Cam Newton
Cam Newton

Cam Newton Goes Full Frontal On Marijuana

Still sore from the beating the Broncos put on him? Cam Goes Large!

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Oaktree on Sunday Feb 21, 2016

Cam Netwon, quarterback for the Carolina Panters, was recently spotted out clubbing and showing his support for the legalization of medical marijuana.  :-)


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Let's be honest here.  The beating that Cam Newton took in the Superbowl from the defensive line of the Denver Broncos certainly justifies a medical marijuana card.  The beating he took in the press after the Super Bowl for not diving on a loose ball fumble means he can certainly use a break from the stress.

The movement by ex-NFL players to use medical marijuana as a way to deal with life after the NFL, and for addiction to pain killers, is gaining some momentum as well.   Thanks to Elizabeth Warren for picking up the "medical marijuana as a way to stop the heroin epidemic in America", too.   The fact a US senator is suggesting medical marijuana as a "reverse gateway drug", as a way to get people off opiates and heroin, and onto cannabis, is a huge plus for the legalization movement.

So Cam, blaze up my friend, blaze up!

What did you think?

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