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Why Reliable Cannabis Tracking Software Will Be a Necessity For Legalization

Cannabis Software Startup Trellis Is Tracking Software Done Right

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christalcann on Friday Jul 13, 2018

The Necessity of Reliable Cannabis Tracking Software

Why Reliable Marijuana Tracking Software Will Be a Necessity For Cannabis Legalization from CannabisNet on Vimeo.

All around the US, states are legalizing marijuana—but those in the marijuana business are still plagued with several issues. While more than half of the states have legalized medical or recreational marijuana, marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. This leaves some cannabis companies open to investigation and places additional burdens on the industry.

Because cannabis is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug at the federal level, some cannabis companies have found it difficult to scale their operations. Federal regulations have effectively inhibited growth in a burgeoning industry. Thankfully, seed-to-sale software and other innovations are helping forward-thinking cannabis companies maneuver within the current legal landscape while planning for the future.


Innovation Against Restrictions

Several innovations have hit the market to help those in the legal cannabis industry cope with federal restrictions. These innovations and best practices can be found across the whole lifecycle of the marijuana plant, from growth to processing to distribution to the final consumers. They help provide legitimacy to the marijuana industry while ensuring a continuous supply of quality marijuana that has been lab-certified for safe consumption.

The legal cannabis industry involves agriculture, retail, healthcare, distribution, and manufacturing niches, merging these disparate industries into a single market. A reliable solution that effectively connects all these different players is needed to promote growth and safety.

One of the innovative solutions that the marijuana industry has come up with is seed-to-sale tracking software that can be used to monitor various segments in the marijuana supply chain to make transactions safe, provide transparency, and increase accountability.

The Need for Seed-to-Sale Technology

Seed-to-sale technology is essential for various reasons.

For cannabis companies, seed-to-sale software can make it easier to manage inventory and provide information on the origin of a product, lab test results, etc. It also ensures that consumers are only supplied with quality products.

How Regulators Benefit From Seed-to-Sale Technology

With seed-to-sale technology, the cannabis industry can be effectively regulated and a maximum level of transparency can be ensured.

Seed-to-sale technologies allow state and federal regulators to:

Protect the public from substandard products.

Better monitor activities across the marijuana industry.

Hold cannabis companies accountable.

Reduce the sale of black market marijuana.

Ensure appropriate taxation of cannabis entities.

Assist in any necessary recalls of contaminated or subpar products.

How Seed-to-Sale Technology Works

Seed-to-sale technology refers to software innovations that are used by the marijuana industry to monitor processes and track inventory all through the marijuana supply chain. With it, operators can track every aspect of the marijuana supply chain.

Seed-to-sale technology can be used in different ways to meet a company’s needs. Essentially, it can help a cannabis company be more effective, efficient, and productive.

Seed-to Sale tech can help with:

Strain analysis

Inventory management

Audit trails



POS systems

For example, strain analysis can help a company understand how much of a particular strain they have on hand, how well a strain is selling, where the strain came from, and what the potency of a particular strain is. This is possible thanks to barcodes that are scanned throughout the cultivation process, inventory management, and point-of-sale functionality that provides the information cannabis companies need to ensure they are in compliance with regulations and to make informed business choices.

Introducing Trellis

Trellis is a cannabis seed-to-sale technology that standardizes the entire production and distribution of marijuana, optimizing the capabilities of the marijuana industry for maximum efficiency at all levels.

Trellis is designed to be accessible and easy to use. In fact, it’s so user-friendly, it can be used by virtually anyone in the marijuana industry. Trellis provides excellent customer service and support to its users, helping guide companies to make the best use of its product.

Trellis can be used by distributors, cultivators, and processors. It can be customized as needed to meet the needs of each sector. For example, farmers can track growth phase of marijuana batches while distributors can track inventory using Trellis. In addition, Trellis can also be used to provide documentation for regulators that is up-to-date and comprehensive.

If you’re interested in Trellis, first-time users can request a demo and see how useful and effective the software is for themselves.

Seed-to-Sale Is the Future

Seed-to-sale technology will continue to bring improvements to the marijuana industry, supporting it as it grows. By supporting the different aspects of cannabis cultivation, testing, and sales, solutions like Trellis make it easier for cannabis companies to safely scale and expand to new heights.

Why Reliable Marijuana Tracking Software Will Be a Necessity For Cannabis Legalization from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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