 or 2 ft suspend a bottle or jar of vinegar that has been previously punctured such that it allows small amounts (preferably a few drops) of the vinegar to drop into the container beneath it. The reaction between these two produces CO2 gas which is what you need.

Combustion - Any combustion process give off CO2 as a byproduct. So to take advantage of this, smart growers locate their grow areas close to areas or equipment like cooking gas, and other household appliances that undergo combustion. This simple method doesn't only provide your plant with the much-needed CO2, it can also help in the regulation of the temperature of your grow room especially in cold climates like now.


Bottom line

Having your own grow area with quality marijuana plants isn't as difficult as it seems, with the right setup and proper guidance you can also have high yields year after year.

The cannabis industry is a community where learning never stops. I hope this piece has been helpful if you've got any suggestions, comments or questions be sure to drop them in the comments section below.











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