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Kids Say The Darndest Things

8 Year Old Snitches On Boyfriend Of His Mom

Be careful how you treat those step kids or else...

Posted by:
Oaktree on Thursday Feb 25, 2016

According to the Burlington Free Press Of Vermont, a recent school question went horribly wrong for one illegal pot growing farmer.

Police were able to bust Steven Mann, 54, of White River Junction, Vermont, after his girlfriend's 8 year old, who is in second grade, told teachers he "got to help his mother's boyfriend grow special medicine that can cure anything at all".

After some quick detective work and a few phone calls, Mr. Mass was arrested for cultivating over 25 plants, a felony count.

Moral of the story, loose lips sink ships and kids say the darndest things.  If you are growing a felony count of illegal weed, and you are bringing your girlfriend's second grader with you to help, at least bribe him with a Happy Meal and movie in the car while you do your thing.  




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