cannabis to block mind control
cannabis to block mind control

Ganja Theories - Is Cannabis Blocking Government Mind-Control Efforts?

The CIA, the MK Ultra project, is marijuana able to block mind control efforts?

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Jul 12, 2020

Ganja Theories - Cannabis as an Inoculant to Mind Control

cannabis and mind control

“The effects of marijuana on the brain are not conducive to mind control, because it actually opens neuron pathways in the brain.  It expands thought.”  – Cathy O’Brien


If you don’t know who Cathy O’Brian is; she’s been very vocal about the CIA and their Mind Control Programs – specifically mentioning “Project Monarch” which she claims was the parent program to MK-ULTRA.


For those who don’t know what MK-Ultra is all about – it’s a very real CIA Mind Control Program where the CIA was dosing Americans with LSD from roughly the 1950s to the 1970s. In 1973 – all of the MK Ultra documentation was destroyed by then CIA Director, Richard Helms; covering up the records of 150 secretly funded programs. Helms was suspended by the US congress in 1977 for “lying about the US government’s anti-government activities abroad and illegal surveillance domestically. - Source


Back to Cathy O’Brien.


Cathy became very vocal after retrieving memories via hypnotic sessions where she explained that she was a subject of one of these programs. There’s a video on Youtube – where she and her husband were talking about ‘why marijuana was not considered to be an optimal drug for mind control’.


Essentially – she explains that cannabis induces neuroplasticity, which interrupts the mind control mechanism. Her husband quickly chimes in and says, “This doesn’t mean that you can’t be controlled – but it makes it harder…”


This brings us to the Ganja Theory of the day – Cannabis as an inoculant to Mind Control!


To answer this – we must first consider whether someone can control someone else’s mind…


What is Mind Control?


While there may be several definitions for “Mind Control” – for the sake of this article let’s define it as, “Being coerced by someone else overriding your personal will with an embedded subconscious program”.


Movies like “Borne Identity” plays heavily on the premise of “sleeper agents” where people have been programmed with a “hidden identity” that can be activated by command. In fact – this was one of the objectives of MK-Ultra meaning that the government at one point was very serious about mind-control.


The question is – can someone make you do something against your will?


I believe that there are degrees of mind control. For example – we’re all essentially controlled by our belief systems. For example – not eating a particular dietary option due to religious reasons or not wearing particular clothing due to your internal perception of the act.


Conversely – waking up every Sunday to go to church is something that – if you weren’t born in that particular religion – you wouldn’t do. The question then becomes – are you going to church because you chose to go or because you were indoctrinated to go?


I know – hard questions. But this is the “Hitlarian-Goebbels” Approach to Mind Control – Propaganda. To pull this off – you indoctrinate them when they are young to follow a particular “identity structure” – Aryan in the case of Hitler.


In the US they do it too – it’s called Nationalism or Patriotism, or Conservatism or Liberalism – or any ideological belief structure that imposes “rules of belonging”. For instance – All-American is a term to insight a patriotic programming and is used every day in advertisement.


If you’re not “all-American” you’re “anti-American” within the dichotomous structure of mind control. All you need to do to mobile millions of “patriots” were to create a nemesis. These could be “Drug lords” or “Terrorists” or whatever other anti-American construct that fits the narrative and has the ability to insight action.


Whether you like it or not – these ideologies control your behavior and limits your choices to operate within its field of influence. Stepping outside of this typically creates a negative emotional response within the person. Example: “Guilt of the Sinner”, “Shame of the Coward”, etc.


Pavlovian Mind Control


Next – you can force someone to behave a certain way by creating “behavioral conditions”. This usually is done via abuse and fear-based reprogramming. Think “A Clockwork Orange”.


You can literally change a person’s psychological structures doing fear-based shock-and-awe programming. What this does is “scares the subject” into a heightened state of fight, flight, freeze or fold. This activates the “First Circuit of Consciousness”  - your lizard brain.


When you begin reprogramming people from this level of consciousness – you begin to re-write behavioral patterns from the most basic part of your personality. Once you have conditioned the new behavioral responses – you reward those responses and punish all those that “does not fit the narrative”.


This can also be done with different types of drugs to induce a heightened state of distress within the psyche of the subject. This is essentially how MK-Ultra approach their mind control.



Weed stops the madness


If cannabis is working for PTSD – it shows us that it interrupts emotional states and allows the user to have a moment of “conscious control” over their own processes. Perhaps this is why the CIA said no to Cannabis and a part of the reason why they fought so adamantly to keep it legal for so long?


What do you think? Is weed an inoculant to mind control?








What did you think?

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