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Make your own dabs with the Rosin Technique

To Dab or Not to Dab

The When, The How and the Why

Posted by: on Friday Feb 12, 2016

Dabbing is the ‘new trend’ that isn’t new at all. People have been dabbing since the late 60’s however it has only recently gone mainstream over the past few years. What dabbing refers to is ‘smoking cannabis extracts’ either through a rig or some sort of vape pen. 


Should You Try Dabbing Cannabis? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


In the following article, I will attempt to give you a crash course in all things dab in order to properly education you on use and execution. I personally am a big fan of dabs and think that it is a very convenient way of consuming cannabis especially with all the latest technology that has been developed for the need. 



So let’s go back to the stoned-age and Yab-a-Dab-or-Two! 



Different types of Dabs


While dabs are really just a general term for concentrated extracts, it does come in different presentations. Whether you’re smoking shatter, which has a more glass like appearance or some Bho which looks more like honey, you’ll still be taking a large dose of THC. 



To make dabs you need to use a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide. You could also use heat and pressure to create your own dabs which is commonly referred to as the Rosin Technique. Dabs typically have between 70-90% THC, meaning you won’t need as much to feel the punch. 



Methods of Consumption



You typically dab using a rig or a vape pen. A Rig is just a fancy word for bong, but with a special bowl that can be heated up. Once the bowl is piping hot, you use a nail to rub the extract on the metal and inhale. The dab will instantly vaporize and shoot off some sticky icky into your brain like a freight train. 



This is the more ‘aggressive’ way of dabbing. For the more mellow dabber, using a vape pen is by far better. In fact, dabbing with a vape pen has become one of my favorite ways of consuming marijuana. Not only is it discreet, it’s got a nice taste to it and gets you totally stoned. 



There are plenty of different models of vape pens out there, however one of the ones I tried recently, the Dip Stick is one cool device. I would compare it with the Pax vaporizer but for dabs. However, you can find cheaper alternatives such as the Juicy and so on. 



The only real dangers with dabbing



The danger doesn’t lie so much in the act of dabbing but rather the process of making. Since you are working, in most cases, with volatile substances; many amateur chemists blow themselves up. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then it’s highly recommended that you refrain from manufacturing dabs on your own. 



If you are truly in dire need to make your own dabs, you could always implement the Rosin Technique. You achieve this by using a hair straightener and some hash. You simply have to place the hash in a piece of wax paper and press it with a hair straightener. This will separate the oil from the contaminant and give you a purified hit. It’s a good safe way to get the dabs. 



However, the smartest thing to do is to buy some from a dispensary or someone you know. There is no need to risk your safety in the pursuit of getting high. Rather leave it to the experts and enjoy the fruit of their labor. 



When to Dab



The more you dab, the higher your tolerance and the more you can handle. However, I have seen a few newbies get knocked back with a strong dab hit. Remember, this isn’t plant matter but rather the purest hit you can get your hands on. In other words, don’t try to be a hero. 



I have seen how newbies fill their lungs to the brim only to be dazed and confused for a while. Fortunately, you can’t die from dabbing. Even though it is a concentrated extract, the amount of cannabis you’d need for a fatal dose is still not possible. You’d go to sleep way before you were even remotely close to having a fatal dose. If you need 1500 pounds of cannabis in a period of 15 minutes to O.D on weed, you’d probably need about 150 pounds of wax to do the same. That is still an unachievable feat. 



The best advice I can give you is to start off slow and at a familiar place. You don’t ever want to try something new in a place where you don’t feel comfortable. Get some wax and vape up at your house or at the house of a friend. You won’t need a lot to feel the effects. 



Once you have mastered the art of dabbing, you should be fine to dab anywhere you’d like. The cool thing about dabbing is that with vape pens, it becomes a very discreet method of smoking. 



Why is dabbing here to stay?



People will always love buds, however dabbing provides some unique opportunities. As mentioned, the discreet factor of dabbing is a major plus. Also, the fact that it is a smokeless consumption method becomes an optimal means of consuming medical marijuana. Dabs also last longer and is easily stored. Weed can mold over time, but dabs stay potent. 



I typically consume about 10 grams of dabs over a month to a month and a half. I smoke daily and pretty much throughout the entire day, however with dabs 10 grams I can stretch. Obviously there are some folk out there that dab all day and every day, but for me I like to maintain a buzz consistently and don’t like to get too high. Nonetheless, even hardcore dabbers will tell you they get much further with wax than they do with bud. 




Time to gab, how do you dab?







What did you think?

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