Dabbing Marijuana
Dabbing Marijuana

What Is Dabbing Marijuana? (VIDEO)

Dabbing With A Pulsar E-Nail Is Easy and Safe

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Jul 6, 2016

What Is Dabbing Marijuana and How Do You Do It ?  A Pulsar Hand-E- Nail Review


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Hey everybody this is Reginald Reefer from Cannabis.net and today we’re doing an in depth review of the Pulsar Hand-E- Nail. This bad boy is your all in one solution for dabbing without the need of torches, butane and everything else that you typically use for a nice dabbing rig. So without any further delay let’s get started.



Firstly, we take a look at the packaging. The Hand E Nail comes in this metal carry case that isn’t too bulky, roughly the size of your hand and very sturdy and compact. When we open it, we can see that everything fits in snugly and the case even has a space for a silicon dab container. Laced with foam on the inside, your rig will be safe and sound no matter where you go.


So let’s review each piece to see what you get when you buy a Hand-E- Nail. Firstly, you’ll notice the Lithium Ion Battery, with the on button on the side and a titanium heating plate on the top. On the bottom, we have the magnetic stand that detaches with a simple pull. This piece allows you to place the hand-e- nail on a flat surface without the fear of it falling over for no reason.


Then we move onto the glass pipe attachment. This is where you can put in some water to filter the vapor from the dabs. You don’t want to fill it too much as you’ll be pulling up water when you hit. I recommend keeping the water levels low.


Then we can see the Magnetic Stainless Steel Carb Cap, which fits perfectly into the glass pipe attachment. However, I’ll show you how that works in a bit. The removable dab tool works in conjunction with the carb cap, which can be used in different configurations, however, I’ll show you more about that when we do the testing phase.


Next, we have the USB charger, which connects to the Lithium battery. It’s pretty straightforward and anyone with a dabbing pen should know how this works. Finally, there is an extra Titanium heating plate, which I couldn’t pull out, but trust me it’s there.


So now, let’s move onto assembling the Hand E Nail. This is a very straightforward process. You simply connect the glass pipe attachment over the top of the battery; it’s kept together with rubber O-rings.


Essentially, you have now assembled the rig. The carb cap will fit in over the heating plate like so.


The process of using it is just as simple; you will turn on the device, wait 20 seconds, place the dabs on the heating plate, cover with the carb and take your hit.


So let’s give it a try shall we.


Since I was using cannabis shatter, I rolled it all in a ball and attached it to the Dab tool. For convenience sake, I already attached the carb cap to the dabbing tool. Next, you click the button on the side of the battery 3 times and wait roughly 20 seconds for it to heat up and turn green. Seeing that I had some dabs there before, it started shooting off some vapes, so I covered it with the cap while I waited. Green means go so now you put the dabs in, cover the carb and take a hit.


I coughed off screen, but trust me…this little rig produces a lot of vapor. Those hits got me zonked for a few hours and it’s definitely worth the investment.



So there you have it, the Hand E Nail in all its splendor. Going for roughly $140, this all in one dabbing solution is the perfect accessory for stoners everywhere. With a six-month guarantee from the date of purchase by Pulsar, this rig is definitely something that you will want to get your hands on.


If you’re into dabs, I highly recommend checking out the Pulsar Hand E Nail and bring some serious technology into your dabbing habits.


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