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A Guide to Selecting the Right Cannabis Bong

Glass Bongs, Ceramic Bongs, Plastic Bongs, and Even Bamboo Bongs

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BostonBakedPete on Wednesday Oct 12, 2016

A Guide to Selecting the Right Cannabis Bong

How Do You Pick Out a Good Bong? (Glass, Plastic, Height, Tank) from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


If you are looking for a new marijuana bong, it can be quite difficult to select the best bong for your needs. With all the different types of bong, from water bongs to percolator bongs, identifying the right piece of equipment can be challenging. So, we thought we would create a guide for you to tell you what to look out for when you are trying to decide which bong to choose.



When deciding, you have to take into account things such as the material the bong is made of. Typically, a bong will be made of glass, ceramic, plastic, and sometimes even wood or bamboo. Whilst glass is the most common, other materials are becoming more popular. With many people on a budget, plastic bongs are selling like hotcakes, because they are the cheapest. Then there are bamboo bongs, which often are bought because of their unique style, aswell as their durability.



What will the Bong Be Used for?



When beginning your search for the perfect bong, you should ask yourself what the bong will be used for. And by this we mean what environment will the bong be used in? How often will it be used? Will you be travelling with it? It is vitally important to consider all these factors when reaching a decision on which bong to buy.



One thing you should focus on is your own personal lung capacity. If you decide to purchase a bong which comes with a large chamber, it may be difficult for you to fill the chamber, and thus you won’t be reaching the full potential of the bong. Likewise, if you are able to fill the chamber and it isn’t possible for you to clear the chamber in one go, you will inhale stale smoke the next time you take a hit, which can be less than pleasurable.



The Bigger the Bong…



then the more fragile it is. It is a proven fact that larger bongs are more easily broken, especially those made of rather thin glass. If you do decide to buy a large bong, it is important to make sure that you have space in which to store it, in order to lessen the chances of the bong becoming damaged.



“Technical” Bongs



If you are buying a bong for personal usage, and portability is not a factor, then we would recommend trying out a “technical bong”. What do we mean by that?



Well, these are rather expensive bongs that produce excellent hits and maximize THC absorption and are fitted with different attachments such as ice catchers, diffusers and ash catchers. They are traditionally made of glass, so make sure you take care of it!



If portability is a factor, then there are glass bongs that come with all the attachments that are very thick, making breakage more difficult. Glass Straight Pipes tend to be well built and ideal for transporting and for sharing around.




Ceramic Bong

ceramic bongs


Many people decide to buy a ceramic bong, which in the most part are smaller in size than glass bongs due to the fact that the material that they are made of is heavier. In saying that, they still offer an excellent hit. Ceramic bongs tend to be well designed, and many art savvy smokers sometimes create truly fantastic designs on their bongs that look incredible. Ceramic bongs also come in a wide range of shapes. I’ve seen everything from large mushroom like structures, to crescent moons. Because of these unorthodox shapes, these ceramic bong chambers can be a little more difficult to clean, so these bongs are ideal for using infrequently.



One thing that we should draw your attention to is the fact that when you use a ceramic bong, you will be unable to see the water inside the bong. Therefore, tracking how much you have smoked can be rather difficult.




Plastic Bong


plastic bongs


As we mentioned above, plastic bongs are becoming more popular. These bongs are typically see through, so you are able to track how much you have used, unlike the ceramic bong. While the price is certainly a plus point of the plastic bong, because the bong is not made of glass, there will be no attachments such as ice catchers and ash catchers, which could harm the taste of your cannabis.



If you enjoy using a carb, a plastic bong is able to facilitate clearing your plastic bong with a single fast breath.



Plastic bongs are ideal for travelling, or using at a party. I would recommend having a personal bong to be used in the comfort of your own house as your main bong however.




bamboo bongs


The BooTube, or more commonly known as a bamboo bong is also another choice you can make. These tend to be of a similar weight to a plastic bong, and are equally as hard wearing.



The bamboo bongs tend to be well made, which means they will last you many years, if cared for correctly. These bongs often come packaged with a metal, or sometimes glass bowl piece. Because of their versatility, bamboo bongs can look almost ornamental, as they are able to be carved and painted, which means there are some truly extravagant designs available.



So, these are the types of bongs that are available. It is important that you first select the type of material you’d like your bong to have, then select one of those bongs that are within your budget. As you will have probably realised, buying a bong can be rather pricey, but if you know what you are looking for, then it is possible to grab a really good deal. You can find bongs for sale here.



We hope you have found this guide on selecting the best bong useful. We appreciate that there are so many things to consider, it can be rather difficult to select the right bong for your needs. If you need any questions answered, just comment below, and we can guide you in the right direction.






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