Cannabis is used to treat a wide variety of serious, life-threatening conditions and multiple sclerosis is one of them. Most patients find no relief in pharmaceutical medications prescribed to help them manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis; other times it simply doesn’t work. People searching for a natural yet effective alternative to medicines have found relief in medical cannabis.



Patients with multiple sclerosis oftentimes suffer from debilitating pain caused by inflammation. This is one of the most important benefits of cannabis - its ability to provide fast and effective pain relief for MS especially for muscle spasms. Cannabis is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being an antispasmodic, antidepressant, and its ability to address gastrointestinal problems suffered by patients.



Some MS patients find that sativa strains make them more anxious or make it worse than it already is, finding relief in indica strains. Despite this, many with MS still continue to use sativa and sativa-dominant hybrids; at the end of the day each strain will have a different effect on people. To find the ideal strain for addressing symptoms of MS, it’s recommended to do some trial and error.



These are the top 5 most popular strains among multiple sclerosis patients:


ak47 cannabis

  • AK-47 may have a violent name, but this sativa-dominant hybrid gives a fantastic mellow body buzz. If you smoke enough of it, AK-47 will get you into a cozy couch-lock state. Smoke just right, and the AK-47 will give you amazing relief from pain while you enjoy a cerebral hit that enables you to socialize in public and carry on a conversation if needed. AK-47 has a high THC content, ideal for users who appreciate how a good psychoactive buzz helps them more effectively deal with muscle spasms. This strain also leaves you feeling euphoric and peaceful; it isn’t surprising that some people enjoy listening to music after toking up with the AK-47.



white rhino strain

  • White Rhino is well-loved for its strong cerebral indica high that results in a relaxed yet euphoric state. White Rhino is one of the most popular strains for its medicinal benefits because of its potent body-numbing effects; ideal for patients who suffer from chronic pain. This strain is pretty strong; first-time users are advised to smoke with caution as the full strength of its effects can be felt after just a few minutes. Users who are looking for an intense body buzz will love White Rhino, especially if you are also suffering fro anxiety, depression, and insomnia.



strawberry cough strain

  • Strawberry Cough is the lovechild of Strawberry Field and Original Haze, creating one of the most powerful sativa strains around. MS users will definitely want a strain that makes them feel happy and euphoric - this does the job and so much more. Even if Strawberry Cough helps to relax the mind, this strain is ideal for those who need help with concentration or focus. It will give you the mental and physical energy that you need to be productive. Strawberry Cough is popular for its potent stress-reducing properties as well.




harlequin strain

  • Harlequin may be difficult to find, but if you come across it, grab it! Harlequin is a rare strain but valued for its potent medicinal properties especially for addressing pain caused by multiple sclerosis. This strain has lower THC levels, ideal for patients who don’t want to get too buzzed but need the plant’s pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties. Upon smoking, many users report feeling an immediate sense of relaxation; aside from being great medicine if you suffer from anxiety and depression Harlequin is an excellent strain to use.



blackberry kush strains

  • Blackberry Kush is a strong indica known for its impressive pain-killing properties. This strain is widely used precisely for pain relief. Blackberry Kush is perfect for patients who can’t sleep because they are in so much pain, but it’s also recommended for people suffering from stress and anxiety. Smoking Blackberry Kush can result in a couch-lock but it also gives users warm, fuzzy, euphoric feelings. If you have MS, you can’t go wrong with Blackberry Kush as it packs a punch for all the medicinal benefits combined with the long hours of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep you’ll get with it.


What strains give you comfort from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis? Share with us in the comments below.







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